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On Utapau, war was raging. The 212th Attack Battalion, led by Obi-Wan Kenobi, was pressing hard against the occupying Separatist droid forces, led by General Grievous. After a brutal and lengthy campaign, however, the clones had hope. Obi-Wan had killed Grievous, and the droids were being beaten back. However, at that moment Commander Cody got a message from the Supreme Chancellor. All he said was "Execute Order 66, but that changed everything. As Obi-Wan rounded the cliff on his giant lizard, Cody no longer saw him as a friend and comrade but as a traitor to the Republic and a threat to the Chancellor. Quickly, Cody had his men aim the cannon at the Jedi. However, as the cannon fired, one clone slipped and knocked it upwards.

Obi-Wan never knew what hit him. Within a second, his all-but-vaporized body fell off the cliff. Boga, whose back took heavy damage from the blast, ran around mad. The clones were not interested in it, however, and after the battle was won, what was left of Obi-Wan's skeleton was recovered by clone scouts. Cody smiled. Now the Jedi could not harm the Republic anymore.

Light-years away, Yoda sat on the floor of the Tantive IV, mourning the dozens of Jedi losses. Yet one death stuck out to him in particular: Obi-Wan, his friend and student, was dead like most of the other Jedi. Yoda's meditation was suddenly interrupted by Bail Organa, his rescuer, who got a transmission from the Jedi Temple telling all Jedi to return there. Yoda knew then what he must do: Get into the temple and disable the transmission to save any Jedi survivors. He didn't care that he was alone; nothing could stop him now.

Much later, Yoda was in the heart of the Jedi Temple, having disabled the transmission. He then turned to security footage to confirm what he had feared. Just as he suspected, young Skywalker had fallen to the Dark Side and was now serving Darth Sidious...also known as Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Yoda smiled grimly, for he now knew where to find the Sith Lord the Jedi had been hunting for over a decade, and stop him. Yoda knew that Sidious would be powerful, but he also knew that the Sith Lord was only one mortal man, and that every man must fall eventually.

Elsewhere, Anakin Skywalker, or Darth Vader, stood triumphant at the Separatist base on Mustafar. With the Jedi and the Separatists now exterminated, nobody would stand in the way of the Sith's conquest. Suddenly, Anakin heard the sound of a starship landing outside. A quick glimpse confirmed it to be Padme Amidala's ship. Padme. He had succeeded in gaining the power to save her, and now nothing stood in the way of him and his wife being together, forever.

Minutes later, however, Anakin was in a bad mood. Padme had come to him due to a bad feeling in her subconcious, and Anakin gladly told her of how he had succeeded in saving her. However, Padme seemed to disagree with everything he did. She had an issue about him killing Jedi younglings, and Anakin just couldn't seem to make her understand that all Jedi were a threat. She also didn't like how he had changed. I'm changing for you! Anakin wanted to scream. Eventually, Anakin got Padme to come back to Coruscant with him, although he was on the brink of his tolerance and she only seemed to comply out of fear. Anakin was confident, though, that she'd see the truth once she met his Master. Anakin was almost giddy. The two most important people in his life were with him, and nothing could tear them away. However, as Anakin and Padme headed to Palpatine's quarters, a door perpendicular to them opened, and out stepped Master Yoda.

Anakin's reaction was swift and brutal. In his mind, there was only one explanation for the Yoda being there, and it was that Padme had hired the Jedi Master to kill him. He turned to Padme in a rage and choked her with the force, with no emotion in him except anger. A startled Yoda flew toward Anakin, but was countered by another blade-Darth Sidious'. As the two of them dueled down the hall, Anakin released Padme to join his Master. Yoda put up a valiant fight, but he was eventually overwhelmed by the two Sith Lords and minutes later lay on the floor, impaled. Now, the final Jedi rebellion was destroyed.

Anakin then raced back toward the unconscious Padme, and was shocked to find her still as a stone. After Sidious checked her pulse, he told Anakin that Yoda had choked Padme to death in order to destroy him. Anakin then sat down, and began to weep. He had failed, for despite learning awesome powers he had still been unable to protect Padme. He was broken, and filled with nothing except rage, which was why he gladly accepted Sidious' next assignment: Hunt down and kill all Jedi survivors. Sidious smiled, for even the most powerful Jedi was no match for Darth Vader in the prime of his rage and youth. The Sith had won. Yet he had one last problem to deal with: Padme Amidala was still very much alive, and going into childbirth.

Sidious had had the Senator taken to a medical bay, and when he eventually walked in he saw that she was dead. How convenient. However, she had managed to give birth before she died, and her children, a boy and a girl, were very muich alive. Sidious was not worried, but rater ecstatic. These were the children of Darth Vader, and would most likely surpass their father in power. They would be perfect to lead an army of force-sensitives he had been devising. As he basked in the glory of his victory, Emperor Sidious wondered how his plans would have fared if even one more Jedi had been left alive.

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