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We are Mandalore's fearless army, an indomitable force to be reckoned with. But these creatures from haran want to pick a fight with us. Let’s show them why we were and still are the best fighting force in the galaxy. I call forth a new order, an order from our glorious warrior past; Mandalore no longer needs Protectors, it's time to call back the Crusaders.
—Ran Dyre, founder of the New Mandalorian Crusaders giving a speech on Zanbar prior to the Battle of Sedarr[src]

The New Mandalorian Crusaders were an order of Mandalorian supercommandos sponsored by Ran Dyre—for a banner to rally under during the Kedd'ej War. Set to fight a conflict after having been at relative peace for over fifty years these resurrected Mandalorian Crusaders were formed by Ran Dyre after a two-year long proxy war, that was being waged against his people he decided to form an organized armed force that would repel the invaders. He reconstituted the doctrines from the oldest Mandalorian organizations: the Crusaders, Neo-Crusaders and Fenn Shysa's Protectors.


Organization and philosophy

Although all members were aware Mandalorians traditionally held little regard for official rank and preferred an informal command structure with the ultimate authority belonging to the Marshals' Council and later the Mandalore, a title that represented the traditional leader of the Mandalorian clans, Ran Dyre and his associates instituted a more rigid structure comprised of numerous military ranks used by the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders millenia before during the Mandalorian Wars. The lowest rank in the army was usually and informally referred to as simply "Crusaders", the equivalent of ranks between private and corporal, held by soldiers typically assigned infantry duties. Above Crusader was the rank of Rally Master, a non-commissioned officer rank taken from the ancient Neo-Crusaders, respectively. Ranks above these were considered officer ranks, all referred to as Field Marshal, though duties and positions differed; such as Ran Dyre who was the overall commander of the Crusader forces before his death at Marrakesh, his son Rohan Dyre led a unit for special operations, while members of the Marshals' Councilcommanded divisions and served as advisors to the council leader and later the Mandalore.


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