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The Order of Guiding Stars was an unorthodox Jedi-based order that aid The Galactic Alliance and Jedi Order in fighting the newest Sith Empire.


The Order of Guiding stars was created by Zero Hyronkin to gather and organize the hundreds of Grey Jedi around the galaxy. Knowing that having just Jedi in the group could prove difficult for certain tasks, he also gained the services of other individuals who hated the Sith and the Sith Imperium. These individuals included smugglers, pirates, mercenaries, some Mandalorian clans and the aid of one of the Hutt Cartels.


Like the Jedi order the Order of Guiding Stars has one grand master and a council under them and the ranks go down the same as the Jedi Order but with some additional ranks. They also go about in pairs assigning a Knight or higher with a apprentice to teach and cultivate into a powerful warrior of justice.

The Order also rarely took young children for their family mainly relying on Grey Jedi from across the galaxy joining willingly or for members to start families and raise those children as members of the order. However they did take orphaned force-sensitive children in to train them and to look after them.


The home planet of the Order was located on an unknown planet on the edge of Wild Space, just within the newly expanded Hutt space that spread after the known galaxy expanded. The planet was a lush jungle planet not unlike Yavin 4. Located in the jungle was the temple, which was larger than it seemed with five levels under ground and the lowest level being a secret. OVer several years The Order began to construct a city around the temple itself to house the large numbers of warriors and civilians under their protection.

Pillars of Strength

The Order of Guiding Stars had six pillars they followed to achieve physical and spiritual englitenment. They are written in the Order's scriptures.

  • Strength: Your body will carry your soul forward, harness it and you will win
  • Honor: Honor your allies, family, friends and enemies. for if you do that they will aid you in your time of need.
  • Spirit: Your soul channels the force, cultivate it and you will be strong.
  • Glory: Enjoy the victory of the fight, let it carry you forward.
  • Loyalty: Stay loyal to your friends, family, loved ones and allies, they will guide you to victory.
  • Control: Control your emotions and use them to win, do not be consumed by them or you will fall.

Ranks & Titles

  • Grand Master/Paladin Lord: Was the highest rank and only two members at a time one acting as the public face of the Order while the second acted as leader of The Paladins as The Paladin Lord. This allowed the main Grand Master to lead the public side of The Order while The Paladin Lord could organise The paladin's operations, acting behind what is seen by the public and aiding their allies when actions by larger more public forces would be problematic.
  • Counciler/Grand Paladin: The Councilers sat apon the High Council and aided the Grand MAster with running the Order (Unknown to many is that The Paladin Lord also sat on the Council as a cover). The Grand Paladins operated as the senior officers within The Paladins aiding The Paladin Lord in leading the Operation Cells in each of their designated sectors.
  • Master/Master Paladin: The masters of the order were highly trained and experienced members, be it Lightsaber Combat or Force mastery. A master was one of the few members of the order you wouldn't want to fight alone. If selected to join the Paladins, the masters would be given the rank of Master Paladins who acted as the elites among them. while not as deadly as the Paladins with the rank of Grand Paladin or Paladin Lord, the Master Paladins could give most Sith Lords a run for their money.
  • Knight/High Paladin: The knights were the Jedi who have passed the trials and gained the chance to teach an apprentice or ranks above. Knights acted commonly as one of the main active ranks within the order. As a High Paladin they acted much like their Knight rank but with differences: they were the ones seen commonly in action zones and acted in a more secretive manner.
  • Acolyte/Paladin: The acolytes were the provisional knights; while still acting under a knight or master, they could probably match a lot of the knights in The Order. As a Paladin, they acted as the bulk of the Paladins and were often paired with a High Paladin or Master Paladin. They also comprised the main body of a Paladin Sword Team.
  • Adept: Adepts were effectively highly trained Padawans, while not as skilled or experienced as a Acolyte or Knight, they can still put up a fight against most Sith. Like the ranks below them they can't join The Paladins.
  • Apprentice: Apprentices were equal to the Padawans of the Jedi Order, even to the point where they had a Padawan braid. Like the ranks below, they were unable to join the Paladins.
  • Trainee: Trainees were potential Apprentices, still learning the basics of the force and saber combat, unlike Initiates they have their lightsabers which is the sole real difference between the two ranks.
  • Initiate: Initiates are the newest and most inexperienced members of The Order. They don't have real lightsabers yet and are stuck with training sabers. Members with this rank are assigned to an Initiate Clan which is lead by a Training Master and are taught the basis of what they'll learn in their time with The Order.

On top of the standard Jedi titles such as Jedi Guardian, Sentinal, Consular, Battlemaster etc. The Order had several of their own title as well as several Honorary Titles.

Jedi War-Master: The War-Masters acted as the head tactician within the Order's military force, there were more than one of this title though Zero Hyronkin under the guise of Na'darin held this title amoung others.

Mashi'ran: Mashi'ran which translated from Sesorian means Sword of Justice and those who held this title were seen as the strongest Shinken practitioner along with the style's founder. There was always two Mashi'ran together they were known as Kortan Mashi'ran which ment Twin Swords of Justice.

Vashi'Ran: Like Mashi'ran translated for Sesorian this title means Shield of Justice and whoever held this title was seen as the strongest user of the force. Amalia Nasrin was the first holder of the title after she saved several students from a cave-in during a training session on The Order's home world

The Gatemaster: This title is given to the head of security within and around The Order's HQ.


While they still followed the Jedi Code, they created their own to suit them and their own methods.

Peace follows war, war follows peace.
The cycle continues, on and on.
We restore peace and order and destroy those who cause war and discord.
We guard the innocent and slay the wicked.

Like the New Jedi Order and it's successor The Neo Jedi Order marriage & family was allowed in the Order's ranks. A member could marry a fellow member of the Order or an outsider as long as they understand if they die or are murdered they are always with them and that they should not fall to the dark side in revenge but to allow the spirit of their loved ones to rest they were allowed to kill the murderer so that their loved one to become one with the force.


The Paladins were the Order's version of the Jedi shadows. However, the main difference was that all Paladins wore a unique armor made of durasteel and Mandalorian iron with the colour different to each member of the Paladins, the most common colour was white and black. All members were unknown except the Grand Master, who was known as the Paladin Lord (His true identity was only known for a very select few). Each member of the Paladins were trained to use the dark side fully and remained attuned to the light due to their extra training in Shinken's purity state. This purity state was taught to all members, but the Paladins were taught it to a more extensive level that allowed them to use the most dangerous and risky Sith powers without falling to the dark side. Only members at the rank of Acolyte and up could become a Paladin.

The Armor they wear was made up of a segmented chestplate fashioned to look like a rib cage to enable maximum flexablity without scarificing durability, armored gauntlets that protect the forearms, wrists and backhand from blasters and lightsabers, armored shinguards to protect the shins from the same weapons and a helmet that kept the face concealed. The Helmet it's self could be decotrated with any marking the wearer wanted either to add some individuality or to add a certain degree of terror to the enemies. The armor itself was worn over the robes or under the outer robe, similar to how the legendary Jedi Knight Galen Marek wore his final uniform on his raid on the Death Star.

They also operated in small teams of 4-5 members which would consist of a Guardian, Consular/Shaman, Sentinal/Raider and a extra member of any class if needed. The Guardian would operate as the all round fighter using lightsaber combat augmented with offensive force powers to win the day, a Consular or Shaman would operate as the medic and long ranged assualt fighter launching rocks or wreckage to wipe out enemies, a Raider or Sentinal would operate as a the main assualt fighter charging into the enemy and breaking any defensive lines they might have, the final member if needed would fill any spaces they need be it assualt, medical or engineering more often than not the 5th member would be a none force-sensitive member of The Order commonly a Mandolorian for their skill in killing Sith and Jedi. These teams would operate as high risk, high reward operations teams dealing with anything from bodyguarding H.V.I.s to assasinating a terrorist leader or Sith Lord on the Black Star Imperium's captial. Each team are effectivly 5 person armies able to take regiment apon regiment of enemies with superior tactics, training and unity.

There were also members of the Paladins who acted as middle men that made contact with outsiders to gain the intel needed for infomation, supplies and support without risking the Paladin's secrecy.


The training in The Order was simple but very effective. The Order retained the same classes as the Jedi Order and each member was trained to their suited class. Guardians were mainly taught in combat and tactics, while Consulars where taught mainly in the force and diplomacy and Sentinels were taught both equally. The Order also had two new classes of Jedi exclusivly for the Paladins known as the Shaman and Raider classes. The Shamans were spritual advisors and master of unique force techniques that The Sesorian Jedi invented, Raiders however were similar to Sentinals but trained as soldiers as well, Raiders would use blasters and explosives as well as their lightsabers in combat. Raider also focused on agressive tactics commonly charging head on into enemy positions relying on their team's aid to survive as well as their armor and training.

The two new classes would be used as one. While a Shaman would negotiating to avoid a war, a Raider would prepare supplies and weapons to give to rebels or resistance fighters as well as lead them to victory. Also in a Paladin Sword Team they would operate certain roles, The Shamans would act as healers using The Sesorian force healing techniques they learned and Raiders would act as assualt specialists charging into the enemy when needed usign their highly aggressive version of Shinken to tear through enemy lines.

No everyone was trained in Shinken as it was a Paladin exclusive form of combat. The other members of The Order were taught the classic saber forms I-X and were permitted to create their own styles at any point during their training. Those who became paladins were advised to forget their original training and focus on learning Shinken alone.

For unarmed combat all members are taught The Sesorian martial art of Kal'dar Mench along with Teräs Käsi, Tae-Jitsu and the Echani martial arts. All members can pick what styles they wish to learn after getting inital training in each style. Zero and Amalia Nasrin teach each of these styles between them along with several of the Mandolorians that fight under The Order's banner.


The Order has 4 fleets 3 operate as combat fleets attacking and defending enemy held systems, the 4th fleet defends the home system from attack. They also use a large support fleet that has the troop transports, releif transports and the defending ships. After joining the Alliance though and gaining their own Cloen Army the attached fleet joined increaseing the number of ship to easily attack/support on multiple fronts.

Starship classes

Main fleets

3 Sesorian Dreadnaughts (flag ships for the 3 attack fleets)

1 Carana Star Destroyer (Flagship of the Defence fleet)

24 Nebula II Star Destroyers (6 in each fleet)

72 Maratan Destroyers (18 in each fleet)

16 Gravity-Well Cruisers (4 in each fleet)

40 Atarin Corvettes (10 in each fleet)

Support Fleet

The Support Fleet is mainly filled with Pirate and Smuggler groups who've sworn loyalty to Zero and The Order. This Fleet includes well over 150 ships that are tasked with aiding in relief efforts and getting supplies to ground forces. The troop carriers however are Acclamator VI Assualt Ships, these ships allow for the various Mandolorian and Mercaneries within The Order's armies to land on the ground and do what they do best.


The Order of Guiding Stars also has it's own personal army as stated above. This army is mainly built up of The Order's Jedi and Mercs, but due to Zero's charisma and negotiation skill The ORder has gained the aid of Several large and powerful Mandolorian Clans. On top of these forces several division of Sesorian Marines are present in the army, in the Sesorian Emprie the Imperial Sesorian Marine Corp is known for being one of the strongest forces they have and is equally known for it's strict code of honor and brotherood. The total number of soldiers within The Order's army is unknown but it is estimated to be between 100,000 to 200,000 with more joining every day.

After joining The Imperial Alliance The Order gained the aid of 5th Special Forces Brigade who were known as Havok Brigade, an elite force amoung the Imperial Alliance armed forces known for their unconventional tactics and Disregard for military protocal on minor things such as aquiring supplies and attitude to senior officers. The Brigade also included The 121st Force Tropper Platoon, these Jedi clones proved themselves in several rebellions as the deadliest people on a battlefield next to a Jedi Master. The Brigade brought with it other units like The 506th Mechanized Battalion, 45th Armoured Assualt Regiment and the 956th Assualt Regiment. The Order also gained control of Havok Bridage's Parent unit the 15th System Army a force that numbed 1,550,000 cloned soldiers and none-cloned soldiers from all over the Galaxy. With the addition of this force The Order's army numbered somewhere within 1,750,000 soldiers though this number was the minimum estimate.

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