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Nortalia Campaign

North Valand Campaign

20 BBY


20 BBY


North Valand, Earth

  • Confederate victory
    • Occupation of North Valand
      • North Valand joins the Confederate States of Earth
      • PGISNV reorganised into new Senate of North Valand
Major battles

  • Provisional President of North Valand Oliver Irton
  • Field Marshal Derek Benson
  • President of North Valand Henry Irton
  • General-in-Chief of North Valandan Forces Richard Setton

My friends, today we will see to it that freedom shall be victorious! We will drive my traitor, Williamite brother, and those foolish enough to follow him, from our land and join the Confederacy, the nation to which we truly belong! We are all Valandans, our cousins back in the motherland joined the Confederacy over a year ago, though the Unionists have tried to deny us our Confederate birthright! Jane Zarkan is our President, not that tyrant called "Richard Williams"! Forwards! For the Confederacy!
—Oliver Irton rallying his forces prior to the Battle of Fort Irton

The North Valand Campaign was one of the final campaigns of the Earth Civil War, the campaign was fought in order to support Confederate sympathisers in North Valand, a nation which had seceded from the Republic of Valand in 21 BBY, the pro-Confederate North Valandan units were united as part of the Army of North Valand created by the "Provision Government of the Independent State of North Valand", a Provisional government created by Oliver Irton, the brother of Henry Irton, the president of North Valand, from his prior "North Valand Patriotic Front" party. Oliver Irton claimed his provision government to be the true government of North Valand, and believed himself to be he rightful president. Helping the army were the North Valand Irregulars, militia units independent from the Army of North Valand, but helped the army during the campaign, one of the most notable of these irregular military groups was Johnson's Guerrillas, a band of pro-Confederate North Valandans which had been fighting the North Valandan government, and Union forces stationed within North Valand, ever since the secession of North Valand from the Republic of Valand.

Following the Confederate victory North Valand was occupied, Unionist North Valandans, which included nearly all of North Valand's Senate, fled across the border into Union-held territory, and the remaining citizens of North Valand, the majority of which being Confederate sympathisers, voted to join the Confederate States of Earth as an independent state, separate from the Republic of Valand, but closely allied to their mother country, North Valand became the 94th Confederate state.

Oliver Irton's provisional government was reorganised into the new Senate of North Valand, and the provisional government's military forces joined with remaining North Valandan military forces to become North Valand's new military.

The Confederate victory in North Valand brought further panic to Unionists, for it closed the final gap by which the Union Army could enter Confederate territory, the Confederacy was now in complete control of the border regions, North Valand was used as a springboard to invade the Union's northern region and to advance on the Union's major city in the north, the Northtown Offensive. Northtown was finally captured in the days before the end of the war. Following the capture of the city all Union forces in the north surrendered, the Northern Front had come to an end, Confederate units in the North then moved south in order to join the forces fighting in the south, clearing pockets of Union resistance as they went.

Our forces are massed in North Valand, ready to strike, if you do not surrender then our army will overrun the entire Union!
—A Confederate broadcast to the besieged Fort Precipice, urging the surrender of Union President Richard Williams who is taking cover in the fort
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