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A droid invasion of Naboo? I don't believe it. I've only heard about this sort of thing in the history books."
"Well look around you, Kael. You're writing history right now.

—Kael Sykes and Tarvin Calaan during the Ohma-D'un Crisis
X-wing Tandem

New Republic forces under the command of Tarvin Calaan during the Ohma-D'un Crisis.

The Ohma-D'un Crisis was a brief stage in the Galactic Civil War which occured in 5.5 ABY. It saw an attempted Imperial invasion of Naboo thwarted in a joint effort between the New Republic and the Royal Naboo Secuirity Forces. The failed invasion plot was orchestrated by Imperial Moff Tage Kallag, who himself was killed in the final battle of the crisis.


The Ohma-D'un crisis can trace it's origins back to a plan formulated by Emperor Palpatine shortly after the end of the Clone Wars, meant to insure that his homeworld of Naboo would always remain under his control. When the war ended, Palpatine secretly ordered a captured Lucrehulk-class battleship and it's full compliment buried on Naboo's sparcely populated moon of Ohma-D'un. Palpatine later gave Moff Panaka strict orders specifying that in the event that he was killed and Naboo captured by the Rebels, Panaka was to activate the droid army and retake the planet, holding it long enough for Palpatine to return as a clone and reassert his control over the galaxy. Unforunatelly for Palpatine and his plans, Panaka was killed when Naboo actually was taken, and the job of activating the army fell to his replacement, Moff Tage Kallag. Kallag who was outside of the Naboo system with no way in, quickly began formulating a plan on how to carry out his mission.

Early stages

The crisis began about a year later in 5.5 ABY when Kallag made his first attempt at activating the army. He sent an undercover Action VI tranport filled with Storm commandos into the Naboo sytem in an attempt to sneak past the New Republic patrols and activate the droids on Ohma-D'un. This attempt was promptly foiled by Gold Squadron Commander Tarvin Calaan and his wingmen, who saw through the ploy and disposed of the Imperial interlopers. Immediately afterwards, Gold Squadron was ordered to investigate the origins of the mysterious transport. With his first attempt to retake Naboo disrupted, Kallag quickly formulated a new plan. He decided to use Gold Squadron's investigation to his advantage, with the hopes of using them to sneak into the Naboo system. Kallag contacted the New Republic and told them he intended to defect. He misinformed them by saying that he had information regarding the mysterious transport and that he would tell them all they wanted to know in exchange for asylum. Gold Squadron was immediately ordered to enter the Imperial held Talvravin system, where Kallag was located, and retrieve thier new informant. After a brief engagemeant with Black Knight Squadron, Gold Squadron was succesful in retrieving Kallag. They returned him to Naboo, where upon landing Tage Kallag would spring his trap.

The invasion attempt

Trade Federation warships, N-1 starfighters, Vulture droids and Z-95 Headhunters. Blast from the past anyone?
—Tarvin Calaan during the final battle of the Ohma-D'un Crisis

Unbeknownst to Gold Squadron, Kallag had inlisted the help of a pirate and smuggler based on Ohma-D'un named Kadar Tarpensen. Tarpensen, in exchange for a hefty sum of credits, was ordered by Kallag to place a bomb in the Theed Spaceport meant to kill Commander Calaan and provide Kallag with a distraction to slip away and steal a transport to Ohma-D'un. The plan was only half succesful as Tarpensen misplaced the bomb, killing Gold Squadron member Trav Otov and destroying both his and Calaan's X-wings but not killing Calaan himself. Kallag however escaped in a shuttle to Ohma-D'un and began powering up the droids.

Battle of Rori

An N-1 starfighter avoids fire from a Vulture droid during the Battle of Rori.

Calaan immediately formulated a plan to ruin Kallag plans, whatever they may be, by bombing his location on the moon with Gold Squadron's Y-wings. Tarvin was forced to use an on hand two seat variant of the X-wing and asked young Royal Naboo Security Forces pilot Cody Vistal to fly as his copilot. Gold Squadron however, was flying into a trap. Kallag managed to activate the installation on the moon's defenses which resulted in Calaan, along with two Y-wings, being shot down. Kallag immediately revealed is intentions and launched the invasion force of droids at Naboo. Captain Kael Sykes of Gold Squadron immediately took his squadron into orbit in an attempt to delay the invaders, despite being hopelessly outnumbered. Fortunatelly for Naboo, Tarvin and Cody, who survived their crash, were able to reach the installation and after fighting through waves of battle droids were able to reach the central computer and, though safe guards had been put in place which made it impossible to stop the invasion, they were able to reprogram the droids to invade Naboo's moon of Rori. Though this was hardly an acceptable solution, it did give the Naboo Royal Space Fighter Corps time to scramble there fighters to aid Gold Squadron.

We couldn't see through Kallag's lies. We didn't stop him at Ohma-D'un. Now, outnumbered a hundred to one, we're all that stands between this army and thousands of innocent civilians on Rori. Let the mayhem begin...
—Captain Kael Sykes addresses Gold Squadron moments before the Battle of Rori

Meanwhile Kallag took the Lucrehulk-class Core Ship which was hidden at the installation and joined the space battle which had erupted over Rori. Kallag was outraged that his droids were attacking Rori and not Naboo, but felt that if he destroyed all the defenders, the inconveniance would hardly matter. He did however contact Tarpensen, who was still back on Ohma-D'un, and, promising him an increase in his fee, ordered him to kill Calaan and Vistal. Fortunatelly for the defenders, and Calaan in particular, Calaan's lover and NRI agent Larena Vaal was on Naboo at the time and reacted quickly to situation, possibly single-handedly turning the tide in favor of the New Republic. After contacting the New Republic fleet, she took Calaan's ship, Twinster, up to Ohma-D'un to aid him and Cody. With Larena's help, Tarvin and Cody were able to fend off Tarpensen and use his own Thermite bombs to destroy the installation and thus deactivate the droid army. With Cody copiloting Twinster and Tarvin in Tarpensen's Z-95 Headhunter, the trio left to join the space battle. Though he had lost the army and therefore failed in his mission, Kallag's vessel had it's own seperately controlled droid crew and enough firepower to wipe out what was left of the battle-worn defenders. Instead of escape to hyperspace, Tage Kallag stayed and attempted to do just that. Fortunatelly for the surviving pilots, a small New Republic task force under the command of Commadore Tristan Calaan entered the system and began pounding away at Kallag's vessel. Realizing he had been defeated, Moff Kallag attempted to escape in a small shuttle. However, Tarvin Calaan, flying Tarpensen's Headhunter, was able to catch up with him and when the Moff refused to stop and be taken into custody Tarvin was forced to fire, destroying the shuttle and Kallag along with it, ending the threat to Naboo once and for all.


After Tage Kallag's failed invasion attempt, Naboo would not see a conflict again for over twenty years, when they would be attacked again, this time by the Yuuzhan Vong. After risking so much to defend this world from harm, Tarvin Calaan was inspired to make a permanent home on the planet with both Larena Vaal and his father, who was a native of Naboo, choosing to do the same. Kael Sykes made the difficult decision to leave Gold Squadron after the Crisis. As a native of Naboo himself, he chose to join the planet's security forces in the hopes that he would be around to protect the world from future threats. Sykes would make it his personal goal during his career with the security forces to bring Kadar Tarpensen, who had escaped the installation on Ohma-D'un, to justice for killing Otov and nearly allowing the Empire to regain control over Naboo. Cody Vistal was finally allowed by New Republic High Command to join Gold Squadron due to his actions during the crisis. Both he and Tarvin would be awarded the Medal of Bravery for their actions. As for the Empire, they would never again carry out any actions in the Chommell Sector, leaving it firmly in New Republic hands. When Palpatine did return as a clone years later, he was outraged by his subordinate's failure to capture his homeworld. He later stated to one of his aids that it was just as well that Panaka and Kallag hadn't survived as in light of their failure, he would have killed them himself anyway.


  • Skirmish at Naboo
  • Raid on Talravin
  • Bombing of Theed Spaceport
  • Raid on Ohma-D'un
  • Battle of Rori

Behind the scenes

The Ohma-D'un Crisis, and by extension characters like Kadar Tarpensen and Tage Kallag, was created for the sole purpose of giving Cody Vistal a back story and a more in depth reason for joining Gold Squadron. The character of Brek Onar, who has a large impact on Tarvin Calaan's life, is also introduced during the Ohma-D'un Crisis, as is Black Knight Squadron.

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