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Uhh...where's the rest of it?
—Olivia, on being presented with her skimpy dancing attire.

Olivia of Muunilinst (her stage name) was an enslaved dancing girl in the court of Jabba the Hutt. Unlike many in her position she was able to make her escape before Jabba grew bored with her and fed her to the Rancor.


Early LifeEdit

Olivia's parents were humans from Coruscant who emigrated to Muunilinst to work for the InterGalactic Banking Clan. Although they encouraged her to become an accountant, Olivia wanted instead to become a professional dancer and dreamed of joining the Imperial Ballet Company.


Unfortunately, she ended up attending a dance audition held by a phony talent scout that served as a front for a slaving ring. The slavers used their cover to find the most beautiful dancing girls and then sell them to gangsters like Jabba the Hutt, who voraciously collected them. Recognizing her rare beauty and talent, the slavers kidnapped Olivia and took her off world to Tatooine.

Jabba's PalaceEdit

Olivia's captors sold her to Melina Carniss, another dancer and overseer of Jabba's slaves. Melina had instantly recognized Olivia's talent and hoped to curry favor with the crime lord by personally presenting Olivia before him. Realizing that her fate lay in winning the gangster's approval, Olivia literally performed the "dance of her life." Her sensual movements managed to seduce nearly everyone in Jabba's court and, more importantly, the great Hutt himself. Her reward was another day of life and to end up on Jabba's leash as his new favorite slave girl.


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Slave Olivia.

Although Olivia had earned a temporary reprieve, she knew that it wouldn't be very long before her master's wandering eye was drawn to another slave girl and what exactly would happen to her after she had been replaced. When not chained to Jabba's dais or dancing for his amusement, Olivia used every available opportunity to search for some way to regain her freedom. The weeks of captivity dragged on, but one day Olivia happened upon a very special item: it was a lightsaber, a relic from some ancient period when the Jedi knights had attempted to bring Jabba to justice.

Behind the scenesEdit


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