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We have begun a campaign to hunt down those who try to destroy our society. We will seek to overcome their cowardice and discover the true nature of our enemies.
Core Systems Alliance President Jammi Crane

Operation Shadow Hunt was a military campaign during the Otherspace War. It was an attempt by the Galaxy to discover the forces behind a series of suicide attacks which occurred over multiple worlds. In the end, the operation succeeded, as the it was discovered that the Charon Death Cult and Weequay Terror Army were the groups responsible.


The Otherspace War began when ten suicide attacks were carried out over the course of two days. The Charon forces behind the attacks, along with their Weequay aids, targeted shipyards, orbital structures and other ships. The technique which was used was nearly impossible to defend against without adequate preparation. The Charon's vessels would leave their home dimension, Otherspace, enter realspace close to their targets and ram into them. To do this with the current Charon technology, they would first have to briefly pass through hyperspace, which served as a middle ground between the two dimensions.

Officials of the Core Systems Alliance believed that their enemies were based in realspace and were simply attacking through hyperspace. This was only partially correct but was true enough to effectively counter the threat. This information led the CSA and some of it's allies into a campaign known as Operation Shadow Hunt, which would use the latest Interdictor technology to both defend potential targets and uncover more information about their attackers.

The Hunt Begins

The operation would utilize the most advanced ships of this time period, including the CSA's Immobilizer 816, the Bespin Treaty Association's Lintttq-class dreadnaught and the Mon Calamari's MC-510 Interdictor Cruiser.

The first of many successes in the campaign came over Sluis Van, when a Charon vessel attempted to destroy the local shipyards. The ship was pulled out of hyperspace by the CSA fleet in the region. The attacker's ship was then disabled by a barrage of ion cannon fire and would be boarded. After the fighting had ended, the boarding party reported that the majority of the crew had been Charon, while a few of it's members had been Weequay. This led to suspicion that the Weequay Terror Army was involved in the enemy plot, despite a lack of evidence showing those on the ship had been members of the group.

Using similar tactics to those used at Sluis Van, the operation produced victories at Obroa-skai, Bakura and Malastare. The crews of all the ships captured had the same makeup, with a Charon majority and a handful of Weequay navigators. The battle over Malastare produced an especially significant success, as evidence was found to accuse the Terror Army of being a part of the attacks. After being overwhelmed by the boarding parties of their opponents in the previous battles, the Terror Army and Death Cult felt it would be best to arm the crew with the newest X-4 rifles for the Malastare mission. In the aftermath of that battle, in which the raiding ship was pulled out of hyperspace and boarded, the Bespin Treaty Association force discovered their enemy's guns, weapons used almost exclusively by the WTA. This finding was enough evidence to link the Weequay terrorists to the suicide attackers.


Following the Battle of Malastare, the Death Cult believed that any target left undefended would not be important enough to waste resources on. Therefore, the opening phase of the war had ended. While the CSA had discovered who was behind the attacks, there were still more questions than answers regarding this new struggle.


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