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Operation Breakout
Space Battle of Empress Teta
First we must re-secure our supply-lines, then we can decide what to do next.
Zachary Palpatine to a group of gathered Admirals.

Operation Breakout was one of three Operations that made up the Decennial War and marked Zachary Palpatine's rise to militarist and political power, Operation Breakout saw the formulation of rebuilding the Byss Run Hyperspace route and defending the Deep Core whilst a supply-line to external Imperial Forces was regained, only one significant battle happened and that was the attempt by Imperials to neutralize an Republic fleet that attacked Empress Teta in an attempt to ambush Imperials fleeing Byss.

This operation opened the doorway for Operation Revenge and Operation Ceasefire, which brought an end to the Decennial War which collectively ended the Galactic Civil War and Imperial Civil War.


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