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NGW era
New Galactic Wars era
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228 ABY

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The New Galactic Wars era was a time period in galactic history lasting from 247 ABY to an unknown date, named after a series of conflicts which tore apart the galaxy since the same year. It's a timeline too, including all the works taking place in the homonym era.

Timeline and events

Menace of pirates

A rising risk (247 ABY)

In 247 ABY the Galactic Federation Triumvirate began to think to stop the rising menace of the pirates. In fact, when the Sakrask pirates made a raid on the transport Naboo Grassland that ended with a terrible defeat for the pirates, the Triumvir Druson thought to something that was similar in all the attacks: the presence of Duros leaders. So he created a team of skilled soldiers, including Koro Shimti, the guard who freed the Naboo Grassland. This unit was called Cloak Squad.[1]

The battle of Malastare (247 ABY)

Meanwhile Sakrask pirates have just joint Nestoman pirates to give a new future to the defeated gang. But during the reunion aboard the Nestoman's flagship, the Black Iron, a communication arrived from Malastare, where a Nestoman's starship was being attacked by two Triumvirate frigates. So the united gangs flew to Malastare and there they prepared themselves to front the frigates. When the Black Iron reached the first enemy vessel, the Yamill gang gave an hand to the other pirates with the Falleen Criminal Empire advanced starships.[1][2]

Behind the scenes

The era was first created by Thimm Nuruodo, known as Admiral mike501, before being developed as part of Project New Galactic Wars.


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