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There was a time when half of the galaxy finally plucked up the courage to leave the Republic and tell the Republic to shove its corruption and obliviousness, this resulted in the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the government I proudly pledged my loyalty to when our nation seceded from the Union and joined the Separatists, as a Separatist loyalist I twice fought the Republic invaders who thought they could impose their will upon us. Now the Confederacy has fallen apart and we have been reduced to pockets of rebel bands, one day we will rise again and kick this evil Empire and its Earthling puppet off our Separatist ground, which has sadly succeeded where its Republic predecessor failed. One day Earth will be restored to being a Separatist world, and we will form the New Confederacy of Independent Systems, freedom will be restored to the galaxy!
—General Samuel Tanner, leader of the "Force for the Restoration of Separatist Earth", on his plan to reform the CIS

The "New Confederacy of Independent Systems" (sometimes referred to as the "New CIS", "New Confederacy", "Neo-Confederacy", "Neo-CIS", "Earth Confederacy" and the "Reborn Confederacy") was a planned resurrection of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, it was the plan of General Samuel Tanner, leader of Separatist Holdout rebel group the "Force for the Restoration of Separatist Earth".

Upon victory over the Galactic Empire and the restoration of Earth as a Separatist planet, Samuel Tanner planned to take the Separatist rebellion across the galaxy, allying with former Separatist planets, with the old Confederacy reformed Tanner planned to kick the Imperials out of Separatist space and re-found the Confederacy, bringing back the Separatist Parliament and other such parts of the original Confederacy.

Tanner never got to put his plan into action, since his forces were never able to kick the Imperials off the planet during the First Earth Rebellion, for 3 years FRSE battled with the Empire, until the Empire started bombarding populated areas from orbit in 15 BBY, FRSE then fragmented for 13 years, before being reformed as part of the Rebel Alliance in 2 BBY, hoping to once more put the plan to restore the Confederacy into action.

In 4 ABY the Second Earth Rebellion took place, in which numerous Earth rebel groups launched attacks on the weakened Imperial garrisons, which had been weakened by the withdrawal of many troops following Endor, FRSE and other pro-Separatist groups focused their rebellions on former Confederate territories, this resulted the 95 Earth states which made up the disbanded Confederate States of Earth returning under Separatist control once more, and the Confederacy was refounded. FRSE didn't go through with it's planned "New C.I.S", but it had succeeded in restoring the C.S.E, and FRSE was disbanded as it considered that its objective had been completed, FRSE was honoured by the Confederacy, and Samuel Tanner was promoted to Field Marshal, the rank of the commander of the Confederate States of Earth Army.