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Oourb'Rest was the homeworld of the Ousan, located in the Romasi sector of the Unknown Regions. Its name meant "fourth of the children of Urb", in reference to its primary.


Some two-thirds of Oourb'Rest's surface area was forest, divided almost evenly between temperate coniferous forests and swampy jungles. The remaining land was plains, with cool tundras near the poles. The swamps and forests were home to millions of species of fauna each; many of them ranged into nearby plains, which featured some unique species of their own as well. Much of Oourb'Rest's flora was dark blue, which played into the Ousan camouflage ability.

The surface water of Oourb'Rest which was not swamp and marsh was arranged in a series of large seas and lakes, with a trio of small oceans separating the major continents.

Society and culture

The Ousan held the enormous majority on their homeworld, and although a small colony of Xhal was allowed to set itself up in the swampland, the Xhal kept to themselves and Ousan culture was Oourb'Rest's culture. Due to Ousan physiology often revealing emotional states with physical color changes, honesty was an expected part of life, and dishonest beings were met with a mix of confusion and distaste.

A history of invasion by the Peoly taught the Ousan to be self-sufficient and protective of their homeworld. Guerilla storage depots, underground tunnel networks, and ammo dumps still dotted the planetscape decades after Oourb'Rest joined the Golden Empire, and were utilized during the Nightmare War.

Although Oourb'Rest produced foodstuffs for the Empire as a large part of its economy, the Ousan also founded several companies producing planetary shield generators. In the early Empire, Oourb'Rest was one of the most important defensive technology producers.


The Ousan were not the apex predators of their homeworld, but their camouflage reflex allowed them to evade their own predators until they were capable of building up cities. Societies grew and developed around the planet; the Ousan had achieved gunpowder-level technology by the early 70s ABY.

When the Peoly first attacked, the Ousan were confused, having never encountered proof of alien life before. Their confusion quickly turned to horror as it became obvious that the Peoly were out to enslave and eat them. The nations of Oourb'Rest quickly united into a single entity to provide a front against the invaders. Over the nearly two decades of the Ousan-Peoly War, this confederation of necessity turned into a functioning planetary government.

The Ousan developed a powerful army to combat the invaders, and turned their planet into a veritable hive of secret tunnels and weapons emplacements. During the middle of the war, the Peoly deployed a chemical weapon against the Ousan. It had no effect on the Ousan directly, but altered the atmosphere of Oourb'Rest itself. The changed air no longer carried Ousan pheromones, leaving Ousan with difficulty finding mates with whom they could successfully reproduce. This perceived assault on Ousan fertility led many Ousan to call for more aggression and the extermination of their enemies.

In 89 ABY, the Golden Empire arrived at Oourb'Rest and the Royal Army put itself between the warring parties, forcing a ceasefire. Queen Rin Sakaros offered to bring both Oourb'Rest and the Peoly homeworld of Yuclawav into the Empire. Seeing a chance to ensure their safety, the Ousan joined the Empire. They were subsequently attacked by the Peoly again, but Rin retaliated by completely wiping out the species.

During the Nightmare War, Oourb'Rest was attacked in the initial blitz by the Reawakened, falling along with Klee`shlyoo`hshee, Dolomir, and a handful of others. However, the oldest Ousan were veterans of the Ousan-Peoly War and quickly built up a resistance. Roughly a quarter of the population was killed by the Skavik and the Dark Jedi, but the rest developed into a constant harassment to the token occupying force. The Ousan were actually gaining ground on the invaders by the time Breek Zagrev and the Romasi Sector Fleet arrived to wipe out the Skavik.

Those Skavik who had surrendered in the wake of the Battle of Dolomir were assigned to help rebuild the worlds they had ruined, including Oourb'Rest. The Ousan were not happy to see them; a bad history with invaders meant there were slightly more incidents on Oourb'Rest than on other devastated worlds, necessitating the presence of several Royal Army cohorts and a few Centurions to keep order.

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