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Noras, also called Noras Prime, was a gas giant in the Unknown Regions. During an experiment meant to transform the planet into a star, the planet's chemical structure was changed, causing the gravity to increase. Its devoured mass created radiation.


Thousands of years before the Treaty of Coruscant, the Noras system's sun cooled down. The Norasians, a people of science, created a machine to turn the gas planet into a sun. As a side effect, Noras sent a burst of radiation that caused an overheating of everything in the system, even planets. This was noticed when Noras 1 was devoured by Noras Prime. Nearly all of the Norasians died, and so the Sondar planned.


Noras 1

Noras 2

Noras 2 was a water planet and the second satellite of Noras Prime. It's native species were the Sondar.

Noras 3

Behind the scenes

Noras was created by Styke Te'enona for use in a role-play on the Star Wars: The Old Republic boards.


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