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Nodnarb Aher was a Human male from Ank Ki'Shor who became a member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Though he originally trained to become a technician, Nodnarb instead chose to leave his homeworld and the Alliance. Once accepted, he trained as a pilot and learned to fly the main starfighter of the Alliance, the X-wing. When he accompanied a convoy as part of his first mission, Nodnarb was part of the escort that saved Ank Ki'Shor from the forces of the Galactic Empire.

After this success, Nodnarb became part of Operation Skyhook, the Alliance's plan to locate the plans to and destroy the Empire's first Death Star. Although Nodnarb and the other members involved in Operation Skyhook succeeded in destroying the Death Star, the deaths Nodnarb witnessed led him to instead become an officer aboard an Alliance. The Empire sought to rebuild the Death Star and began construction on a second one. The Alliance discovered this and sought to destroy it once more. To that end, the Alliance prepared a fleet to attack the second Death Star at Endor. When the Alliance attacked the second superweapon, which the Alliance saw as the last bastion of Imperial strength, the ship Nodnarb was serving aboard was destroyed, killing Nodnarb and everyone else aboard.


Early lifeEdit

I don't regret being very political.
—Nodnarb Aher, when asked about his early interests

Nodnarb Aher was born on the Outer Rim planet Ank Ki'Shor. Ancestrally, Aher's family was from Corellia, though they emigrated to Ank Ki'Shor in 44 BBY. From a young age, Aher maintained an interest in the political climate of the galaxy, finding himself staunchly opposed to totalitarian rule. This led him to oppose the Galactic Empire, the main galactic government of the time. This was despite Ank Ki'Shor being an Outer Rim world that had little impact upon the galaxy as a whole. Because of this, Aher's dreams of political fame were never realized. Nodnarb's parents paid for him to go to a local community training center to work as a technician. Nodnarb came into close contact with starfighters and transport vessels during his time training as a technician.

When Aher eventually became a technician, he began to work at Ank Ki'Shor's sole starport, where he learned of current affairs occurring in the galaxy at the time. During his tenure, Aher discovered the plight of the Alliance to Restore the Republic and their armed opposition to the Empire. Aher felt that his political views were aligned with those of the Rebel Alliance so, at the age of nineteen, Aher explained to his parents that he wished to join the Rebel Alliance. An Alliance member on the planet agreed to take Aher to one of the Rebel Alliance's bases, where Aher would become a member of the Alliance.

Operation SkyhookEdit

You can go straight to chaos if you're going to accuse me of a lack of commitment to this Alliance, considering everything I've done around here.
—Aher, when asked about his commitment to the Alliance

Aher was trained in the use of the standard starfighter of the Rebel Alliance, the X-wing, and soon became an official X-wing pilot for the Rebel Alliance. During his time in the Alliance, Aher was one of the X-wing pilots accompanying a convoy of Y-wings, another type of starfighter used by the Alliance, to Dantooine. During the journey, the convoy received word that Aher's homeworld, Ank Ki'Shor, was under attack from the forces of the Empire. Aher managed to persuade the leader of the convoy to redirect the convoy to Ank Ki'Shor in order to stop the Empire from bombing it. Upon the Alliance's arrival, Aher realized that they outnumbered the forces of the Empire, and also had the element of surprise. Due to these two factors, the attack on the Imperial forces was successful, and Aher was praised for his part in convincing the convoy's commander to rescue the people of Ank Ki'Shor.

Due to his part in rescuing Ank Ki'Shor, Aher's squadron became involved in the final stages of one of the Alliance's military plans, codenamed Operation Skyhook. The Empire had constructed a superweapon, which they had codenamed the Death Star. Thanks to Princess Leia Organa, who had obtained the plans to the Death Star, the Alliance was able to put together a plan to destroy the superweapon. The Empire, however, planned to destroy the Rebel Alliance's main base on Yavin IV, one of the moons of Yavin. The final stages of Operation Skyhook were therefore launched in 0 BBY, earlier than initially planned. Aher flew in combat against the Empire's forces, which eventually saw the destruction of the Death Star and the death of numerous important figures in the Empire, including Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin.

Second Death Star attackEdit

It's a trap!
—Admiral Ackbar's revelation upon the realization that the Death Star was operational.

Many members of Aher's squadron died during the assault on the Death Star, and this cased him to feel that he could no longer continue to serve as a member of the Alliance Starfighter Corps and be around so much combat-related death. Instead, Aher received a commission as an officer on board an MC80 Home One type Star Cruiser, a type of battleship used by the Alliance.

After Operation Skyhook proved successful for the Rebels, the Empire struck back against the Rebel Alliance and attacked numerous Rebel bases. During the Battle of Hoth in 3 ABY, in which the Empire attacked a key Alliance base on the planet Hoth, the ship on which Aher was serving was used to distract the Empire to allow civilian transports to escape. As such, the ship suffered much damage, barely managing to escape. Aher served as a communications officer on the bridge of the ship, and continued to serve in this role after the ship was replaced with another due to its sufferance of irreparable damage during the Battle of Hoth.

During the frequent attacks on the Rebel Alliance by the Empire, the Empire began construction of a new Death Star. Aher conducted negotiations with Derdram Zarek, a member of the Empire on board the new Death Star who was prepared to hinder construction of the superweapon in return for rewards.

Eventually, the Rebel Alliance launched a simultaneous attack on Endor in 4 ABY, where the shield bunker for the new Death Star was located, as well as the new Death Star itself. Aher's ship was one of the cruisers, serving under the Alliance's Admiral Ackbar, that attacked the superweapon directly. However, the Empire had allowed the rebellion to gain false information, making the Alliance believe that the Death Star's superweapon was not yet operational. Emperor Palpatine, who was aboard the Death Star during the battle, ordered the station's commanders to use the weapon. The Death Star fired upon Aher's cruiser, destroying it completely and killing everyone on board. Despite the cruiser's destruction, the battle was a success for the Alliance, seeing the deaths of Palpatine and Darth Vader as well as signaling the end of the Galactic Empire's rule of the galaxy.

Personality and traitsEdit

I'm obviously a political person, as most of you know, and I do sometimes require the occasional “Nodnarb, shut up” to stop me from ranting.
—Nodnarb Aher on his interests

Aher, seen as a simple man because of his Outer Rim upbringing, was considered reasonably intelligent by some members of the Alliance and by members of his family. He was the first member of his family to ever get a professional job that did not involve agriculture of any kind. Despite his Corellian roots, Aher always considered himself to be solely from Ank Ki'Shor, as Corellia was a planet under the control of the Empire. Aher was vocal in discussions over current affairs and maintained an interest in politics, despite never achieving a political career. As a young boy, prior to his realization that he was opposed to the politics of the Empire, Aher nursed a private dream of becoming Galactic Emperor. This dream ended when he realized the impracticality of it and the fact that he was staunchly opposed to totalitarian rule and the Empire itself.

Aher was known for his strong loyalty to causes he believed in, as well as his conviction in what he saw as right and wrong. Some of his colleagues in the Alliance saw him as incorruptible because of this, though some others disagreed with. Aher was considered to be a moralistic man and was staunchly opposed to xenophobia, serving with many members of a variety of alien species during his time as a member of the Alliance. Believing himself to be a sentimental man, Aher resigned from his piloting job after the deaths of a number of his colleagues during Operation Skyhook, instead becoming a communications officer.

Talents and abilitiesEdit

I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I think I’m a pretty damn good officer.
—Nodnarb Aher on his leadership abilities

Despite being an accomplished pilot, Aher's primary skills were as a technician. He never achieved a level of proficiency in the use of a blaster despite his training, leading to his colleagues labeling him mediocre. Likewise, Aher never professed to have any real skill with a blaster. He always considered himself to have a skill as an orator, though this skill never had a chance to manifest itself in his career.

Aher's skills as an administrator and organizer saw him appointed to the position of communications officer on board an Alliance battleship. Considered by some to be officious, Aher himself also felt that the position suited him, and stated himself that he found it an enjoyable position.

Behind the scenesEdit

This character deeply disturbs me, but I think it's in a good way.
—Brandon Rhea upon seeing the full article.[src]

Nodnarb Aher was created by author Thomas Rattim on Star Wars Fanon, the Star Wars wiki of fan invention, on November 25, 2009.[1] Unlike some of Rattim's characters, particularly Derdram Zarek, Aher was not influenced by a character in Star Wars canon. Aher's storyline takes place across all three episodes of the original Star Wars trilogy.

Aher's name is an anagram of Brandon Rhea, one of Rattim's fellow administrators on the Star Wars Fanon wiki. Like Darhirc Nylfn, an anagram of Richard Flynn, Aher is based on a real world person. Based upon Rhea, the two share a number of characteristics. In the same way that Aher is ancestrally from another planet, Rhea has Irish elements to his heritage. Likewise, both also have an interest in politics. The popular belief that Rhea seeks the high office of President of the United States of America was the influence for Aher's short-lived dream of being Emperor of the galaxy. In addition, Aher shares elements of personality with Rhea. Many quotes featured in the article are paraphrased quotes from Rhea.

The image used to represent Aher was from the television series Battlestar Galactica, and heavily resembles Brandon Rhea. The resemblance between the two was one of the primary sources of inspiration in the creation of Nodnarb Aher.

Notes and referencesEdit