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'what an amazing planet'
—a coruscanti traveler describes Oceanus

Oceanus is a planet that has gone through many wars and struggles. Today it is a very peaceful planet.


The first humans on oceanus appeared in 3996 BBY and evolved into one of the most powerful civilisations ever. The first people that appeared on Oceanus appeared on the continent of Zalmania. They quickly divided into three different colonies. Two of which, joined together to create Zalmania and with that destroying the third colony. Slightly north, humans in Masupia and Miealand started to appear. After several thousand years, All the continents had been colonised. The countries on Oceanus were at peace for thousands of years, mostly focusing on innovation and discovering new technologie. They quickly became one of the most advanced civilisations ever. Progressing at an extremely fast rate.

The planets main superpower was Zalmania. It acted as a planetary police force but an ineffective one at best. This failure lead to many nations growing jealous and violent toward there neighbours and tensions rose. To help with this the Zalmian Royal Family ordered Sparticus Rethen to inlist the help of the UAIS High Overseer and his troops but due to conflict the UAIS could not assist and after many years Zalmania achieved its goal and made peace.

Behind the scenes

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