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Operation Back Door was a military operation during the New Sith Wars. Conceived by Sith Overlord Vedya Gasald and Sith Lord Darshkére, it was designed to re-the Rimward and Coreward sections of Gasald's territory, which had been severed by the Republic's Liberation of Milagro. Operation Back Door was intended as a lightning blitz through the worlds on the Duros Space Run and the far southern Triellus Trade Route, allowing the Empire to link Darshkére's fortress world of Eriadu with New Cov, Arkanis, or both on the Rimward Corellian Run.

Gasald disappeared at the Battle of Allanteen and was presumed dead before Operation Back Door could be executed, but Darshkére successfully pitched the operation to her remaining Sith Lords, who elected him the new Sith Overlord to carry out the plan.


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