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Opa Choi was a young Xilessie Jedi Padawan and apprentice to Bolo Artel during the Clone Wars.


Opa was a Xilessie, which was closely related to the Twi'lek species. Her skin was orange and she had three lekku — two at the back of her head, and one protruding from the top. Her eyes were round and animal-like, while her nose was flatter than a Human's and her teeth were very sharp, with two small tusks in her lower jaw.


Early Life

Opa was born into a family of nomads who followed the Shimr religion — the worship of the god Shando. She was initially brought up to be a Shimra, or priestess, but her Force-sensitivity was discovered by the Jedi Order and she was taken to be trained in the Jedi Temple on Corusant. She trained under Grand Master Yoda for some years before being taken as the apprentice of the Human-Ciciarazzi Bolo Artel to be trained as a Jedi Consular.

Clone Wars

Atairis Trade Crisis

Opa accompanied her Master to the Atairis System at the very start of the Clone Wars. The system was in crisis, with its supply lines cut by the Trade Federation as a consequence for staying loyal to the Republic. The shuttle they were travelling in landed south of the capital city and Choi went with her Master into the city, watching as he negotiated an agreement with the system's leader, Calvaro Hyarkis, and eventually won the system over.

Battle of Atairis

However, once droid troops began landing and surrounding the city, Artel instructed Opa to return to their shuttle and send a message to the Jedi asking for their help. Opa did so, and soon the Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi arrived aboard the Fidelity, forcing the droids to retreat. Opa returned to the city and was reunited with her Master.

In the city, Opa's actions were commended by her master. Choi stood by Mundi and Artel as they met with Calvaro Hyarkis, Baron Administrator of the system, who informed them that he had thrown in his lot with the Separatists as a result of the huge damage done to the city by the clone troops, as well as the enormous number of casualties. Opa and her Master were then banished from the city, and left immediately.

Later Campaigns

Opa accompanied her Master as he fought on Otooine, Osooine and Anddun. A year and a half into the war, she was given command of a one part of the clone forces attacking the world of Batorine, but returned to Coruscant with her Master after he was called back on a mission of the utmost importance.

Personality and traits

Opa was a quick learner and an obedient pupil. She took after her Master in many ways and shared his pacifism, believing the Jedi should be negotiators and peace-keepers rather than warriors. Opa was, however, very unsure of herself, and her lack of self-belief did, at times, impair her decision-making capability.

Powers and abilities

Opa was not especially skilled with a lightsaber, though she was able to hold her own against her Master. As time went on, Artel could see her that her potency with the Force was far above his, and he predicted that some day she would become a Jedi Master, and maybe even a member of the Jei Council. She was capable of seeing into the future and receiving Force visions, while she was also able to see into the minds of others and route out their deepest, darkest fears. In this way, paired with her Master's insight into the characters of others and persuasive manner, she and Artel made a very effective team when negotiating deals on the behalf of the Republic.

Behind the Scenes

Opa Choi's species has been changed several times as her character was developed. She was originally designed to be a Togruta from the planet Shili, and appears as such in the first draft of Star Wars: Bloodlust: Crisis. Her species was then changed to that of a blue-skinned Twi'lek from the planet Okkacho, but was changed one last time to become a Xilessie, an original species that was designed to be a close relative of the Twi'lek species.


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