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The Order of Rajivari also known as the Rajivari Order, was an organization formed by users of the Dark side of the Force that split from the Jedi Order in the years following the Great Jedi Purge. They where enemies of both the Jedi and the Sith



Malgor Zoth was a male Zabrak who served as a Jedi Knigth during the Clone Wars, he showed great skill in the Jedi arts and ligthsaber combat, specializing in Form VII a rather aggressive style of combat. As the war progressed Zoth started to think that the Jedi Code prevented them from achieving victory.

After surviving Order 66 he started searching for other Jedi survivors intending to rebuild the destroyed order, eventually he took 3 former Jedi Padawans under his tutelage. In his search for more survivors he reached the planet Tython, a world who was believed to be the origin of the Jedi Order, there he found a Jedi holocron that kept the teachings of Rajivari an ancient Jedi Master who fell to the Dark side.

Zoth spent the next months studiying the teachings of Rajivari and meditating about the fall of the Jedi Order, ultimately he reached the conclusion that the Jedi Code and their fixation with pacifism and compassion weakened them and impeded them from reaching their goals of bringing order to the Galaxy and balance to the Force, and was the reason of their defeat.

Following this revelation he decided not to rebuild the Jedi Order, but to found a new Order free from the mistakes and weaknesses of the Jedi, following the Principles of Rajivari. Zoth and his first disciples built an underground temple in Bogan, one of the planets moon, but after the temple was discovered by Darth Vader they where forced to flee and eventually found refuge in Ajan Kloss.


The Rajivari sought to preserve balance in the Force as the Jedi, however they rejected light side of the Force and the pacifism and benevolence of the Jedi, they believed that true balance could only be achieved by aggression and conflict, that way they searched for the power of the dark side of the Force, instead of compassion and selflessness they showed great cruelty in the battle, never doubting to kill an enemy and using their power to attack instead of the defense of others as the Jedi did. They saw their Jedi ancestors as weak.

While they followed the aggressive and cruel nature of the dark side of the Force, they denied the use of anger, fear, hatred and passion that the Sith did, believing that true mastery and power of the force could only be reached with absolute discipline and self-control over your emotions, and considered the Sith who used this as wild animals who must be eliminated.

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