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Date of Birth

109 ABY

Physical Description





1.68 meters (5'6")

Hair Color

Cream white

Eye Color


Skin Color


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Lightsaber Type(s)

Long-handle lightsaber

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Service Information
Date of Recruitment

112 ABY

Date of Commissioning

129 ABY

Notable Assignments
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Known Instructors
Known Students

Gem Reytal (political protégé)

Noelle was a female Iscali Centurion and Royal Guard of the Golden Empire who served in a number of political leadership positions during her career.


Early service

Born on the Iscali homeworld, Iscandar, in 109 ABY, Noelle was identified as a Force-sensitive relatively young in life. Her fellow Iscali, Melnanooin, was visiting her homeworld in 112 ABY with two Novices of the Order of Keltrayu, and all three were drawn to Noelle's obvious strength in the Force. They reported their discovery to Tariun Sakaros, who visited Noelle's family personally and persuaded them to give their daughter to the service of the Empire.

Trained by Rin Sakaros as well as Tariun, Noelle became a capable and competent Force user. She had an early attachment to Melnanooin, and was devastated when the elder Iscali died fighting Zhin-Vel. When it came time for her to choose a lightsaber style of her own, her first instinct was toward Makashi, which had been Melnanooin's style. However, she was also aware that Melnanooin had died in a hail of gunfire because her style was weak in deflecting blaster fire, and so Noelle opted to go with the graceful and more practical Ataru instead.

Commissioned as a Centurion in 129 ABY, at the relatively young age of twenty, Noelle took several assignments throughout the Empire, dealing with criminal threats and arbitrating disputes. She spent two years as Consular Aide to Tesshen Manytrek, Consul of Dolomir, from 131 ABY to 133 ABY. Noelle was one of several Centurions sent to force a compromise between the Selff and Vimesk factions on Shel Du after the internal chaos there in 134 ABY. In 138 ABY, she was assigned to serve in Rin Sakaros's Royal Guard.


During the Vagaari War, Noelle was rotated out of the Royal Guard to fight on the front lines. When the war concluded, she was installed a Consul of Sposia, a former Chiss Ascendancy world. Though the Chiss were not fond of the Empire, they came to respect Noelle for her fairness in dealing with them, as well as her genuine work to provide for the planet entrusted to her care.

In 146 ABY, Sposia's Planetary Archives were invaded by two beings who succeeded in defeating the Chiss guards. Noelle went to attend to the situation personally and apprehended Shaydow Tynblade and Kyriel Windrunner. When Shaydow claimed to know Rin and to be the son of Jadian Star, Noelle personally escorted the duo to the Sith Star. There Shaydow pledged Rykar to Rin in exchange for her protection of his people, the Drakonus. As efforts began to incorporate Rykar into the Empire, Rin, recognizing the somewhat friendly chemistry between Noelle and Shaydow and respecting Noelle's political skill, transferred the Iscali's Consulship to Rykar.

Noelle's calm, regal demeanor clashed with Shaydow's casual nature and his disregard for protocol. Nevertheless, the two became friends and worked well together. Noelle also became a friend of Gem Reytal, Shaydow's fiancée, and Gem became Noelle's political protege.

But we are the inspiration to the Empire! When others fear this evil, they will remember that Rykar did not fall! When they wonder if they have the strength to endure, they will remember that you fought this nightmare and prevailed! The eyes of the Empire are on Rykar tonight, and they see her triumph.
—Noelle speaks to the people after the Defense of Rykar

In 149 ABY, Noelle commanded the Defense of Rykar against the Reawakened, although she received substantial tactical assistance from her brother Vem. She fought beside Shaydow to defend the capital city when it was breached, then accompanied him to the main battlefield. At the end of the battle, Noelle addressed the people of Rykar on the local Royal HoloNet, giving words of praise and encouragement.

In the aftermath of the Nightmare War, Noelle was the only non-Drakonus given the honor of attending Shaydow and Gem's wedding. She was also the first non-Drakonus to see and hold their twin sons, Tenebrous and Draze, after their birth in 151 ABY. By that point Gem had become as important in Noelle's administration as her Vice Consul, and indeed it was Gem who arranged and oversaw the construction of a spaceport in the capital city of Rahxen.

The first thirteen

Not long after the boys were born, Rin formally enacted the 65 Reforms at the Consular Assembly that year. She installed Noelle as the first Procurator of the Kelltae sector. Using her newfound authority, on the first day of 152 ABY, Noelle installed Gem as her successor as Consul of Rykar. Though she made every attempt to govern the sector impartially, Noelle kept a special eye on Rykar, interested in its development and keen to ensure that Shaydow and Gem worked well together as a governing team.

In 154 ABY, Noelle worked with Breek Zagrev to ensure that the Kelltae sector provided necessary resources to the border regions of the Empire, where Breek (now a Royal Executor) was shoring up support and security.

Powers and abilities

Oh yes, she's a delight to watch. Graceful and elegant and always poised, pure beauty…right up until she slashes that gold blade across your ribs.
—Kieran Sapphire, about Noelle's fighting style

Like all Centurions, Noelle was trained extensively in the use of telepathy and telekinesis, and regularly used both, using the Force to read the intent of others and hurl objects at anyone attacking her. She was also proficient in the use of Force lightning and used it to subdue those she needed to take alive for interrogation. In addition, Noelle demonstrated the ability to blind enemies with the Force when she did so to a group of Vagaari soldiers during the Vagaari War and again against the Skavik on Rykar.

One of the better Ataru stylists in the Order of Keltrayu, Noelle had a graceful and flowing attack style, though her moves were strong and fast as well. Her long-handle lightsaber also gave her extra reach and control over her blade, adding precision to her wide, circular slashes.

Given her passion for graceful movements, Noelle was less adept at the hard Var Shek fighting style than most Centurions. Sensing the conflict in her disciple and knowing that forcing Noelle would not be useful, Rin stepped in and taught her the Echani fighting style instead.

Appearance and personality

Noelle was 5'6" (1.68 meters) tall and had a lithe, fit build. She wore her long, cream-colored hair in braids, usually with a single braid on each side in front of her horns, and the rest tucked behind. She had violet eyes and, like all Iscali, blue skin. When wearing a cloak which had one, Noelle preferred to wear the hood up. She carried her long-handled lightsaber slightly further from view than other Centurions, buckled to the left side of her belt beneath her cloak. The weapon itself had a gold blade.

Noelle was described as "stately" and "graceful" by most beings who knew her, and had a gift for remaining poised and calm even in the face of extreme stress. Tariun Sakaros believed this dignified demeanor was a conscious mimickry of Rin Sakaros, and indeed it only became more pronounced when Noelle served in the Royal Guard. She smiled rarely and usually only slightly, but many Novices were fond of her regardless, considering her supportive and kind.

Though on good terms with most people, Noelle had relatively few close friends. An exception was Tesshen Manytrek, whom she greatly respected; a rare fracture in Noelle's composure appeared when Manytrek died in the Fall of Tenupe, and Noelle broke down sobbing at the news. She later became a good friend of both Shaydow Tynblade and Gem Reytal. She had great respect for Rin Sakaros.

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