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The first colonist of the planet were primitive Near Human Slaves from the Galligon Slave Empire who had escaped their captors and landed onto what the Galligon's believed was a desolate rock but had actually landed on the Savannah world of Nexus and they began to form their own society over the next 2,000 Years.

First Planet-Wide Government

The First Nexus Federation was founded sometime around 130 ABY and lasted until the Galligon invasion around 600 ABY

Breaking Free from Galligon

Under the command of The Destroyer the people of Nexus managed to drive back the Galligons and free their world.

Under the Destroyer

Under the rule of the Lord Destroyer Nexus was the capital of his empire and the main center of The Destroyer's Military Might and the center for most politics around the empire.

Alliance of Free Worlds

Nexus was one of the main outpost and Spaceports for the Alliance of Free worlds during The 2nd Eternal war being home to Nexus Shipyards it developed many of the main ships used by the Alliance and the later Galactic Federation.

Social System

The social system of Nexus was very similar to that of a Medieval Feudal system but instead of kings there was a governor to rule over cities and villages with limited power but nobility was still a thing on Nexus.

Galactic Federation

Nexus was one of the founding members of the Federation and became even more popular after the federation was formed to tourist and immigrates.Near Human/Human hybrids of the planets were still referred to and looked like Humans,these include individuals such as Trilon and Matthew Keys.

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