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Rise of the Empire era

Master I have a question, is he an ally or a foe?
—Oblivius to Pumbli watching Anakin marching on the temple.

Oblivius, was a Jedi Padawan from Bestine IV. During the Clone Wars he was a pupil to Jedi Master Pumbli.


Kidnapping on Bestine IV

In 30 BBY, Oblivius was fifteen years old, and working on a farm with his father and older sister. One day Oblivius was sent to Gasha to recover some repair parts for one of the droids on the farm. When he entered the droid repair shop a group of bandits attacked him and kidnapped him and took him to Nal Hutta for trading.

Help arrives

Two years later, Oblivius was working as a slave for a Hutt named Koochoo the Hutt ("Koochoo" means "idiot" in Huttese). Then one day a Jedi came to Nal Hutta and asked Koochoo if he could take a look at the slaves for a small deal of credits. The Jedi Master found Oblivius interesting and bought him from the Hutt.

The Jedi Order

Taking the boy to Coruscant, the Jedi told him his name, (which was Pumbli) and that he was going to ask the council for accepting him into the Jedi order. He was accepted and Pumbli trained him.

The Great Jedi Purge

Revenge for me master.

After successfully completing many tasks for the Republic during the Clone Wars, he and his master were both staying at the Jedi temple on Coruscant by the end of the war. Then suddenly Pumbli sensed a disturbance in the Force. Then suddenly Anakin Skywalker was approaching the temple leading thousands of Clone troopers. When the attack began, Oblivius and Pumbli fought through endless waves of troopers when a padawan named Kommud threw his lightsaber into Oblivius' chest, mortally wounding him. His last words were "Revenge for me master".

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