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Olga Keldaria was an extremely skilled female Kelden Grand Jedi Master who had amazing strength and wisdom but also with superb lightsaber combat and excellent war heroine. She lived the years following the Third Great Schism and Gank Massacres. She had much glory among all the Jedi and had the highest position in the hierarchy of the Jedi Order. She had numberless masters because she was very talented warrior. The first years of her life she spent on hiding because her father and brother were hunted and wanted in the galaxy. All the Jedi called her Angel of Light and she was much incomparable, unrivaled, unmatched and unsurpassed which made her The Invulnerable Jedi.



Many millennia before her birth, she appeared in a vision to the Founder of the Jedi Order along with other Kelden Jedi Legends Bovedar Skywalker Laura Keldaria and Ulgen Skywalker. This vision saw also Kaja Sinis which showed a garden with numberless people and the Jedi running and screaming. Then Kaja Sinis when was sleeping, a Humanoid appeared and told her about the future for these Jedi and the era that they will appear. She was foretold approximately circa 19,982 BBY. After this vision Kaja Sinis went on Dathomir and she was sure that this Jedi will come in the far future.

Early life

Olga was born in an island on Keldur to a small colony. Some moments after her birth Relpha Keldaria ran to hide the infant from the crime lords. She spent the first years of her life in hiding. Her father was a member in the Shadow Knights and he was a Shadow terrorist who was the leader of the hooligans. Many Clones wanted to find his family but someone on Keldur told about them. She learnt perfectly all the martial arts and the lightsaber forms. She lost her mother at a young age.


After killing chrysalides and Kelderons as a major test for her she found the ability of becoming strong which was very difficult to be found from a simple Jedi. To the Jedi Temple on Keldur, Jedi were separated in classes, first among all the Jedi classes was Olga Keldaria, the Angel of Light and the Jedi who had the ability to touch the strength and see the nature of the Force. Her body was very shinning, pellucid and crystalline bathed from the true power of the light side of the Force. Symbols of light adorned her figures and in her back extended very beautiful and gold wings that ever saw of the eyes of Jedi. A very white pair of pants dressed her from the feet to the middle that she wore a large golden belt. A black Jedi robe covered her body and she held a blue one-bladed lightsaber with titanium hilt which also symbolized her deep-connection with the light side of the Force.

On her were formed three bright jewelry. The ring of eternity which had the power of invulnerability, the white gloves of Edeva Keldaria and two much golden and bright wings which symbolized the glory of the daughter of Dawn. Her form were crowned millions of bright stars both big and small and existed millions of Jedi who accompanied her. Millions of Jedi both bright and simple both strong, powerful, young and old had the task to announce the entrance and the exit of the Angel of Light and she was much unique and matchless among them from her utter serenity and goodness.

Dueling with a Dark Lord

Darth Sheol arrived on Yavin Prime with his minions to kidnap Olga's aunt. Olga traveled on Yavin and she heard voice screaming and shouting and immediately she went there. A Clone went also there for protecting the woman from the Sith Lord. Olga hid in the trees and some moments later Sheol tried to kill her aunt and suddenly the clone appeared to defend her. Sheol's agent Caverus was sent to investigate the place. Olga tricked him using mind trick and then Sheol saw her and he sent over forty Sith for slaying her.

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