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Nom Carver was a former Maglev train robber from Corellia. At the peak of his career as a robber, he was arrested by Jedi and detained in the Jedi Temple. While imprisoned, he discovered his latent Force-sensitivity, and thus gained admittance to a work-release program in the AgriCorps. Though the Jedi only taught him basic techniques during his time there, but he grew proficient in those techniques, and thus attracted the attention of the Inquisitorus after the Clone Wars. While he was being chased around the galaxy by Inquisitors, he received training from various Jedi. He decided that it was his job to defeat Darth Vader and the Emperor, as there were so few Force-sensitives around to oppose him. Carver became a formidable pilot in the process and flew a couple missions for the Rebel Alliance.

After the war, Nom used his Jedi skills to do various jobs throughout the galaxy, from mechanic work to bounty hunting to bodyguarding. He would prove instrumental in re-introducing the seven lightsaber forms to the New Jedi Order (of which he was an informal member) after revealing that he had stole Palpatine's documents regarding lightsaber combat. He himself would become a formidable Ataru practitioner, able to rival Kam Solusar in lightsaber sparring. He would accompany Jerun Othorne on many of his journeys in his later life and served as his co-pilot on the Boundless Blazer. Carver garnered fame in the Second Galactic Civl War as a pilot and fought rogue Jedi Knight Seff Hellin to a standstill before the latter fled.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Nom Carver was born in the lower levels of Corellia to a Corellian journalist and a career soldier. His parents were both killed shortly after his birth in an explosion that was described as a freak accident. He was at a nursery at the time, and thus survived the explosion, but with no one to pay for his care, he was abandoned and put in a waste bin. There he was discovered by Torlin Vance, a former smuggler and career criminal. Vance had always wanted a son but couldn't find a female who found him capable of courtship. As a result, he took Carver as his son and raised him as if he were his own, teaching him criminal practices throughout his childhood. Carver became Torlin's protege and gained his criminal cleverness from Vance under his tutelage. From an early age, he was considered a member of Torlin's criminal outfit, the Shriekers, whose activities ranged from smuggling to train robbing. Carver developed a knack or train robbing, which soon became his favorite activity besides dealing spice and flying. Carver had became a smuggling pilot at the age of 10 after Torlin taught him the finer techniques of flying. He enjoyed the weightlessness of flying and was a formidable pilot by the age of 13. By the time he had reached 13, he had become Torlin's lieutenant and business partner, which earned him plenty of experience as a crime lord. When the space lanes became more tightly patrolled by CorSec, Carver once again began to rob Mag-lev Trains which brought the Shriekes plenty of notoriety but also brought unwanted attention from the authorities who arranged for Torlin's assassination and Carvers arrest at age 16.

Independence Edit

With the help of a few of Torlin's old associates, Carver escaped the Jail in 22 ABY and immediately went back to train robbing. He was intent on gaining the funds necessary to create a stockpile of weapons with which he could re-dominate the Corellia criminal underworld and which he could use to root out and kill Torlin's assassin. Carver quickly gathered an organization, using the Shriekers former reputation as a Pull Factor, and declared war on the other criminal franchises. None but the {{sw|Black Sun]] could oppose Carvers new organization, which was helped run by a former Vigo of the Black Sun which is the only reason Carvers organization didn't fall quickly. Carver deviously arranged for the assassination of every Vigo who operated near the Sector and brilliantly carried out his plan, almost professionally, with Carver leading the assassinations himself.

Through the assassinations, notoriously known as the "Black Supernovas", the Black Suns command structure was nearly toppled. During a celebration in honor of this momentous achievement, Carver was double-crossed by his second in command, the former Vigo Denni Vauss, and deposed. Rather than serve as Vauss' servant boy, Carver returned to individual crime, supporting himself with the funds he had pillaged early on. He became a mercenary, and began to partake in various smuggling operations, assassinations, and even fighting in the Clone Wars as a merc for the Separatists. Carver was able to re-establish his wealth which he invested in legit businesses. Unable to give up the life even when his wealth permitted him to do so, Carver began robbing even more trains and began to combine his two skills to became a local space pilot, adding starships and precious cargoes to his hidden stockpile. Eventually, his notoriety reached a level where the Corellian government called in the {{sw|Jedi]] to deal with Carver. In a carefully engineered trap, four Jedi Knights, posing as train engineers, cornered Carver in the cargo hold of the ship, which Carver was in the act of pillaging. He nearly escaped through his use of locomotives and explosives but nonetheless he was taken into Jedi custody at the age of 19 in 19 BBY, just before the end of the war.

Agri-Corps Edit

Nom Carver was no fan of Jedi, especially since they were suspects in the assassination of Torlin. The Jedi who detained whom testified to the fact that Carver was so angry with them that he involuntarily used the Force to give him the strength to break his bonds holding his hands and feet. The Jedi were forced to subdue him but noted the fact that he was able to use the Force to their superiors who decided to incorporate Carver into their newly formed Jedi Work-Release Program which required the participant to serve a fixed number of years in Agri-Corps before being released by the judicial program. The individual would learn how to use the Force and would learn key aspects of agriculture and how to use the Force in conjunction with agricultural and horticultural skills. Carver only accepted the program because it would give him an opportunity for escape and he would also learn a new trick that would be profitable to his career in the future.

Carver began the program in earnest, practicing the Force skills like Plant Surge and Telekinesis which they'd taught him. He became proficient enough in Telekinesis to levitate several Shuura at once and also influence terrain with the telekinesis such as adding moisture to dry areas or drawing moisture from moist areas. Due to the programs success with Nom, more and more convicts were added to the program while a new program for Force-sensitive security guards for the Republic was also put into use. Carver bode his time wisely, all the while growing more and more proficient in the Force arts he learned. By the time of the Battle of Coruscant, he'd become so proficient with telekinesis that the Jedi Council was considering admitting him into the order. Carver escaped the Agri-Corps farming site during the actual Battle of Coruscant. He took advantage of the turmoil and chaos on the planet and hijacked a CSF frigate which he piloted through the intense space battle back to Corellia.

Return to Crime Life Edit

While Nom intensely wanted revenge on Denni Vauss, who'd been reinstated as a Regional Vigo as a result of the Black Supernovas incident. Denni had been the only individual with ties to the higher ups in the Black Sun in the sector and as a result, he'd been reinstated as not only a Vigo, but the Vigo in charge of a number of star systems in the part of the galaxy. Carver, knowing this, chose to plan his revenge carefully. He knew that he couldn't outright murder a criminal with that much power unless he had nothing short of a small army backing him.

During his time with Agri-Corps, Carver had become intrigued by the lightsaber and lightsaber combat in general. As a result, he snuck back to Coruscant shortly before the end of the war and gained entry to the Archives after deceiving Gate Master Jurrok. He was very meticulous in gaining the information on lightsabers. He downloaded the information repeatedly on nine different datachips, sent the information to one of his accounts, and personally transcribed some of it into his datapad. Nom eventually built his lightsaber from parts he found all around the galaxy and chose to study Ataru and Djem So, the more flashy and aggressive forms of lightsaber combat.

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