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One Stinking Droid is the second episode in the Star Wars: Commando TV series.

Holonet introEdit

Victory on Hoth! The Republic commandos of Delta Squad have rescued many clone troopers from certain death. Now, they must go on their next mission, a recovery that might turn out to be the strangest thing Delta Squad has ever done…

Brief SummaryEdit

Delta Squad is sent on a mission to recover a Republic informant, which they are unaware is also a B1 battle droid.

Episode SummaryEdit

Advisor tells Delta Squad their next mission will be to recover a Republic informant, which is a B1 battle droid. Fixer reacts in shock, thinking he heard wrong. Advisor tells him he didn't. He also tells them they will recognize it by its blue markings and distinct voice, and that they should meet it on a hill behind a Separatist outpost on Devaron.

Boss leads Delta toward the hill, but they are attacked by battle droids. They quickly make short work of the droids and proceed to the rendezvous point. Boss sees the droid coming. As they are about to leave, Scorch says something is wrong, and they are attacked by many droids.

Sev calls in the gunship while the others hold off the droids. When the gunship arrives General Kenobi leaps out and helps them destroy the droids. Soon, they are able to get the informant droid into the gunship and accomplish another mission.


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