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Not a friendly lot, at any rate.
Contra Mundi

The Order of Judges or just the Judges were the chief arbiters and enforcers of law in the Eriaduan Empire under Emperor Antonio de Borgia and later Cain Knightlord.


As Eriaduan influence increased throughout the Outer Rim Territories so to did crime and regional conflict. Emperor Borgia wanted a way to reduce the lengthy judicial process, so a military-style court was created, the Order of Judges being at its head.

All who made it into the elite college of Judges absolutely loyal to the Eriaduan Empire and its Emperor, or rather whomever sat upon the throne and coveted the title. At the end of the Ascension Wars when the Rosen Kreuz Orden took control of the Empire, though with reluctance, the Order of Judges swore their allegiance.


The Order of Judges, while technically a part of the Ministry of Law, the Eriaduan Empire’s judicial branch, they, as chief enforcers of Eriaduan law, were also the executive body of the Empire under the Emperor. It was chaired by the Chief Justice. The Judges convened at the behest of the Chief Justice, or in order to debate, pass, or dissolve laws of an inter-jurisdictional nature and taxation. Laws, regulations, regional taxation and the like were all handled by the Judges individually, with few known checks or balances to their authority inside their given spheres of control. Judges also had authority over regional forces within their jurisdictions. On the highest level, the Commandant of the Eriaduan Forces of the High Command commanded the remainder of the Eriaduan Empire's military assets through the regular chain of command in both the Space Attack Force and the Land Attack Force. In times of emergency, or at the Commandant's discretion, the Fleets that were normally answerable to the individual Judges were commanded by the Commandant. However, due to the fact that the Commandant was, in point of fact, a Judge, this eliminated that power check and put the military under the Judges control.

By 134 ABY, the Judges held considerable power, and were true partners to the Emperor. At the end of the war, they pledged allegiance to the Contra Mundi, although some of them still harbored sympathy for Antonio de Borgia.


The Order of Judges was comprised of hundreds of men and women. They all held immense legal power in his or her own right and authority over lower-ranked Eriaduan military officers. There is one Chief Justice who is chief of staff of the Order to the Emperor and the Order's de facto leader.

Known Members

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