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The New Jedi Order was created in 5 ABY by Luke Skywalker and lasted until 9,960 ABY, when it was dissolved by the Ultimate Galactic Empire established a coup d'état against the The Government. The New Jedi Order helped the New Republic and The Government in many ways, even leading the Clone Army.



In 5 ABY, after the Truce of Bakura was broken, Luke Skywalker decided that it was time to create a new Jedi Order. He first set up the academy on Yavin IV in Massassi Temple, and then requested New Republic engineers to build a new temple on Coruscant. He used clones of the former Jedi Council members to help rebuild the organization. Soon, the New Jedi Order was very large, and the first Jedi Knights were sent out on their assignments.

Seerdon's time

The Order played a big part in the Republic-Empire War, when the Jedi led the Second Clone Army. The Jedi also led the Clones in the Second Clone War against the Second CIS.


A few hours after the end of the Ghost-Empire Crisis, the three remaining members of the New Jedi Council told a crowd at the celebrations of their decision to dismantle the New Jedi Order, due to their diminished ability to use the Force.