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Jedi General Nils and his men had been fighting droid forces on Ryloth for over two days, in an attempt to free the planet from Separatist hold. Now, he and his approximate amount of 18 remaining clone troopers had to buy time for the civilian Twi’leks to escape into the mountains. The droids were well on their way to the clones’ position. However, all hope was not lost as the Republic was already sending reinforcements, plus, Nils had his trusty Clone Captain John and ARF Captain Caleb at his side.

Nils replayed his final orders to his troops. “Steady. Remember: We have to buy as much time for the Twi’leks as possible.” They were getting ready to ambush the droids in the narrow canyon.

“Yes, sir,” replied a clone trooper.

“Here they come,” Caleb whispered to his regiment leader.

Nils ignited his lightsaber and pointed it at the droids. “For the Republic! For the Twi’leks!”

Immediately, all his troops swung from their cover and started opening fire. The firefight began...

Over the course of five minutes, Nils’s trooper count was decreasing. Both John and Caleb were knocked out during the fight, but the General assumed that they were dead. Finally, his forces were depleted to the last man. Nils stood alone against an army of battle droids. They had stopped firing for some reason but still had their guns pointed at the General. Nils took a moment to see the damage done to his men... They were all dead.

“Metal monsters,” Nils mumbled angrily to himself.

Just then, blaster fire shot a battle droid in the head. John was alive. He had regained his footing, blaster pistols drawn. Caleb followed soon after.

“We’re not finished yet, sir," Caleb shouted. The two Captains returned fire on the droids.

“We can do this, General!” exclaimed John. Nils created a delta formation with the two clones and together, they held off the droid forces, but they were still outnumbered and outgunned.

“BLAST” Caleb sighed before he dropped dead on the floor after being shot in the head.

“Caleb! NO!” John and Nils shouted at the same time. Nils felt sorrow and pain in his heart as he felt a living soul depart from the presence of the Force. John was now back-to-back with his General.

“Let’s make our end memorable friend!” Nils shouted.

“Ack!” John exclaimed as he was shot in the chest by a blaster rifle. The impact of the blast nearly threw him off his feet but he regained his balance and continued blasting his way at the droids.

“It’s like they keep coming...” John said to himself. Nils was doing his best to deflect the droids' shots from the Clone Captain.

“Ah!” John was shot again in the chest. He attempted to take a shot at his attacker, but before he could pull his trigger, he was shot in the head. “Argh!” John, too, fell to the sandy floor of Ryloth.

“No!” Nils exclaimed. He continued deflecting shots, but there were just too many... “Ack!” He was shot in his stomach. The pain swelled inside of him, but the Jedi ignored it. He charged straight at the droids, and started cutting his way through their ranks.

He was running out of breath...

“(Pant) This is...(Pant)... Sparta!”

Nils once again raised his sword and started to slice up more droids. The droids eventually overwhelmed the lone Jedi; they shot him in the back, stomach, torso, legs, and head before he finally fell to his feet and blacked out.

Epilogue: Their efforts were not in vain as the Twi’leks got reinforcements and were eventually free of CIS hold.

By: ARC Trooper Tal

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