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Im not seeing intimidation here, you guys are saying the leader of the Suns kills for fun to (Nico) someone who is declaring planetary war for mild amusement...I'm not debating what your saying it just sounds like Nico has badder sheb between the two bad shebs.
Mandalorian biologist Ala Vizsla

Nicolae Teh Vhett (also known simply as Nico Fett) was an Anzati Mandalorian warrior active during the time of the Clone Wars and Imperial Civil War. He was born in the year 45 BBY on Mandalore to a human father and anzati mother, a direct blood descendant of the Mandalorian Wars’ Cassus Fett. After years spent as a freelance mercenary, Fett came to serve as a high ranking military official under Imperial Warlord 'Ren Tiberius Palpatine', eventually served as second in command to the Zeltron "Mand'alor Te Werdaknown as Legion Harkonnen, and elevated to the position himself after succeeding Legion to the position; serving as Mand'alor Teh Cin'ciri.


The birth of a Mando’ad (45 BBY)

Nico was born on the planet Mandalore in the year 45 BBY, in a small settlement far from Keldabe, known as Shershoy. The child of a human Mandalorian named Cyrex Fett, a blood descendant of Cassus Fett, and his Anzati assassin-turned-Mandalorian wife, Ka’ren Viridis. Being born a hybrid between Human and Anzat, Nico was born with a complete human appearance; lacking the bulbous nose of an Anzat, but with the hidden proboscises of the Anzati species. Both of Nico’s parents served under Jango Fett and his True Mandalorians, but both were permitted a year’s leave from service to watch over their newborn.

Not long after Nico’s first birthday, his parents were called back in to service to aide Nico’s distant “uncle”, the Mand'alor, with a job on Galidraan; the year old Nico would never see his parents again. After his parent’s deaths, Nico was taken in by his uncle Tay’haii: an Anzati Mandalorian who had served the Mando’ade since before the Mandalorian Wars. It was from his uncle, that Nico would gain the bulk of the influence for his own views and beliefs, including a religious obsession with the War Gods of the Mandalorian Crusaders and the policies of the Neo-crusaders; so much so that Nico would publicly deny the existence of the Manda, and call on others to follow in the worship of Kad Ha'rangir.

Growing up on Mandalore

Nico grew up living with his uncle Tay’haii: training, hunting, and learning all that he could from the centuries-old Anzat. Tay’haii also taught Nico how to manage his hunger for the ‘soup’ of living beings, something his mother had not been able to teach him. Due to Nico being a hybrid, his hunger was lessened, but still lingering: causing Fett to have a sort of twitch whenever he felt a force sensitive near in the force, despite not knowing of his own force sensitivity just yet.

When Nico reached the age of eleven, Tay’haii took Nico on a special ‘trip’ without telling him where their destination was. After a short hyperspace flight on board Uncle Tay’s freighter “The Dha’oya”, the two Mandalorians exited hyperspace near orbit over Galidraan. As the two walked along the surface of the world, Tay’haii took Nico to the place where the True Mandalorians had been ambushed by the jedi twelve years before. As Nico kneeled in the snow, Tay’haii described the jedi and force to him, sharing his own sentiments of hatred toward the jedi. As the snow melted in Nico’s gloved hands, the white powder became etched into his mind, Fett would for the rest of his life have an obsession with snow, that he would not be able to describe to others how he came about it once asked in the future. While Tay’haii detailed all that he knew about the force and the jedi to him, he also described how to use his own Anzati force sensitivity to hunt the jedi and how to feast on their essence. From that day on, Nico would hold a strong hatred for the jedi and all things and beings who had anything to do with the force.

The two returned to Manda’yaim and continued Nico’s combat training extensively, also seeking out Mij Gilamar in 33 BBY to teach Nico basic field medicine and first aid. At the age of twelve, Nico was given his own first blasters by his uncle, a set of dual Westar-35 Blaster Pistols, the standard weapon of a Mandalorian Policeman. Over his childhood and lifetime, these pistols would see much use by the Mandalorian, becoming his primary weapons in his arsenal. At the age of thirteen, Tay’haii took Nico to a locale weapon smith known as Kad Goran. Tay’haii had called in an old favor to Goran, and the smith had forged Nico’s first Beskar’gam for him. As he tried on his armor for the first time, Nico found that it fit him perfectly and would even accommodate for growth. When offered a jetpack, Nico turned it down in favor of a black cape with dark green linings; a replica of those worn by his parents. At last as Fett tried on his helmet to test it the HUD, he questioned the men as to why it was colored differently than the other plates supplied to him; the men revealed that the black helmet was actually his father’s, recovered from the snows of Galidraan. When the time came to paint is new ‘gam, Nico chose to keep the black from his father’s old color scheme, as well as Orange for the primary color: meaning Shereshoy, the name of the town he grew up in.

The vod and the cyar'ika (28 BBY)

By the age of seventeen in the year 28 BBY, Nico had grown into a full fledged mercenary, taking jobs for clientle ranging from crime lords to governments. It was during a particular job that Nico made the aquaintence of a mysterious Mandalorian bounty hunter known as 'The Wanderer', and a Supercommando by the name of Kyran Koter; two individuals that would forever change his life. The three had been hired to provide security for a supply convoy owned by the much disliked New Mandalorians on the way to their capital city of Sundari

Piroc CloneWars2

Death Watch attacks proved a constant threat to the New Mandalorians.

While nearing their destination city's borders, the convoy was ambushed by warriors belonging to the Mandalorian splinter-faction Death Watch. As the convoy's vehicles shuddered, the three mercenaries assaulted the Death Watch squad, making quick work of the ambushers. The others looked on as Nico personally set flame to the injured and dead combatants, before the Mandalorians and their convoy made their way to Sundari to complete their mission. Surrounded by the distasteful glares of the New Mandalorians within their domed-city walls, the mercenaries then made their way to The Wanderer's ship at the spaceport in order to get away from the pacifists reach. 

As they boarded the vessel and disarmed themselves within the assault craft's armory, Nico caught glimpse of Wanderer without his helmet on, recognizing his face and calling out to him as "Jango". The hunter groaned and explained his origin as the last survivor of a batch of advanced clones that had been bred for a military project beyond the Rishi Maze, claiming to have fought his way through clone and Kaminoan alike to escape the planet and make his way to the Mandalore sector; taking the name 'Marcus Fett' and adopting the title of Wanderer to escape notice by those who would seek him out. Nico offered Marcus a place amongst his Aliit at their homestead in Shereshoy, an offer he graciously acccepted. 

As Marcus dropped Nico and Kyran off at the Keldabe spaceport to make his way to a new job, Nico took the time to converse with Koter. She revealed that her mother had been a Jedi, and her father a supercommando with New Mandalorian values on peace; and that she herself was a force sensitive. The two continued to see one another for several months, eventually exchanging mando'a wedding vows during a quiet moment at the Fett Homestead in Shereshoy; giving birth to twin sons Nolan and Mootai five years later.

The Clone Wars (22 BBY - 19 BBY)

Get in there, take out as many of those shadow people as you can, and destroy those Mobile Heavy Cannons. Think you can handle this one?
—ARC Trooper "Fives"
While the planet Mandalore and its people were officially neutral in the galactic conflict known as the Clone Wars, Fett took on a hired role within the Republic's military forces as a combat trainer for clone forces on Kamino. Assigned to work with groups of clone troopers who were fresh out of training, Nico played a key role in the organization of new battalions for the Republic; applying the tactical knowledge imparted upon him by his uncle, to understand what roles were best for particular soldiers within their new units.

Late in the second year of the war, Fett was recruited for a special assignment alongside the 501st Legion during the Battle of Umbara. Tasked with infiltrating Bunker Grek, to disable the Mobile Heavy Cannons being used by the planetary militia, and eliminate the Umbaran General Ennodius; while separate squads took out two other bunkers simultaneously with his mission. Encountering heavy resistance from Umbaran and Separatist forces, the Bunker was eventually taken under Republic control, and Ennodius executed by Fett.


Fett begrudgingly flew as Skywalker's wingman during the Battle of Excarga.

The Republic military would call upon Nico again during their assault on the planet Excarga; seeking his aide in defeating Separatist naval forces as they sought to evacuate from the planet. Fett begrudgingly flew as wingman to General Anakin Skywalker in a commandeered Delta-7B Aethersprite-class light interceptor, as they led Republic naval forces in the destruction of C-9979 landing crafts that were attempting to flee the system.

The Mauve Scimitar (19 BBY - 17 BBY)


Bail Organa, brief employer of Fett's services.

After the conclusion of the Clone Wars and the resulting purge of the Jedi, Nico was hired by Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan as a bodyguard for his newly adopted daughter Leia. After the arrival of a stolen Imperial Star Courier at the Royal Palace however, it became clear that his bodyguard role was merely a ruse; as Organa had intended for Fett to join a covert group of agents whom he had assembled to run operations away from the eyes of the new galactic regime. The crew of the vessel however, were more ragtag than Fett would have preferred: a Kel Dorian pilot, human Jedi washout, Chiss mercenary, and Solari noblewoman.

The first mission for the Mauve Scimitar's crew was to meet with a Kel Dorian by the name of Sha Koon, in order to enlist the aide of the Baran Do Sages. Soon after their arrival on the planet however, things took a turn for the worst when Koon never arrived at their rendezvous, as she had already died on Coruscant at the hands of Darth Vader. Instead of a simple diplomatic mission, the city of Dor'shan was attacked by the Empire, as orbital strikes rained down turbolaser fire on the city; punishment to the Baran Do for their support of the Jedi in ages past. Stealing several of the Dor'shan library's texts concerning Mandalorians on the way out, the crew was able to fight their way through the initial stormtrooper vanguard that made had landed to occupy the city.

"First Champion" of the Empire (10 ABY - 12 ABY)

In the year 10 ABY, Fett was contacted by agents of an Imperial Warlord whom sought him out to serve as the warlord's bodyguard and enforcer. As his clan was in need of funds to rebuild after their conflict with the resurgent Death Watch, he accepted and made his was to the Outer Rim, to one of the many carved out personal territories of Imperial leaders following the death of Emperor Palpatine.

Serving as the headquarters of this slice of Imperial space was one of the few known Super Star Destroyers still in existence; an Executor-class Star Destroyer called the Ajunta. Boarding the Warlord's flagship, Fett was escorted to meet one of the strangest, yet most influential women in his life: Ren Tiberius Palpatine. Making a number of seemingly outrageous claims about herself; she claimed to be the adopted daughter of the Emperor himself, a past lover of Darth Vader, and a self-proclaimed Sith by the title of Darth Minx.

Regardless of these claims, her military forces and finances were quite real, thus Nico accepted his new position as "First Champion" of the Warlord. He was given command of the Ajunta's lead escort ship, the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer known as the Reprisal; along with its onboard stormtrooper corps detachment, the 182nd Legion, and a young slave girl named Lita. Due to his personal distaste for slavery however, Lita was given her freedom and adopted into Clan Vhett; with Nico providing her with more appropriate attire, and taking her under his wing.

The Vader Reborn Fleet

All of you space wizards and your kind are the same. Light side, dark side; they all taste the same in the end.
—Fett to "Vader", before the latter's death

The flagship of "Vader Reborn"

Fett's first mission for Warlord Tiberius Palpatine was to seek out and eliminate a small breakaway fleet of Imperial warships that had recently fled from her forces, pledging themselves to operate under the command of a man calling himself "Vader Reborn." The Reprisal tracked the fleet to the Merel sector of the Outer Rim, where the rogue Imperials had established connections with the local Ragnar Syndicate to enact their own control in the Sector. The fleet turned out to be smaller than anticipated; nothing more than a dozen Tartan-class patrol cruisers flanking a Venator-class Star Destroyer. Upon exiting hyperspace, the Reprisal scrambled TIE fighters to corral any attempted escape by the rogue fleet's smaller vessels, as Fett and a detachment from the 182nd cast off in a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle to meet with the supposedly reborn Vader.


The impostor's armor, an expertly made replica of the original Vader's suit.

Upon landing in the hangar of the Venator, the most noticeable feature was the unmistakable form of a TIE/X1 prototype starfighter resting among the other TIEs of the ship, the signature starfighter that the dark lord had flown before his death over Endor; it was clear that this Vader had gone to great lengths to portray himself properly. The aesthetic of power was evidenced further as the man himself arrived in the hangar flanked by bodyguards in stormtrooper armor that bore blue paint markings similar to that of the 501st Legion, while Reborn himself donned a surprisingly accurate replica of Vader's iconic armor, with functional respirator. The impostor attempted to evoke the same fearful respect that his predecessor had once brought out of lesser Imperials, however, Nico's Anzati senses only picked up a very small scent of the force within the man in front of him; but surely enough to fool this fleet's war-weary Imperial navy crewmen into seeing him as the real deal.

Emperor Rasa's TIE Advanced x1

The false Vader's TIE/X1 starfighter was taken by Nico as a trophy.

As the Warlord's detachment of troops disembarked the shuttle to form up behind the First Champion, the false Vader unclipped what appeared to be a genuine lightsaber from his belt and ignited it as a threat to the new arrivals on his ship; a crimson blade emerging from the hilt, though its consistency led Fett to believe that it was not made of nearly as sturdy of parts as the original Vader's had been. The two leaders held their troops at bay, as Fett coerced the man into detailing his elaborate story to describe how Vader had survived the destruction of the Second Death Star over the Forest Moon of Endor; a story that relied too heavily on the supposed mysticism of the force and its "will" for the galaxy. The impostor was caught off guard when Nico was able to divulge his own understanding of the force, pointing out inconsistencies in the man's story, and proposing to him that he had merely a low-level Dark Side acolyte under Palpatine's administration. Enraged by Fett's voicing of this theory in front of the mock 501st soldiers and hangar officers, Reborn lunged at him with his lightsaber, quickly proving that he had never been properly taught to wield such a blade; his attacks easily parried by Nico's beskad, before knocking the saber from his hand and slicing the Mandalorian blade through the impostor's legs. After unmasking the man, and proving to his disciples that he his persona had been a ruse; Fett mused to him that all force users tasted the same in the end to an Anzat, then killing the man and moving on to address the remaining officers in the hangar. The false Vader's second-in-command quickly fell in line with Fett and the Warlord's forces' demands, preparing to return to the Ajunta's battle group and the Imperial faction that commanded it.

Ever the collector of peculiar artifacts, Fett was sure to gather up the helmet and lightsaber of the traitor, and personally pilot the TIE/X1 starfighter back to the Reprisal for his own use.

Tsoss Beacon and Defection

In 12 ABY, Fett's time with the Empire would begin to come to an end; as Warlord Tiberius Palpatine and her flagship chose to go alone to a meeting of thirteen Imperial Warlords headed by Natasi Daala in the Deep Core at the Imperial communication relay base on Tsoss Beacon. For all of her claims of power, Fett's employer easily met her end by Daala's hand; along with the twelve other Warlords present at the meeting, including Sander DelvardusBlitzer HarrskTreuten Teradoc, and Malfkla Yzu. When the Ajunta arrived back to the fleet bearing news of what had transpired, along with demands to fall in line with Daala's new command structure, mutiny broke out in the fleet; as officers of other vessels turned to the Reprisal for orders. Realizing that the time had come to leave behind this shred of the Empire, Fett ordered the other vessels under his command to stand their ground and open fire on the Ajunta; conflict broke out between the Warlord's ships and the fleet's former flagship. The Reprisal however did not join in the attack, as Fett gave orders to his crew to break formation at jump to lightspeed away from the system. When the Reprisal's Captain realized Fett's plan to sacrifice the fleet for his own escape, he attempted to shoot the Mandalorian while he was distracted on the bridge; before he could pull the trigger however, the Captain was gunned down by Lita, whom had been tending to a tactical station nearby. Taking notice of Lita's quick thinking and response, Fett immediately promoted her to Captain of the vessel, as the remaining crew obeyed their orders to flee from what would otherwise prove to be certain death.

Personality and traits

Never showing mercy in war; his strength. History's lessons --how ever misused-- have made him stronger for it either way. No defeating him on the battlefield; not when he holds all the horrors of the past with him. Pain of war and death carved on his flesh with fire, a symbol of his forever burning wrath. A fire that has consumed whole worlds, put the Death Watch to the sword, burned their injured in front of their brothers so that they may burn forever in the afterlife. To take the galaxy, Mand'alor will need the myth, the weapon, the legioned his war path needs. And when he arrives, he'll fall on the Senate Halls like a hammer, breaking the galaxy in two.
—Ures Ordo on Nico Fett


So says the man with so many lightsabers on his belt that they jingle, and gives them away like candy.
—Gar Skirata

Fett wore a suit of orange and black Mandalorian armor in the "shocktrooper" style common during his time, utilizing traditional beskar plating; far more resilient than simple durasteel alloy. Fett's primary weaponry loadout consisted of a pair of WESTAR-35 blaster pistols and a Verpine Sniper Rifle with extended barrel and scope; as well as a traditional Mandalorian Beskad for usage in close combat. Fett also kept a number of cryo-grenades on hand at any given moment, ready to be activated remotely via link tt his helmet's HUD.


—Fett's cybernetic eye's AI

Fett's right eye was exchanged for a cybernetic replacement after losing it during an attack by Dire cats during Nico's days as a mercenary. Fett's cybernetic eye glows yellow, and includes a built in targeting display, with it's own AI. Despite the advanced nature of the eye, the design's sole drawback lies ironicly with the artificial intelligence's programing; a glitch within the AI's coding during instillation prompted an unusual personality to develop within the intelligence, prompting it to possess an odd obsession with space.

After losing his right arm during his final duel with the an Overlord of the Death Watch, Fett's arm was replaced with a cybernetic prosthetic designed by MandalTechThe Mark II is encased in ultra-thin Cortosis armored plating, with synthflesh covering the saber-negating metal. Aside from Cortosis consuming the bulk of the arm's metal, it is enhanced with a neuro-shock hand. Due to the mechanical servomotors used in its construction, it multiplied Fett's cybernetic hand's strength exponentially, making it more than capable of crushing bone and rock alike. The hand's defining characteristic, however, were the series of miniature repulsorfield generators set into its palm and joints. When activated by a flexing motion, the fields would activate and emit a fully-powered, short-range repulsor field, allowing Fett to push opponents away from himself in a way mimicing a force push, increase the power of their strikes in hand-to-hand combat, or even manipulate the fields to catch and parry blades, in a manner similar to a Repulse-hand.


Reprisal's been a part of the Mando'ade longer than I've even been here, it's practically a legend by it's own right.
—Legion Harkonnen aka Mand'alor Te Werda
ISD arrow

The Imperial II-class Star Destroyer known as the Reprisal

The Reprisal was a Imperial II-class Star Destroyer that served in the Imperial Navy during the Galactic Civil War. By 10 ABY the Star Destroyer and it's crew had come under the command of Imperial Warlord Ren Tiberius Palpatine; and was placed under the command of Fett as his personal flagship. After the fall of the Empire and Lady Palpatine, the vessel deserted from Imperial control, rather than fall in line with the Imperial Remnant; making their way to the Mandalore system to join up with the ragtag Mandalorian Navy. Over time the vessel was heavily modified, eventually becoming the flagship of the New Mandalore Confederation.

Behind the scenes

Nico Fett was originally created in order to take part in the 'Galactic Senate Roleplay' universe of Facebook Roleplay, the character was expanded further through further usage in Star Wars Roleplay within the online game Second Life.

Fett's cybernetic right eye is heavily based on the Aperture Science Personality Construct informally known as the 'Space Core', featured in the 2011 video game Portal 2.


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