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There is no greater power than to see the yet-unseen.
—A common phrase among Savants of the Charon

Krovo Scrios was capable of utilizing Omen to sense a multitude of possible futures

Omen was considered to be the rarest Void power that a Voidborn could develop, which enabled the user to enter into a trance and experience a abstract precognitive episode. Unlike other Void abilities, the gift of Omen does not appear to be universal to the condition of being Voidborn, nor was it hereditary. Omen was notable as being unable to be taught to another Voidborn, but was only attainable by being gifted with it from birth, thus leading to such individuals being monikered "the gifted".

Coveted and exalted, the ability to use Omen was a requirement for one to become leader of the Charon, namely, the Prophet of the Void. Such individuals possessing the power of Omen were prized to such an extent, there was no higher crime in the Charon Dominion than bringing intentional harm to one that possessed the gift. It was this stance among the Charon that enabled the leader of the Void of Animus, who was Omen-gifted, to escape through the Hellmouth during the Charon Civil War.

The mechanics of Omen was difficult to comprehend, with some Voidborn being mentioned as losing their sanity as a result of it. Compared to the Force, Omen appeared to be an amalgamation of precognition, Force Vision and Farsight. Through Omen, a Voidborn could enter their minds into the Void, allowing them to see the impressions of a multitude of potential futures. The more futures a Voidborn could see was often how the Charon determined how strong their Omen abilities were. It because of a strongly possible future that the original Charon enacted the Rite of Kenosis, paving the way for a new Dominion to take over their mission.