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Post-Legacy era

The New Sith Imperium, formerly known as just the Empire, was an interplanetary government located in the northern sectors of the galaxy. It was an evolution of the Empire-in-exile, known as the Elyurius Empire, run by Luthor Elyurius until the Sith Insurrection, which reasserted control over Imperial worlds following the fall of Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire. The Empire left the Galactic Federation Triumvirate, but it remained allied with the Galactic Alliance until 666 ABY, during which time there were no major galactic wars.[1]

The Empire was taken over by Sith descendants of Darth Krayt's Empire in 1,002 ABY, and the Galactic Emperor, Luthor Elyurius, was forced out of power and replaced by Darth Aevum, the Dark Lady of the Sith. The Sith-controlled Empire entered into a state of cold war with the Alliance and the New Jedi Order for nine years, as both sides consolidated their forces in preparation for war.[1] The Empire broke the cold war in 1,011 ABY by destroying the Jedi flagship. The Alliance declared war against the Empire, which promptly declared war on the Alliance and renamed itself the New Sith Imperium.


Elyurius Empire

I thought that wanting to eradicate evil and bring stability to the Emperor's control was good enough, but the Emperor chimed that that wasn't a good enough excuse.
Bellatrix La Rouge's memoir

The fall of the Fel Dynasty led to the raise of the Elyurius Dynasty in 666 ABY. The new dynasty led to the Galactic Triumvirate to dissolve. A cold war lasted for two years between the Elyurius Empire and the Galactic Alliance. However, peace was reestablished between the two nations and an age of compliance began.

While the Sith had no longer become an issue for centuries, the Jal Shey were slowly growing to be a nuisance to the empire and its Imperial Knights. They blasphemed the Imperial Knights, believing them to be enforcers of a tyrannical ruler. Tensions had been growing since the current emperor went into power. In 917 ABY, the emperor grew ill and was believed that he may not survive the ordeal. The Jal Shey seized this opportunity and started to revolt against the current regime, painting their leader, Atlas La Rouge, as a descendent of Roan Fel. With the emperor incapacitated, Knight-Commander Ban On-Rhea stepped in a steward and sent the Imperial Knights to deal with the threat. The only major skirmish between the Imperial Knights and Jal Shey took place on Valc. The rebellion ended when Stern Stark assassinated Atlas La Rouge and his wife at Fallline; for his success, Stark was given the title Emperor's Sword.

In 937 ABY, the emperor's wife died in childbirth of Constantine Elyurius. The loss struck the emperor hard, as his health declined drastically over the course of a month. On his death bed, the emperor made On-Rhea Regent and Stark guardian of the Imperial heir. As the emperor passed away in his sleep weeks later, On-Rhea continued to steward the throne for fifteen years until Constantine Elyurius was able to take the throne. Two years after Constantine's ascension, On-Rhea passed away. Leader of the Emperor's Hands Iona Peller became the new Knight-Commander while Stark filled her position.

Constantine would bear a son, Luthor Elyurius, who eventually became emperor. While on Adumar, there was an assasination attempt on Luthor's life, but he was saved by Bellatrix La Rouge, whom would eventually be known as the Emperor's Hound. Rouge would eventually become engaged to Luthor's son, Fayle Elyurius. However, when Rouge was pregnant with their son, Fayle was assassinated. Luthor and Rouge hid Fayle's son from the public, as to prevent him from becoming a target.

However, right underneath the Emperor's nose, the Sith were slowly infiltrating the Empire. Rip Mardin infiltrated the Imperial Navy. Geist Weiss became a close adviser to the Imperial Knights' R&D chief, Electra Kadmon. Emperor's Hand Sirius and intelligence vice director Andromeda Delion were recruited into the Sith's cabal.

The Purge

I felt a disturbance in the Force. It was as if a bane had replaced the radiance of the Emperor's presence. The Emperor was dead.
—Bellatrix La Rouge

The Sith's efforts came to fruition by the execution of a coup d'etat. They revealed themselves to the Empire, where many flanked to the Sith's side. When Emperor Luthor Elyurius refused to relinquish his throne, Darth Aevum snapped the emperor's neck. Luthor's surviving child, Lana Elyurius, would be executed. The Purge would claim many lives, especially Imperial Knights, such as Electra Kadmon, Maia, and Hamal.

The Imperial Knights would flee from the Empire under Knight-Commander Iona Peller. Scattered and defeated, the Imperial Knights would mass under Iona Peller and, later, Bellatrix La Rouge.

Aevum's reign

A state of cold war followed the rise of Darth Aevum. During such time, the military strength of the Empire was rebuilt, having previously withered away due to the times of peace. Aevum took on an apprentice, Darth Judicar. The Dark Council was established as a leading body of government higher than the Supreme Tribunal, which comprised of the Moffs and the chief military leaders, such as Grand General Lucifel. Relations between the Sith Empire and the Chiss Ascendancy were established, though wouldn't become an alliance until a decade later.

A month after the coup that would later be known as the Purge, Aevum assigned Electra Kadmon's killer, Geist Weiss, to begin a project to research the mind, as she hoped to use the results from the project to master Essence Transfer. Aided by Darth Kayos and Sia Zle'tey, Weiss worked on Project Saligia at Lacrima, a space station that had served as a Sith hideout prior to the Purge. The experiments were going well, especially subjects #16 and #17. However, while Kayos and Weiss were at Bastion to transfer #16 to Jerome Bradley's custody, #17 went berserk, leading to Force Insanity result in a massacre aboard the station, killing most of the staff, experiments, and the space station's commander, Dr. Barrel. The instigator of the tragedy was rescued by Augustus Primus Leonus and Elkaid before the Sith could return. The project was scrapped. Kayos was later killed by her student Weiss when she tried to kill him for failure of the project.

Judicar's reign

Darth Judicar usurped control of the Sith Empire in 1,010 ABY and killed his master, Darth Aevum. Declaring himself Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Judicar and his apprentice Darth Exodeus began preparing an invasion of the Galactic Alliance. Judicar solidified relations with the Chiss Ascendancy by signing a treaty with Grand Imperator Arch'ao'nuruodo. The Dark Lord sent Geist Weiss to infiltrate the Systems Commonwealth and sent other spies to other areas.

As the empire was getting ready to attack the Galactic Alliance, the Imperial Knights-in-exile raided a base on Yinchorr. While some of the Sith, such as Darth Crysis, felt the war should continue as planned, others such as Grand Admiral Barrel, felt that the immediate threat had to be dealt with first. As such, it was decided that the Imperial Knights had to be attacked before an attack on the Galactic Alliance should begin.

Under Judicar's initiative, a think tank that included Geist Weiss, Ein Morgenroete, and Stern Stark formulated a plan to draw in the Imperial Knights. Allowing the Imperial Knights to be baited to Yaga Minor with the construction of prototype Star Destroyer Excalibur, Morgenroete allowed hismelf to be captured by Iona Peller and her subordinates in order to feed false intelligence that Darth Judicar would be traveling to Ilum or Lehon with a small security detail in order to examine a potential spot for a new Sith academy, a plan inspired by the Battle of Endor.

The Imperial Knights fell for the facade. With the aid of the Empire Liberation Front, Knight-Commander Iona Peller and Seneschal Bellatrix La Rouge led taskforces at Lehon and Ilum, respectively. When a fleet led by Darth Judicar and Darth Exodeus arrived at Lehon, Peller's forces were unable to withstand its power. During the battle, Judicar went onto the planet where he confronted Peller. While Peller managed to injure the Dark Lord, she was ultimately slain by Judicar.

However, the injury was enough for Darth Exodeus to seize the opportunity. Bombarding the planet, he usurped control of the Sith Empire, which he would later rechristen as the New Sith Imperium. Disgraced, Judicar fled into the Unknown Regions.

Bellatrix La Rouge sensed Peller's death and was able to have her fleet flee before Darth Oseth and Grand Admiral Barrel arrived at Ilum. Barrel was executed for his failure, and the stain of failure eventually led to Oseth being challenged by Darth Umbra.

Exodeus' reign

Prelude to war

Darth Exodeus' intelligence network, Ubiqtorate, discovered that the rebels from the Empire Liberation Front who had fought at Lehon were from Muunilinst. Deciding to use them as an example, Exodeus ordered the genocide of Muunilinst. After the initial bombardment, Grand General Lucifel and Grand Admiral Vollker Büro eliminated all the survivors save one, who would be rescued by Exodeus' apprentice, Andraste.

A skirmish between the Jedi and Sith took place on Tanaab. Andraste captured a Jedi named Aÿisha Remy. Remy would be interrogated by the Sith and eventually fell to the Dark Side. As a means to test her loyalty and will, Remy was tasked with providing the coordinates of The Will of the Force. She accompanied Darth Silentius, Darth Umbra, Varek Rayth, and Xesyr in destroying the Jedi's flagship.

While the Galactic Alliance had feared of an attack from the Sith for almost a decade, their fears were answered by the attack. Though the Imperium would deny involvement and later Holonet broadcast Will of the Farce would blame the Imperial Knights for the attack, interim Chief of State Jhon Cordatus would declare war on the New Sith Imperium.

Third Galactic Civil War begins

The New Sith Imperium began the Third Galactic Civil War by invading Saleucami. While the Galactic Alliance worked to rebound from the loss of Saleucami, the Imperium took the opportunity to pressure the Mandalorians into abandoning their territory, which Roxton Dagger grudgingly obeyed; this actual would be a catalyst for the eventual Second Mandalorian Civil War.

The Imperium had not forgotten the Imperial Knights. The Imperial Knights had succeeded in hiding for years, so the Sith wanted to hit their headquarters. When Geist Weiss learned that an Imperial Knight was at Hoth, Aÿisha Remy was sent to infiltrate the Imperial Knights. She was successful, and revealed the locations of Sith's Folly and another hideout. During the execution of Operation Queen's Heart, the Imperium attacked Sith's Folly and bombed the Pallopides Estate. Aÿisha Remy in the meantime was accompanying Bellatrix La Rouge in a meeting with the Jedi Council at Coruscant. Leaving a bomb in the temple, she blew up the temple, killing Rouge and Councilors Virzivil Axgar, Daisuke Sonam Fuyu, and Nuju Leafskipper.

A few weeks before the destruction of the Jedi temple, Geist Weiss, disguised as Bezhevy Tsviets, had captured a Jedi-turned-Imperial Knight named Lamia Kressh on Sarka and had sent her to Lacrima where he tortured her. However, the kidnapping had not gone unnoticed. Jedi had been sent to Sarka to investigate the disappearance. However, instead they met Sith who had been waiting for them. The Sith defeated the Jedi investigators.

Exodeus and Andraste

Not only was Andraste the Dark Lord's apprentice, but she was also romantically linked to Darth Exodeus. Though she had a brief affair with Darth Animus, who was chased out of the Imperium, she was impregnated by the emperor. However, she knew Darth Exodeus would find any child of his a threat and would want to kill it. Hiding her pregnancy, she contacted her old master, Jhon Cordatus, for help.

After delivering the baby, she met up with Cordatus at Lehon a week prior to the Skirmish on Sarka. However, Darth Exodeus had learned of Andraste's actions and had gone after her. Cordatus attempted to protect the baby and fought the Dark Lord. The Dark Lord and Jedi Grandmaster dueled, but Darth Exodeus overwhelmed Cordatus. The Jedi managed to fake his death by hiding his presence and that of the baby. Though he had fulfilled Andraste's wish, Andraste believed her former master and child were dead. The despair extinguished the last of the light her in heart. A denizen of the Dark Side completely, she wed Darth Exodeus and became Empress at his side.

Twilight of the Imperial Knights

The Imperial Knights went into hiding after Operation Queen's Heart, though for a brief time it was suspected the Imperial Knights might have been behind the bombing of Moff Kir Xinn's party that nearly killed Grand General Lucifel, which was disproven by Geist Weiss and Oonoo. Still, the Sith kept looking. Geist Weiss, disguised as Dmitri Valentyne, caught a break during a meeting with Systems Commonwealth's Triumvir Kael Tavlek when it was hinted there was an unknown Force group at Cyrillia. His suspicion was later confirmed by the fallen Imperial Knight Lamia Kressh.

A second campaign called Operation Twilight was initiated in hopes of wiping out the Imperial Knights once and for all. Geist Weiss killed Bianca Novula, one of Knight-Commander Ayumi Pallopides' inner circle, aboard Fallline. A plague was distributed on Cyrillia, forcing the Imperial Knights to flee the planet, where a Cyrillian Strike Team led by Darth Exilis was waiting to destroy them. The bait from the first campaign, Excalibur, was hijacked and flown into a nearby star. Lastly, a joint effort by the Chiss Ascendancy and the Imperium, commanded by interim Grand Imperator Kodo'ran'nuruodo and Grand General Lucifel respectively, assaulted the Imperial Knights' new headquarters after Sith's Folly, HOMEFRONT. The overwhelming strength of the enemy resulted in the Imperial Knights surrendering. However, Ayumi Pallopides went into a fit of rage for her loss and had HOMEFRONT self-destruct, killing a third of the Imperial Knights at the base and a dozen Imperials and Chiss.

Operation Twilight succeeded in unleashing a crippling blow onto the Imperial Knights and would be months before Balthazar Gallo and Athos would manage to reorganize the remnants.


The Imperium hit Tanaab again, capturing Tach Enarai. The Imperium moved its attention toward the Mandalorians. Months earlier, they had been forced out of their home. However, a civil war within the Mandalorian ranks that had led to the raise of a new Mandalore, Corden Vencu, who was less sympathetic to the Galactic Alliance. It was decided to aim to recruit the Mandalorians into warring with the Galactic Alliance.

Ubiqtorate responded to this directive, which was codenamed Operation Aruetii, by deciding to frame an Alliance commando unit Vencu had once been a member of, STROST. Tach Enarai was already captured. Thus, over the next couple weeks, other members were targeted. Vhalanestilliegan Crewellunstestry captured Lyco Miran while Even Jelall captured Brok Miran. In order to help sell the farce, Arch'aza'cnuruodo killed Titus Skirata and left incriminating evidence to make it appear that Skirata was helping STROST. Meanwhile, Royston Spektor altered bank records to frame STROST.

With the pieces in place, Ubiqtorate agent Apollo Ordo helped smuggle the incapacitated STROST commandos onto Manda. Grand General Lucifel made a meeting with Corden Vencu. During the meeting, an assassination attempt would be faked, with Lucifel saving Vencu's life. However, the sniper, Weiss, aimed poorly and accidentally hit Lucifel for real when Lucifel pushed Vencu out of the way. With Lucifel in a coma, the Sith left and allowed STROST to be framed for the attack on the two military leaders. This event sparked the Mandalorian initiative to take Teth.

First defeat

With the help of the captured Ebberla Daw, Sith infiltrated the Galactic Alliance and attacked the Sage Halls on Empress Teta. While Darth Vires and Arcturus Wolfgang managed to kill Jedi Councilor Iril'dor Rai and Apollo Ratler was injured in the battle, the Sith lost two of their Sith Lords: Darth Inanio and Ubiqtorate leader Darth Tarak. Even the lightsaber bomb left in the building failed to detonate. However, the Sith were able to have the last laugh. As the fled the battle, Geist used an illusion to create a doppelganger of Jhon Cordatus, who had gone missing months earlier. The Cordatus doppelganger claimed to have joined the Sith and had taken the name Darth Vitium.

Lightell dynasty

Complacency has riddled this Empire in recent times, and it was that failure that allowed me the window to take the throne back from the Sith, permanently. Since then, I have met with the new leaders of the Sith, and we have reached an agreement that the throne is now mine, and ushers in the First Lightell dynasty of the Galactic Empire, with the Sith answerable directly to the Emperor himself - in this particular instance, me.Tyrn Lightell[src]

A couple months after the battle at the Sage Halls, Andraste went missing. Darth Exodeus abandoned his responsibilities and went in search of her. The gap led to a small internal power struggle. Championed by Varek Rayth, Tyrn Lightell obtained the throne and declared himself the new Galactic Emperor, beginning the Lightell dynasty.

In his opening speech, Tyrn Lightell declared his intent for peace with all factions. He hoped to reconcile with the Imperial Knights-in-exile in Chiss custody, though was delayed by the rogue actions of High Magister Matra'caris'nuruodo. He requested as well the Sword of Edo Tesu and his wife. Later, during his coronation, Montross Vandergruff attempted to assassinate the new emperor, though was thwarted.

Andraste's reign

Tyrn Lightell's reign was short. He vanished less than a month into his reign, rumored to have been killed by Darth Bhalr. Andraste returned, revealing she had slain Darth Exodeus.

The New Sith Imperium, Mandalorians, and the Chiss Ascendancy began one final campaign into the Core. The Galactic Alliance attempted a final stand at the Battle of Alsakan, but lost. A Battle of Tython was waged for Empress Andraste's desire to find Jhon Cordatus to track down her daughter. The Imperium won, but Cordatus managed to escape. The Second Battle of Empress Teta was the last fortification defeated by the Imperium on their way to Coruscant. Ashara Vashee managed to escape capture on Empress Teta and took the remaining Jedi off the planet.

The Battle of Coruscant heralded the end of the Galactic Alliance, as Jedi split between those who would fight or flight. Tensions broke as Grandmaster Sigur Vainkainen was arrested on charges of abandoning the Galactic Alliance when he ordered the Jedi Order to scatter, though when war came, Nathanaeu Bastele had him released. Battles broke out all across the planet. The Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vereor, personally led the assault on the Galactic Congress Hall where Bastele and Vainkainen made their last stand.

Government and politics

I know power, and I know it well, and these masters of the dark side, revered by some and looked down on as usurpers by others, held the key to something greater...―Barak Mercer[src]

During the Elyurius dynasty, the empire was led by the Galactic Empire, co. lead with the Supreme Tribunal and Imperial Knights. Though the Galactic Emperor was monarchial, the Supreme Tribunal was democratic, its Moffs elected by the people. During times that the emperor was unable to serve as leader, the Knight-Commander would serve as Regent.

After the Sith Insurrection, the position of Galactic Emperor became more authoritarian, absolute authority. The Supreme Tribunal held less power than before and the Moffs were chosen by the emperor, rather than elected. However, unlike Palpatine's Galactic Empire, the Moffs held less sectoral authority. In 1,011 ABY, martial law was enacted and the Supreme Tribunal became defunct, though later reestablished by Tyrn Lightell. The Dark Council gained tremendous authority, second only to the emperor, though would later be dissolved by Tyrn Lightell.

Galactic Emperors

I then seized the reigns of the Empire, declaring myself the Dark Lord of the Sith and the Galactic Emperor. To the Sith Order my master had created, I declared that I alone would fulfill the charge given to us by Darth Invidius and lead our Empire and our Order to completely annihilate the Jedi Order and their allies.Darth Judicar[src]

The Galactic Emperor was the head of state of the Elyurius Empire and later New Sith Imperium, though the rank for the latter was sometimes also called the Sith Emperor.

Supreme Tribunal

And if the Imperial higher-ups gave you orders, then they thought they were in control of the Sith Order, because I never received any such orders.Geist Weiss[src]

The Supreme Tribunal was the collective echelon of the military and political realms, comprised of the Grand Generals, Grand Admirals, and Moff council. It was chaired by the Grand Vizier; notable Grand Viziers include Barak Mercer. It served as a legislative branch during the Elyurius Empire and New Sith Imperium, though had significantly less authority in the latter. However, when the Lightell dynasty began, the Supreme Tribunal regained some authority.

Notable Moffs include Kir Xinn, Ein Morgenroete, and Montross Vandergruff. Notable Grand Generals include Al Viento, Lucifel and Vexton Velti. Notable Grand Admirals include Barrel, Vollker Büro, and Brask'ai'nuruodo.

Dark Council

Geist Weiss: “We seem to be losing Darths quickly...
Darth Animus: “Ah, but it's only natural that the weak Sith who daringly take the Darth title get killed off quickly.
Geist Weiss and Darth Animus

The Dark Council is a ruling body of the Sith, and subsequently the entire Imperium. It is second only to the Dark Lord of the Sith, who dually serves as the Galactic Emperor.

Over the years, especially during the Third Galactic Civil War, the members of the Dark Council have changed. During Darth Aevum's reign, the Dark Council included Darth Judicar, Darth Proelium, Darth Mortis, Darth Crysis, and Darth Kayos. After Aevum was usurped in 1,010 ABY, Judicar's council included Darth Exodeus, Darth Proelium, Darth Mortis, Darth Crysis, Darth Silentius, Darth Oseth, Darth Vereor, Darth Vuren, and Darth Animus. When Judicar fled, Exodeus' council would become the least stable, continually changing members. It has consisted of, collectively, Darth Silentius, Darth Animus, Darth Umbra, Darth Azrael, Darth Illusia, Darth Exilis, Darth Asmodeus, Darth Vires, Darth Vendis, Darth Tarak, Darth Nichts, Darth Akrasia, and Darth Inanio. While Geist Weiss was not officially a Sith Lord, he was privy to some Dark Council meetings and planning.

During the raise of the Lightell dynasty, the Dark Council was dissolved.

Behind the Scenes

The Sith cycle through Sith Lords almost as much as the Jedi do, only difference over half of them either killed each other, fled, or we're killed by Weissykins.―Black Noise on TheStarWarsRP.Com[src]

The Sith Empire (renamed the New Sith Imperium) was a faction developed for the fifth timeline of TheStarWarsRP.com, Star Wars Legacies.

Many aspects of the New Sith Imperium and Elyurius Empire are filled with symbolism, especially the work done by Dmitri Valentine for the latter.

The Elyurius Empire comprises of mostly Arthurian legend. Constantine Elyurius was named after Constantine of Briton. Luthor Elyurius can be attributed to a combination of Uther Pendragon and King Arthur. Fayle is an anagram of Morgan Le Fay's surname. Mordred was named after the character of the same name. Many of the Imperial Knights Lost Fleet were named after Arthurian individuals.

The Imperial Knights-in-exile were named after stars. These stars include Bellatrix, Sirius, Elkaid, Hamal, Maia, Andromeda, and Orion. Stern Stark is German for "strong star".

The ruling sect behind the New Sith Imperium is filled with many theological symbolism and references. The original Sith cabalist, Darth Aevum, has a namesake that is a "mode of existence experienced by angels". The name of the Force Ghost that Aevum encounters, Darth Invidius, comes from the Latin word for envy, "invidia". Exodeus comes from the Greek word exo meaning "outside of" and Latin word deus meaning "god", thus loosely translating as "outside of god". Andraste is the name of a pagan war goddess. Azrael is the name of an archangel of death. Oseth may come from Seth, the brother of Cain and Abel. Asmodeus is the name of a demon. Though not an official Sith Lord, Geist Weiss' surname is pronounced 'vice', a synonym for 'sin'. Vitium, an illusion-generated doppelganger of Jhon Cordatus, is Latin for "vice".


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