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The section of space in which the Odestrian Imperium calls its heartland is an anomaly to the rest of the Galaxy. Most of us see the Unknown Regions as an impassible wasteland. Yet, the Odestrians have managed to develop a society which thrives in the darkness of the unknown.
—Republic Ambassador Myles Rexarr

Odestrian Space (Panasian: Astronum Odestram ), also called Panasian Space, or simply called the Odestrian Imperium, was the name given to the section of the galaxy which was under the sovereignty of the Odestrian Imperium. The sector itself was split into different provinces and districts, each run by an Odestrian Governor who acted as a representative of the Odestrian Emperor/Empress. Odestrian territory was protected by natural astronomical anomalies like the Besinov Veil and the Great hyperspace disturbance with the Galactic east.


It's unknown how so many people were able to live within Odestrian territory. What we do know is the humans within that section of space were from the ancient sleeper ships from the Core Worlds. The Panasians are even more of a mystery. We've narrowed down their genetic history to humans, but how they got that way is an entirely different story."
"In addition to this, we haven't even begun to discuss the history of the Odestrians. Given the hostile nature of their territory, it was only inevitable that a militaristic nation would arise in order to maintain order and stability.

—Excerpt from The Odestrian Mystery

While the exact time of life development within what would be called Odestrian space is unknown, it is known that humans and twi'leks arrived on their respective planets as early as 10,000 BBY. Earliest signs of life on Odestria is said to be around 12,000 BBY with the first Panasian civilization, the Raevi, being one of the first advanced societies on the planet. With the difficulties of travelling into the western Galaxy being a well known problem, Odestrian society began to develop slower than that of the Greater Galaxy. Inter-planetary travel came with the discovery of the hyperdrive thanks to the arrival of Odestre Sanatov and the foundation of the First Odestrian Imperium in 5123 BBY on Odestria. Due to the dangers of the Unknown Regions, Odestrian society started to develop as a very militaristic and regiment system. For the most part, trade and commerce as well as political relations with the Republic remained strong for the majority of Odestrian history with only a few instances of cooled relations before the Rise of the Empire in 19 BBY. By the time relations with the greater Galaxy continued, the Imperium still contained thousands of worlds with major holdings still remaining on dozens of them.


The Odestrian Imperium used to be divided into 9 oversectors which were further sub-divided into Tribunates. While Odestrians were largely undemocratic in terms of how they ran their society advice was and is always willing to be given.
—Traxus Kopan III discussing Odestria with Panok Reggim

There were 9 distinct oversectors of Odestrian Space:

  • The Panasian Core contained Odestria proper as well as other planets such as Odestragrad, Coraz and Uzgaut. The sector was largely settled by Panasians prior to the arrival of Odestre Sanatov although they remained out of contact with eachother until the foundation of the Panasian Union.
  • The Inner Imperium was seen as the "second heart" of the Odestrian state. The Inner Imperium was home to numerous human majority planets. The most important of these was Rah'Katov, Sevi VI, Bactria, and Hispanios. This sector was originally settled by human sleeper ships sent from the Galactic core in the early days of human civilization.
  • The Barakian Fence or Barakia was the largest oversector of Odestrian space and contained the Barakian homeworld Baraten as well as what was left of their former homeworld: Barakua. The Fence also contained numerous important worlds such as Odyat, which late became the oversector's capital. In additional to this, worlds like Tosep, Tenograd and the prison planet of Purgatorious were also situated in the Fence.
  • The Nitan Sector was the northern most sector of the Imperium. It was bordered by the mysterious Besinov Veil, an astronomical anomaly that made hyperspace travel nearly impossible. Nitan has been the Odestrian state's financial capital for generations with the sector capital Alnell being one of the most important planets in the Imperium.
  • The Chi-Cho Sector was the industrial heartland of Odestrian space it contained planets such as Chiev, Chograd and Selicus. Most of the population of this sector is made up of immigrants from the Panasian Core and Inner Imperium. However, the world of Selicus was colonized by Twi'lek colony ships from early in Galactic history. Chi-Cho serves as one of the most important oversectors of Odestrian space with a large share of the State's total GDP coming from Chi-Cho worlds.
  • The Outer Imperium was the second smallest and most sparsely populated sector. The region's capital is Kathirr, a planet in which, due to multiple assaults, has built its cities under the surface of the world in order to offer better protection to its citizens. The Outer Imperium has always been seen as the last frontier for the IPPO as a whole. It used to harbor one of the area's most important energy producers with Obesnobyl supplying a total of 68% of the Imperium's hypermatter and coaxium before the planetary cataclysm in 987 BBY which irradiated the entire planet. Given its position, it held the most Castrum systems.
  • The Tri Colonius also known as the Kotavi Star Cluster, was the smallest sector and the closest one to the Galactic core. The Tri Colonius, which was Panasian for the "Three Colonies" held the worlds of Therom, Varaktum, and Panarum. It also held one of the two entry points on to the Panasian Trail outside of the Imperium. The Tri Colonius served as one of the most contentious points of Odestrian territory with all major border conflicts being centered within the small region.

Former Regions

  • The Shi'akk Sector was formerly a sector of Odestrian Space after it was annexed in 3659 BBY following the end of the Shi'akk War. Its regional capital was Cosengrad before it was sterilized in the wake of the Great Plague. Following the sterilization of the region, it was administratively absorbed by the Panasian Core although it lacked any representation within the Odestrian Senate and the Odestrian Council.

Known Planets

Panasian Core

Inner Imperium

  • Rah System- Rah'Katov
  • Sevi System- Sevi VI
  • Bestrios System- Bestria
  • Kotep
  • Tractes
  • Hispanos
  • Tenetel IV
  • Oikos

Chi-Cho Sector

Outer Imperium

Nitan Sector

Barakian Fence

  • Barak system
    • Barakua
    • Baraten
  • Odyat
  • Purgatorious
  • Tenograd
  • Tosep
  • Tezik

Shi'akk Sector

  • Shiaka System- Shiakaku
  • Shisani'okkk System- Cosengrad
  • Terton
  • Shiantis

Tri Colonious (Kotavi Star Cluster)

  • Panarum
  • Varaktum
  • Therom

Behind the Scenes

Given the relative nature of the Unknown Regions in Legends, the Odestrian Imperium's militaristic nature was tied into the danger of the area in which it governs. While User:Legion4hire was intent on making Odestrian society autocratic, he needed an external reason for it being so wildly acceptable. To him, it seemed logical to have a society which was surrounded by danger be as militarized as possible as to protect its integrity.


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