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With this new army, I will destroy all those who oppose me!
—Troyb, during the formation of the New CIS.

The New Confederacy of Independent Systems, sometimes referred to as the New CIS or the New Separatists, was the government of former Separatists worlds formed by Troyb that replaced the Separatist holdouts in its quest to rule the Galaxy. Many mega-corporations that were once members of the first Confederacy of Independent Systems joined the New CIS hoping to succeed where the first movement failed.

The rise of the New CIS led to a great deal of tension between it and the New Republic. After some time, the rising tensions led to the outbreak of the New CIS/GDE Wars. After the New Republic revealed that its New Grand Army of the Republic on Coruscant, the New CIS was forced to attack major Republic worlds. The war lasted for many years and tore the galaxy apart.

The New CIS movement struck fear into the hearts of countless New Republic citizens, mostly due to the presence of Darth Tyler, the Supreme Commander of the droid armies. The New Confederacy won many battles during the war, but the New Republic refused to bow down without a long and difficult fight. This promise eventually proved to be untrue, as the New Republic collapsed from within. For the ten millennia that followed, the New Confederacy of Independent Systems remained the sole governing body of the galaxy.


Rise of the New CIS

We will crush our enemies!
—Troyb to Darth Tyler after the signing of the treaty.

Years after the death of Gizor Dellso and the Confederate Remnant’s loss at the cataclysmic Battle of Mustafar, as well as the destruction of the Confederate Remnant itself, a Neimoidian named Troyb who served as an aide during the Clone Wars believed that he was fit to lead a new confederacy, as he was last major surviving member of the old Confederacy of Independent Systems. Hoping desperately to revive the separatist movement, he traveled to Mustafar in an effort to reactivate the droid army that the Techno Union had left behind, as his goal was to wage war against the New Republic.

When he arrived on Mustafar, Troyb rebuilt the Mustafar base with the help of other separatist organizations so that he would be able to monitor the war effort from a safe and unknown location. Knowing he would need a far larger army than the minimal battle droids that had been left on Mustafar, Troyb ventured into the Unknown Regions and made alliances with various technological and manufacturing centers on remote worlds. He also made alliances with governments such as the Ssi-ruuvi Imperium and the Vagaari Empire, as those governments had their own respective issues with the New Republic. The governments donated what funds they could and Troyb used them to create his new droid armies on the remote manufacturing planets.

During the rebuilding process, many questioned Troyb’s motives in not officially declaring the will and intent of the new confederacy. Many of the higher ranking officials in the emerging government wanted him to declare the New Republic corrupt and enemies of freedom and justice, yet Troyb knew that he would have to wait until his forces were built and strong enough before officially announcing their existence. After months of work on the new droid armies, however, the time finally came. The new confederacy hacked into the Republic’s HoloNet and made it clear that he and the new confederacy were in no way affiliated with the New Republic. He declared his intentions during the address and claimed that the New Republic was in no way different than the Old Republic that preceded it.

In the months that followed, Troyb sent advisers throughout the outer reaches of the Republic to rally for support, particularly from his own people. The worlds in the outer rims of Republic space were quick to join the separatist cause. Many as a failure saw the New Republic, as they believed that, like its predecessor, corruption and mindless bureaucracy that led to the stifling of the voices of the numerous constituents represented in the Republic Senate plagued it. Many major trade worlds also joined the cause, as they had grown furious when the New Republic followed in the footsteps of the republic of old and passed a law that led to the taxation of all trade routes to outlying star systems. Though he had nothing to do with the passing of the law, Troyb could not help but be pleasantly surprised, as the Republic had done exactly what he had wanted it to: it caused numerous commerce guilds, trading corporations and governments to become disillusioned.

The rallying of support and the passing of the taxation law allowed Troyb to watch the rebirth of the former separatist movement into the New Confederacy of Independent Systems. Troyb hoped that the numerous governments of the Republic would secede peacefully, but when more organizations with similar goals joined and supported the growing movement, tensions between the separatists and the Republic grew. Going against his own initial desires for peace, Troyb seized the moment and attacked the minimal amount of Republic forces on the Neimoidian purse worlds, reclaiming them in the name of the separatist cause to send a clear and threatening message to the Republic: no planet was safe from his grasp.

Shortly after the reclamation of the Neimoidian worlds, Troyb enlisted the aide of the Geonosian people in an effort to build a third destructive Death Star. The Geonosians were initially hesitant in trying to build a moon-sized battle station for the third time and could not come to a decision. Troyb also had second thoughts about the project, as he knew that he would not be able to construct such a large battle station without the New Republic finding out about it and attempting to stop him. Bringing a second proposal to Geonosis, Troyb convinced them to design only the weapon itself with a small engine system surrounding it so it could be moved and hidden, if needed. The Geonosians accepted the proposal and funds from the numerous conglomerates that it had remained allies with over the years.

While the Geonosians were working on the weapon, Troyb divulged the information only to those closest to him in his inner circle. He knew that building a weapon to maintain the peace and justice in the confederate worlds would require absolute secrecy, and in the end, only a few relatively minor pieces of information were able to leak out into the hands of the Republic. Despite that, however, the Republic did find the construction location and numerous occasions and launched unsuccessful campaigns to destroy it. After the last attack on the weapon, the construction was moved into the far reaches of the Unknown Regions by the Geonosians. In an effort to maintain absolute secrecy, not even Troyb knew where the weapon was being constructed.

Tyler Troyb Treaty

Darth Tyler and Troyb sign a Treaty of Alliance after the Battle of Cyrillia.

Shortly thereafter, a small conflict erupted between the forces of the planet Cyrillia and one of the quiet supporting governments of the new confederacy, although it was not an official ally. That government was the Galactic Droid Empire, an organization that had also built itself from the ground up in the far reaches of Wild Space. The battle, caused by a border dispute between the two governments, raged on for days. Troyb recognized that the battle could have had dire consequences for his confederacy if it continued, so he stepped in to settle the conflict. The intervention led to an official truce between the Droid Empire and the confederacy. The peace summit that drafted the truce lasted for several days. By the end of the conference, the Droid Empire had decided to officially join and swear its allegiance to the confederate cause and help it destroy the New Republic and all of its supporters. The leader of the empire, a Sith battle droid called Darth Tyler, was appointed by Troyb as the Supreme Commander of the confederate droid armies.


To win this war, I need your support.
—Troyb to various reble warlords.

For many years, the trade disputes between the new confederacy and the New Republic continued with both sides determined to settle it their own way. This led to the outbreak of the New CIS/GDE Wars. The first planets to attacked by the confederacy were the Neimoidian worlds, particularly Cato Neimoidia. The battles raged on for months and for some time no end was in sight. During the conflict on the homeworld, the droid armies attacked what was known as Nute Gunray’s citadel. The Republic sent dozens of clone battalions, but the inexperienced soldiers were crushed and their bases were destroyed.

Following the battles in the purse worlds, Cordes and Jestefad were attacked. Cordes was quickly captured, as there were very few Republic forces on the world. On the other hand, thousands of Republic troops were stationed on Jestefad. The confederacy sent Tyler to lead the battle and, after some time, was able to defeat the Republic forces. Numerous other planets were attacked after the initial victories. Most were captured, though the Confederacy also saw losses at the hands of the Republic.

Although the war did seem as if Darth Tyler was leading the New CIS/GDE to victory over the New Republic, several major defeats came between these. One happened at the Battle of Muunilinst, where Tyler tried to get back the Confederacy's control over the banking world with hundreds of ships. However, the Republic responded with a fleet twice the size, and nearly all of the fleet was destroyed, except for the Medal and two Trade Federation forces, which fled the battle almost immediately.

It did not take long for Troyb and Tyler to set their sights on Coruscant. However, they decided to torture the Republic government by allowing them to sit on their capital and watch dozens of their worlds fall at the hands of the confederates. Tyler’s army attacked Hoth and claimed it in a matter of days, as the Republic had abandoned the world sometime earlier and left its defense in the hands of smugglers. One by one, numerous worlds continued to fall at the hands of Tyler and his army. However, Troyb and Tyler turned their eyes away from outlying worlds and into the Core Worlds. However, they knew that they would first have to amass a far more powerful army.

Space Polis Massa

Vulture droids prepare to face several Star Destroyers.

Some time later, the Confederacy captured Geonosis and Dantooine in two long campaigns. The campaigns saw the destruction of a large portion of their old fleet and their regular B-1 army. Troyb decided that they would have to set up a network of spies on Coruscant in an effort to learn of the Republic’s plans and weapon designs before a battle took place. While it was being constructed, the confederacy watched as many governments began to agree that the New Republic was not ready to govern the galaxy, as it was spending far more time fighting than protecting its own worlds. Many worlds decided to join the confederacy, believing it would greatly benefit them and provide safety and security for the people of the galaxy.

However, the Republic also became more determined, and as a result the Confederacy suffered several major defeats that stymied its progress, with one notable defeat being at Ryloth, where the Republic made extensive use of EMP weaponry, which decimated Confederate forces present and forced Tyler not to participate in the battle. This also boosted morale amongst Republic loyalists. However, this was not the end.

Years later, many other Republic worlds were claimed, although the New CIS/GDE took very heavy losses during this campaigns, and were forced to replace the outdated droid designs in their armies. Nonetheless, the result was that only minor problems and skirmishes remained. After taking over small, unknown sectors of the galaxy, only one planet stood in the Confederacy’s way: Coruscant. Troyb and Tyler knew that only a fool would launch a campaign to take over a heavily fortified planet like Coruscant in a quick and rash move, so they agreed to wait until their forces had recovered from the long and tiresome war effort.


After being in power for years, Troyb grew tired of running the government on his own. In an effort to ensure that the government would still function effectively if he took a step back, he appointed a Confederate Council to oversee the operations of the government. He placed Tyler, Neimoidian commanders and the long-lost yet recently found Rune Haako on the council, as well as many other members of his inner circle. In the end, only those that he trusted implicitly were appointed to be on the council, as he did not want political bickering that could have been found in the Republic Senate.

It was decided that the council would convene on Coruscant in an effort to keep Troyb and the entire council safe, as the desperate Republic had hired bounty hunters in an effort to hunt down the heads of the confederate state. The council was able to make alliances with smuggling rings for short periods, though it was only so that they would be able to get cargo and other supplies from them. After their needs were met, the council members decided to abandon the smuggling alliance. Troyb also appointed other, smaller councils on each of his worlds so that they would be able to govern the planets and inform him of problems within their governments.

Eventually, largely due to the efforts of the council, the Republic crumbled within itself. Many senators had grown tired of fighting and decided that it would be best for all of the citizens of the Republic to surrender to the confederacy. Other senators either had lost faith in the Republic or had simply grown angry at it for doing nothing to protect their people. The rest believed that Troyb would respect all of the customs and traditions of the planets under his rule. In order to keep the peace and prove that he wanted a democracy in the confederacy, Troyb established a Confederate Senate so that the council would be able to hear the voices of the people all across the galaxy.

Due to everything that happened, the New Republic completely fell apart. The upper levels of the hierarchy escaped far into the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. Cato Neimoidia became the official capital of the confederacy, though the senate continued to convene on Coruscant as Troyb had no desire to see it placed on his homeworld. For the ten thousand years that followed, the New Confederacy of Independent Systems remained the sole major governing body of the galaxy, although during this time it would experience many conflicts, both internal and external.

Government and politics

In the beginning, the confederacy was ruled by a Head of State, that Head of State being Troyb. However, a Confederate Council was later created. Operating between the Head of State and the Separatist Council was the Supreme Commander of the Droid Armies. Though the position had direct control over the military, it held no power over the government. However, the holder of the position would ascend to the position of Head of State should the Head of State have become incapacitated. He was able to plan, advance and attack enemies without the approval of the Head of State. Unlike the old confederacy, the real power over the government was with the Head of State, though in the end more power was given to the Confederate Council, which oversaw the creation and upholding of government laws.

The Confederate Council oversaw the political workings of each planet that had fallen under confederate rule. Their goals were to ensure the economic and military strength of the planet, as well as to ensure that the people were kept safe. The main duty of the council to the federal government was to inform it of problems within the individual planetary governments. Some member worlds, such as Cato Neimoidia, had their own senate. Wealthy citizens of the planets would be appointed and would discuss how to strengthen their world and to ensure that it functioned effectively.

The main political goal of the government was to have as many worlds secede from the Republic as possible to strengthen the confederate cause. This happened because the New Republic had become far too corrupt and was not prepared to effectively govern the galaxy. Members of the movement were known throughout the galaxy as “new separatists”. The tensions caused by the secession efforts led to the outbreak of the New CIS/GDE Wars that saw the collapse of the New Republic.

Although the New CIS was largely seen simply as a resurrected CIS, there were some subliminal differences between the two. For starters, minor dissidence and freedom of speech was tolerated in the New CIS, although outright attacks on Troyb and his government were outlawed and classed as 'contrary to the cause'. The New CIS was also somewhat less brutal than its predecessor, but this was mostly done as propaganda effort.

Members of the Confederate Council


Troyb on Mustafar.

The members of the Confederate Council were hand picked members of Troyb’s inner circle. They discussed the politics of the government and how to better improve it in their eyes and the eyes of their people. Out of all of the members, Troyb and Tyler were the most influential as they held the greatest standing in the confederacy and they had the most knowledge about how to run a government. Kiita the Greater had little experience, though she had governed Geonosis for some time. Shabhaa had the least experience of them all, as he was a lowly official within the much larger Trade Federation. After a decision was made by either the council or by Troyb, they would present it to the Confederate Senate. The members of the council were as follows:

  • Troyb - Confederate Head of State and leader of the council
  • Darth Tyler - Supreme Commander of the Droid Army and official speaker of the council
  • Rune Haako - Aide to Troyb and representative of the Neimoidian purse worlds
  • Vale Sinkon - Commander of Metru Trading Industries and overseer of droid production
  • Kiita the Greater - Leader of the Geonosian Industries
  • Avidhi - Leader of the Hanor chall
  • Vusicus - Leader of the colonization of new member worlds
  • Anaazrita Fac - Aide to Kiita the Greater
  • Sabhaa - Aide to the members of the council
  • Garlen Mastigar-Grand Admiral of the Confederacy's Navy and Admiralty


The culture of the confederacy was a mix of the various cultures found on its member worlds. It contained Neimoidian culture, which saw its people wearing hats and cloaks to show their power and status in the money hungry society, Geonosian culture that included holidays at the spires and battles at the arenas of Geonosis and many other cultures. Most members of the council took personal holidays to spend time with their families on their home planets. However, members who did not have any family, such as Darth Tyler, stayed behind to continue their government work. When Troyb decided to observe holidays with friends and family, Tyler would temporarily ascend to the position of Head of State.

Although general expression in culture was more liberal than in under the original CIS, any pieces of mainstream entertainment that criticized Troyb or his government were banned. For this reason, art became an increasingly popular medium of expression, and Troyb himself encouraged this. Many artists and styles would come up in the cultural forefront of the New CIS, more so than under the New Republic. Much NCIS art took inspiration from its dominant cultures, such as sculptures based on Geonosian spires and Neimoidian palaces.

Some NCIS culture was propaganda-tainted somewhat. Many government-sponsored works of art entertainment were often created to praise Troyb or Tyler, and several holofilms presenting a slightly biased account of the New CIS/GDE wars after the end of the wars were produced, some of which made use of famous stars and were hence very popular. Troyb made sure that the films were well made, to distract people from some of the more blatant praising of himself in the films. As a result, a minor personality cult around the leaders of the New CIS was formed.

Several new holidays existed under NCIS rule. After the war, Troyb's Day was formed, which initially revolved around essentially praising Troyb. However, many citizens realised the propaganda-based nature of this, and it proved an unpopular holiday. Realising this, Troyb changed it to make it a day off work for everyone, and that the price of consumer goods be drastically lowered. To avoid offending his corporations, Troyb paid large bonuses to them to avoid economic problems. When Tyler took over, Victory Day was introduced, essentially celebrating the anniversary of end of the war, and Droid Day, where droids all over the galaxy could essentially do what they wanted. This resulted in minor anarchy and many petitions were drawn up to abolish it, but Tyler simply ignored them.


The New Confederacy has a very strong economy. Businesses and trade thrives under the direction of our glorious leaders! This message courtesy of the Ministry of Propaganda.
—An excerpt from Confederate Economist holozine

The economy of the NCIS varied over the course of its history. Initially, the NCIS did not have much of an economy to speak of—Troyb simply taxed its member planets sufficiently enough to fuel his plans, and allowed them to continue along their old economic plans and policies, along with their currency. However, as the war dragged on, Troyb and his aides realised that a more concrete base was needed. To this end, Troyb initiated his Economic Unity Plan, which was essentially a grand unilateral reshaping of the entire Confederate economy to better fund his plans. All worlds fell under his trade plans and policies, and few objected, although this was mainly due to the consequences Troyb drew up for the worlds that refused his plans. Soon, the NCIS fell under the war economy Troyb had created, which was a quasi-socialist or controlled capitalist one, and industries and corporations were forced to concentrate more on production than on profit. Troyb promised the member corporations that as soon as the war was over he would allow them to enact the policies he had promised.


Tyler(far right) informs Troyb(center) and Haako(left) about the Econonmy issues.

Troyb's plan was a partial success, although it did not work on some planets which were too used to capitalism, resulting in some economic disasters, although Troyb made sure that this was not advertised by the media. Trade was enacted between neutral planets, which Troyb deliberately left unconquered to allow for trading partners. Some Republic corporations even decided to assist the Confederacy for extra profit. Troyb did not object, as the NCIS, being a fledgling government, was in desperate need of funds and trade partners. Nonetheless, thanks to Troyb's economic reforms, the NCIS's economy suffered less than that of the Republics, although the transition from war economy to pure capitalism was fairly jarring and caused minor depressions on some worlds at the war's end.

After the end of the war, Troyb and his aides reformed the economy into the one he had promised at the end of the war. It was essentially the one the old Confederacy had promised, but with minor state control. In order to better accelerate trade, Troyb and his ministers introduced a new universal currency: the Confederate Credit, or ConCred, which equalled to roughly two Republic credits. For a few years, old currencies were still tolerated, but the government announced that it wanted all old currencies swapped for the ConCred eventually. However, the old Galactic Credit was never fully replaced, and the ConCred proved unpopular on many worlds.

It took a few decades for Troyb to fully achieve the economy he had been planning, mainly due to the shattered New Republic industry, but soon nonetheless the galaxy was prospering under the NCIS economic policies. However, once Darth Tyler took over, things started to go downhill somewhat—Tyler was specialized in war, and unlike Troyb he had little idea of good economic practice. Initially, he tried to bolster the NCIS budget by simply printing more ConCreds, but this did little more than caused inflation. In the end, Tyler simply handed over control of the economy to his finanicial minsters, who all tried to gain the most favour with Tyler by trying to achieve the best results, resulting in a clash of policies. This sort of behaviour on Tyler's part caused the NCIS economy to gradually spiral downwards over the course of many years, but it soon went up again after Tyler introduced new and more united financial ministers.


New CIS Fleet

A portion of the military.

The military forces of the confederacy, also known as the Droid Army or the New Separatist Army, were a large mix between weapons of war, battle droids, organic forces, and local warriors. It was backed mainly by business beings such as Darth Tyler and Geonosian Industries. The individuals that controlled the major corporations were not warriors or general, but rather people that were more interested in helping the galaxy. Tyler was the only warrior in the group of major supporters. Because of their lack of experience, the corporations were not equipped to lead their own forces into battle. Out of all of the political leaders, the only ones with experience with warfare were Troyb, Tyler, and Kiita the Greater.

The members of the military believed that their superior numbers and advanced droid designs would win the war against the Republic. In the end, they were proven correct as B6 battle droids proved effective enough to kill members of the New Jedi Order. An overwhelming amount of droids saw to many victories for the confederacy, such as the Battle of Cato Neimoidia. The military also received several battle ship designs from the Galactic Droid Empire, as Tyler’s designs appealed to Troyb. Tyler’s army, and the entire army for that matter, consisted mainly of droid forces.

Numerous commercial entities in the galaxy pledged their support to the forces of the New Separatist Army and agreed to allow their own private forces to fight under the confederate banner. This alliance saw to the formation of an immense force of droid and living warriors. The forces included, though were not limited to, Trade Federation battle droids and the security forces recruited, trained and maintained by the Geonosian Industries, the single largest contributor to the military. The Geonosis-based corporation donated not only its B6 super battle droids, but numerous droid foundries that were capable of producing thousands of droids. Other companies that supported the military included, but were not limited to, Colla Designs, Phlac-Arphocc Automata Industries, Baktoid Industries, Metru Trading Industries, Haor Chall Engineering, Free Dac Volunteers Engineering Corps, and Feethan Ottraw Scalable Assemblies.


The territory of the confederacy varied in size during the course of its long history of war with the New Republic. Eleven years after the Battle of Yavin IV, the confederacy consisted of ten thousand star systems as well as various commercial factions that had allied themselves under the separatist banner. Worlds that at one point belonged to the New Confederacy of Independent Systems are as follows:

  • Aargonar - Battle with an Empire based government in 5 ABY, where NCIS commandos captured the Imperial leader by sneaking behind enemy lines while droid forces provided a distraction. They infiltrated the enemy headquarters, found the leader, and forced him to capitulate.
  • Abrion Major - Controlled by the New CIS after a treaty with the leader.
  • Ando - Briefly captured by the GDE in 2 ABY, but taken back by the Rebels.
  • Ando Prime - Captured by the New CIS after a battle with the New Galactic republic, using a large fleet of warships and blitzkrieg tactics which overwhelmed the New Republic forces. However, the Republic managed to use a large amount of comm jamming during the battle, which disorientated the NCIS forces and allowed many Republic ships to successfully escape.
  • Axion - Controlled by the New CIS after a battle with the local planetary forces, which gave in after a medium-lengthed siege.
  • Bassadro - Secretly controlled by New CIS following the fall of the CIS, using old Separatist loyalist forces there.
  • Boz Pity - Controlled by New CIS after a battle with smugglers who were considering the planet a base. Widespread orbital bombardment, coupled with the smugglers having meager forces, gave the NCIS victory.
  • Castell - Captured by the GDE following a battle with a Bounty hunter organization. Darth Tyler himself and his elite droids wiped out the most elite bounty hunters, prompting the rest to surrender.
  • Cato Neimoidia - Controlled by the GDE after a battle with the New Republic. This battle was quite grueling, but the New CIS eventually broke the enemy lines. New Republic remnant forces on the planet would stage guerilla warfare for months.
  • Clak'dor VII - Pledged support soon after formation.
  • Colla IV - Lost to the New Republic, which used a devastating lightning attack to eradicate NCIS forces there, as well as support from the Jedi order. A large stronghold was constructed there, which the New CIS unsuccessfully assaulted mutlipe times.
  • Corlax 4 - Taken over by Rebel forces, who sabotaged NCIS communications there and took over with impunity. An important research facility and factory was destroyed in the battle, crippling NCIS/GDE efforts in that sector. This was seen as a major propaganda boost for the New Republic, but NCIS propaganda made this defeat seem less than it was.
  • Deko Neimoidia - Secretly supported New CIS.
  • Druckenwell - Defected from the New Republic.
  • Elrood - Defected from the New Republic.
  • Emberlene - Defected from the New Republic.
  • Endor - Used as construction base for the Death Star. The NCIS would recycle leftover remains from the old Death Star II to save costs on material.
  • Felucia - Used for secret operations.
  • Foerost - Used for weapons testing.
  • Geonosis - Pledged support soon after formation.
  • Haruun Kal - Secretly pledged support.
  • Halowan - Used for broadcasting ShadowFeed.
  • Hypori - Used for droid production.
  • Kalee - Pledged support soon after formation.
  • Kooriva - Used as test site.
  • Koru Neimoidia - Pledged support soon after formation.
  • Kromus - Taken over by Droid army, which swamped enemy forces there. The inadequate Republic forces there, coupled with Tyler's blitzkrieg tactics, meant that a simple advance was all that was needed to crush the Republic troops.
  • Lethe - Taken over by Navy, which devastated the enemy defense fleet despite taking losses. The threat of orbital bombardment forced the planet to surrender.
  • Metalorn - Battle droid foundries.
  • Mon Calamari - Secretly controlled by the New CIS.
  • Moorja - Taken over after battle with New Republic forces. This battle lasted for days due to a shield surrounding the Republic base, but Tyler and some droids of his managed to infiltrate and destroy the shield, which resulted in the New CIS forces pouring in and destroying the Republic forces.
  • Murkhana - Taken over by Navy, after a fierce weeklong battle around the planet's moon. Darth Tyler himself arrived on the last day to relieve the shattered NCIS fleet, and would use a combination of his force powers and reinforcements to destroy what was left of the Republic fleet.
  • Mustafar - Invaded and used as base. The droid forces encountered very little resistance, apart from some New Republic inspection troops.
  • Muunilinst - Secretly pledged loyalty.
  • Mygeeto - Became Mining facility.
  • Neimoidia - Secret base of operations.
  • New Plympto - One of the bases of operations during the war.
  • Nivek - Forced to surrender by a blockade, which stopped food supplies from going to the planet.
  • Pammant - Pledged support.
  • Qiilura - Taken over from Republic forces. The lack of a Republic orbital presence meant that most of the Republic forces on the planet were decimated by bombardment. The rest commenced guerilla warfare, which meant that the battle lasted for months, and the New CIS/GDE took heavy losses. Nonetheless, the Republic guerillas surrendered after they decided that their cause was hopeless.
  • Queyta - Taken over by Droid army. After a brief blockade, which soon became redundant due to the world's vast food supplies, the New CIS/GDE attempted an outright invasion. Although it was at first bogged down due to Republic EMP bombardment, the sheer numbers of droids broke the Republic lines.
  • Rattatak - Taken over after battle with native forces. Local warlords unleashed their gladiators, which destroyed many NCIS battalions, but use of biological weaponry, bombardment, and standard swarming tactics broke the back of the Rattataki forces.
  • Raxus Prime - Pledged loyalty.
  • Riflor - Forced to surrender due to a blockade and covert poisoning of its food supplies.
  • Saleucami - Forced to surrender by threat of invasion. The local government was quick to capitulate, due to the almost total lack of a defense.
  • Serenno - Pledged support.
  • Skako - Forced to surrender after a NCIS/GDE fleet destroyed the nearby Republic sentry fleet by luring it into an ion storm dotted Nebula.
  • Tarhassan - Taken over by Troyb, who himself wanted a taste of combat. After besieging the capital with artillery, Troyb advanced battalions into the city, which encountered heavy resistance. The presence of Jedi almost succupered the NCIS effort, but soon the Republic forces surrendered after running out of ammunition.
  • Thaere Privo - Taken over by Darth Tyler. Leading an elite group of droids, Tyler owned the Republic forces there using his force skills and lighting attacks. He encountered resistance from a group of Jedi and got into a large and grueling duel in an arms factory, but nonetheless emerged victorious, despite taking damage.
  • Thule - Used as secret base.
  • Thyferra - Used as training grounds by Darth Tyler.
  • Tibrin - Taken over by GDE forces. The main opposition on the planet came from Hutt and Zann Consortium forces, but the GDE was helped by a criminal organization allied with it. Due to this organization's knowledge of the Hutt and ZC forces, the battle was over soon.
  • Togoria - Used as testing grounds.
  • Toong'l - Forced to surrender after a blockade and endless propaganda campaigns. The NCIS also blocked HoloNet transmissions to the planet, and the lack of viewing material almost drove the inhabitants insane.
  • Trandosha - Pledged loyalty.
  • Troxar - Taken over by hired forces.
  • Ukio - Secretly controlled after formation.
  • Utapau - Battle with native Utapauans. The battle only lasted a matter of hours, as the NCIS had a good knowledge of the planet and had learned from the mistakes of the Clone Wars. Some sinkholes were downright destroyed by artillery.
  • Vjun - Taken over by New CIS/GDE forces. In this battle, the NCIS/GDE used simple swarm tactics to destroy the overstretched Republic forces. Republic orbital bombardment almost turned the tide, but the NCIS/GDE used the Republic's own ion cannons on the planet to its advantage.
  • Yag'Dhul - Invaded by the New CIS. The New CIS used widespread biological and nuclear weapons, and deliberately destroyed some of its own forces to make it look like the Republic did it. This resulted in the natives uprising and helping the droids.
  • Zaadja - Invaded by the GDE. Local and Republic forces repulsed the first wave of attack, but the GDE then took over an abandoned CIS factory and used it to break the back of the Republic forces in this weeklong battle.

Behind the scenes

The military tactics of the new confederacy were similar to the military tactics Greek Empire and, in-universe, the Sith Empire. Additionally, the New Confederacy was based upon the Separatists Holdouts.


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