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Sultan Nurada Aladeen was a Human male from Korriban. He was born on Korriban to two Dark Crusader members. He would go on to become the co-commander of the Crusader forces with Revan. He was the leader of the Crusader cult at the time of Revan's transformation and the end of the Mandalorian Wars. Nurada pushed the Mandalorians into the conflict with the Republic, which Revan had suspected later on, but could not confirm upon his travels to the Unknown Regions. Almost immediately afterward, the Jedi Civil War began. This time the Jedi were devoid of Revan's help and they were quickly overcome by Nurada and Revan. Near the end of the war, Revan defected back to the Republic, betraying the Dark Crusaders, and defeated Aladeen and Malak, his former apprentice with the Crusaders.

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