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You look to me to be a man of some wisdom. Why don't you use it now?
Professor Kuwane Duthor

Oniros Ki Hanna was a Human male Jedi Knight from Corellia.


Oniros Ki Hanna, or more commonly known as simply Oni Ki, was born on the thriving world of Corellia some 25 years before the Battle of Naboo. He was quickly recognized as having great sensitivity to the Force, and was taken to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant for training at the age of 3.

At the age of 10 he was taken on by an unknown Jedi Master (Oni is unwilling to discuss the details of his former master, which has led some to believe that they parted company on less than friendly grounds). It is rumored that this unnamed Master was killed in the years leading up to the Clone Wars, but nothing about this is certain.

For 15 years Oni was trained and passed the Trials to become a full Jedi Knight at the age of 25. Oni Ki’s first Padawan was Arajj’ha Kin, a young Jedi student from Dantooine. Oni was wary about training the boy at first, fearing the anger within him, but he the Jedi Council deemed the boy fit for training.

Their first real mission together took place in the first year of the Clone Wars. The pair were sent to Tatooine on a 3 year mandate as peacekeepers. Together they apprehended many criminals and gangsters. Their last mission on that world was to protect a Republic Senator, visiting the planet on a tour of the Outer Rim. The fat, boorish Senator Mashnala was a constant aggravation to Kin, who was charged with direct security of the Senator while Oni Ki searched for possible assassins in the Separatist camps on the planet.

Oni Ki, using his unique power of “Force-hearing” overheard a conversation by a group of mercenary assassins, the leader of which was a human female named Beka Kahn. Oni followed the assassins to their meeting place with a contact called simply Browns who was to supply the trio with weapons and equipment for the strike on Senator Mashnala’s apartment. There he fought off a sneak attack from one of the three; a Trandoshan sniper. Realizing the other two had already got away, Oni contacted his apprentice to head them off.

Kin did so, but caused two speeder crashes and the death of one of the assassins. The human, Beka Kahn, survived and after a short scuffle the two realized they were lost in the Dune Sea. A sand storm rolled in and they were forced to make camp together for a night and a day. It was during this time that the woman’s latent Force powers became apparent to Kin.

Oni Ki came to the rescue, but not long after the Republic forces on the planet were driven away by the CIS. Oni and Kin abandoned the planet too, but took their prisoner back to Coruscant. There the Jedi Master Yoda examined her personally and discovered that she did indeed posses a strong link to the Force. Because of her age and her defiant and angry nature there was no hope to train her in the Jedi ways, but since she seemed unaware of her powers Yoda did not foresee any danger.

Shortly after returning to Coruscant, Oni Ki and Arajj’ha Kin were dispatched once more to the remote and previously uncharted Outer Rim world of Ea’ago. A Jedi scouting party happened upon the planet, but contact was lost with them a short time later. Since most other Jedi were engaged in combat in the War, Ki and Kin were sent out to investigate.

What they discovered was the shocking secret base of Professor Kuwane Duthor, a mad genius, trained, to some extent in the, Dark Side, who stole plans for the cloning machines on Kamino and planned to make his own clone army using himself as the Prime. His plan was to create a massive army of Dark Jedi that would sweep aside the Republic’s Clone Army and the droids of the CIS with ease.

The two Jedi also discovered that Beka Kahn had escaped from prison on Coruscant and had joined Duthor. Several Jedi Clones were made of her, but they were all destroyed by Arajj’ha and Oni.

Beka had now realized her true power over the Dark Side, and had been given a cortosis-enhanced vibro-blade by her new master, Duthor. In an emotional battle, Kin defeated Kahn. Here his latent childhood anger came forth and he killed her in cold blood.

Sickened by his own act, Kin fled the mountain base, leaving Oni Ki to face Duthor and his clones alone. Though the clones were of inferior power, Duthor had already created dozens of them and Oni struggled to fight them off. These warriors were armed with the same vibro-blades as used by Beka Kahn and Duthor himself.

After fighting off these Dark Jedi warriors, Oni watched as Duthor unleashed his ultimate weapon: two super-enhanced clones equipped with their own lightsabers. Knowing that he could not tackle all three powerful Dark Jedi on his own, Oni fled from the battle.

Oni later found his apprentice wandering the forests of the planet. He was saddened and outraged, and Oni could feel the Dark Side within him. After a brief argument, Oni convinced his apprentice to return with him to the mountain base and take care of the mad professor and his clones. Duthor was now only hours away from unleashing his full Dark Jedi Army on the Galaxy, and Oni was determined to stop him.

Kin and Ki battled the super-clones, and won against them, though Oni was wounded in the fight. During the fight, Kin and Ki became separated, and Oni was left to face Duthor while Arajj’ha found himself in the cloning labs.

Oni finally killed Duthor, and Kin destroyed the labs and the Dark Jedi Army. The two former friends reunited one last time. Arajj’ha Kin, overcome with grief and anger, turned his back on the Jedi Order and went into self exile.

Oni returned to Coruscant where he gave his lightsaber to Master Yoda, telling the Jedi Master he would never again train an apprentice. Then he, too, went into exile. He first returned to Dantooine, hoping to find Arajj’ha there, but his hopes were in vain and he ended up settling on the planet as a simple farmer.

After the Clone Wars

In 19 BBY, two years before his death and now at the age of 38, Oni Ki was a reclusive hermit and landowner on Dantooine. When he learned of the fall of the Republic and Palpatine’s rise to power, he was briefly tempted to return to the Jedi Order and help fight against the new Empire. However, he knew that the Jedi were finished. He learned of the attack on the Jedi Temple from traders on Dantooine. He also heard of Palpatine’s right-hand-man, the dangerous Lord Vader, who was hunting Jedi down and killing them.

Oni was unafraid by this, since he had long since rejected the ways of the Jedi. He did fear, however, for his headstrong apprentice, believing he might try and take on the powerful Lord Vader or, even worse, side with the Dark Lord. However, Oni decided it was none of his affair any more.

A few days after hearing of Lord Vader’s campaign, Oni Ki received a mysterious package which contained, to his horror, his old lightsaber and a holographic message from Master Yoda. The message instructed Oni to seek out Arajj’ha Kin and prevent him from either attacking or side with Darth Vader. Oni refused at first, but the ways of the Jedi were not so easily cast aside. In the end, it was his concern for Kin that drove him to once again take up the mantle of Jedi Knight.

Oni did not have to search long for his apprentice. Shortly after receiving his sabre, Oni heard of an assassination attempt on the Emperor. The Lord Vader fought off the lightsaber-wielding attacker, but did not kill them. Oni Ki traveled at once to Coruscant, and began the search for Arajj’ha.

Instead of finding his old Padawan, Oni Ki discovered the attacker was a leftover clone from Professor Duthor’s army. This last clone was an insane warrior, forged from the cell samples of Duthor, Beka Kahn and, most surprisingly, Oni Ki himself. The Dark Jedi, calling himself Darth Duthor, was driven by the insane dark passion of Duthor, the lust for destruction of Kahn. The clone was almost identical to Oni Ki, though Darth Duthor had a full head of hair and was several years younger. He was also far more powerful than Oni Ki, and seemed only to want to eliminate all other Force users in the Galaxy.

Oni fled the planet, fearing both Darth Duthor and Vader now. By sheer chance (or perhaps drawn by the Force) Oni found his way, after 2 years, to Tatooine, where he found Arajj’ha Kin working as an mercenary. He had replaced his blue-bladed laser sword with a red one, the hilt of which was fashioned in a similar way to Oni Ki’s. The young man had also shaved his head. But despite adopting the looks of his old master, Kin had only hatred for Oni Ki now. He blamed his fall to the Dark Side on his old master. The two former Jedi fought on the desert planet, which served only to draw the attention of one Darth Duthor.

Darth Duthor battled with Oni Ki, but the fight was short and Ki was cut down in seconds. Blinded by fury and the deep suppressed love of his former father-figure, Kin attacked Darth Duthor and overpowered the clone warrior, destroying forever the dark legacy of Professor Duthor.

As Oni Ki lay dying in the sand, Arajj’ha Kin promised that he would atone for his failure as a Jedi. Oni Ki died then, and Arajj’ha Kin took his own life. The two were lost forever in the wastes of the desert, buried together in the sand.

Personality and traits

Oni Ki was born bald, and never grew hair on his head, though he kept a full beard at all times from the age of 20 onwards, right up to his death. It is believed this baldness came from his father’s side of the family, while his striking, and often harsh and threatening, grey eyes were most certainly from his mother. This is also where he inherited his Force sensitivity, though his mother was never trained as a Jedi, nor did she ever know of her own Force powers until many years after Oni was taken to the Jedi Temple.

Oni Ki never met his parents, despite visiting Corellia on several occasions. Nevertheless, he insisted on wearing the traditional uniform of his house, which mostly consisted of dull brown clothing. He was also very fond of his thick, dark cloak, a parting gift to him from his father.

The Jedi has always had a strange duality about his personality, particularly in his attitudes to others. When Arajj’ha Kin first encounters Oni Ki on Dantooine he is scared by what he sees as a hard, cold-hearted man. However, Oni can also be very welcoming and friendly. His basic attitude towards life is that all matters concerning the Jedi should be approached with the utmost seriousness, but this must be balanced by an easy-going nature in other matters.


Ki’s lightsaber design was quite unique, and was made to suit his style of fighting. The hilt was slightly longer than normal, and had a fist-sized pommel. Oni favored a strong attack style, using wide, heavy strokes, but he was also capable of some considerable speed. After his years of exile, his skills with the sword were greatly diminished, though even if he had kept up the practice it would have been unlikely to aide him against his final foe, Darth Duthor. Nor would he have been any match for Vader, or even Arajj'ha Kin after the boy fell to the dark side.

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