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Opus Lucem was a secret organization within the Jedi Order founded by m'Ord Vinka and his apprentice Starbuck in the years leading up to the Seswenna Security Crisis. The organization consisted of those Jedi that possessed the radical beliefs of eliminating anything carnal from the life of an individual. This included but was not limited to emotions, foodstuffs, sleep, and friendships. They believed that discipline could be exercised physically through beatings and self-sacrificing actions such as extensive fasting and sleep deprivation. On the surface, the organization was not well known and largely believed to be a clan within the Order of about twelve like-minded Jedi. By the time of the tenure of Anwis Eddicus as chancellor, however, the organization had grown to hundreds of members, including multiple on the Jedi High Council. Members of Opus Lucem actively worked against the larger Jedi Order during the crisis in the Seswenna sector and beyond, hoping to amass power and shift the views of the Jedi Order at large.

Behind the scenes

Opus lucem means 'work of light' in Latin, providing the implication that these individuals were trying to bring about the proper understanding of the light side of the Force.


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