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Second Earth Civil War


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People of Earth, for years since the Galactic Empire created the Earth Empire, they operated with unlimited power, they starved you, robbed you, and even executed millions, the Earth Empire acted on the orders of William Crest, this man is no leader, no commander, no politician but a coward who cowers to the strongest power. For years, many among you have resisted against his power to free your home. Recent history made it clear he was to be banished, but with my eyes now clear on the famine and disasters he set upon you all, I decided he is to be hung in the center of Williamtown, for all citizens to witness. Now with your planet freed, the Confederate-Union Government is to be established, and with my Empire, I will safely watch over Earth, ensuring no more harm ever comes to you. I am Annabelle Nakamura, Empress of the Nakamura Empire!
—Annabelle Nakamura's speech to the people of Earth which is broadcast world-wide

Operation: Liberty was a campaign launched by the Earth Alliance—consisting of the Union-Confederate Alliance and Nakamura Empire—in 21 ABY to free the planet Earth from the Earth Empire and its Imperial remnant. With both Jane Zarkan II and Radford Reforge both serving as leaders of the Union-Confederate Alliance and with the addition of Annabelle, all three gave their temporary alliance the name Earth Alliance.

Before the attack on the planet's orbital defense, the Alliance had run scouting missions to the planet, getting an overview of their enemies' strength and power. With the first mission, they discovered the Fleet of the Eternal Raven having its presence with the orbital defense fleet, and with the second, they discovered the Eternal Raven had an Executor II-class Star Dreadnought. This decreased the changes of liberating Earth, however Annabelle reassured them that they also had powerful ships like the Executor II-class.


Battle over Earth

With the Nakamura Home Fleet able to stand against the Earth Imperial remnant fleet above Earth, Operation: Liberty was launched from Mars and the Alliance entered hyperspace to Earth, causing the Battle over Earth and bringing the Second Earth Civil War to active warfare.

Second Battle of Earth

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After learning the existence of the Earth Resistance, the Earth Alliance allowed them to help fight against the Earth Empire and its Imperial remnant support. With this support, the Earth Resistance launched attacks against the Empire from many different locations around Earth.

Battle of Williamtown

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With the Fleet of the Eternal Raven destroyed and his Imperial support gone, Williams Crest retreated to Williamtown with the remainder of his forces, using the people as human shields to prevent ariel and orbital bombardment, pushing the Earth Alliance into a corner. Eventually, the Alliance launch an all-out attack directly at the Empire's last fortress.

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