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Keldin Order was a sect of species who were utilized totally and deeply with the light side of the Force and with every kind of light. The Keldin Order was created by Kelden which was aligned with Jedi Order and Galactic Republic. Some humand after the rise of pfellunds the current Kelden were become very passionate and violent for its rivals Light. After the Exiled Knights of Light the Keldin were for some period hidden but later when the Ashlans beaten Bogans at their war, the dynasties of Kelden were almost rising on the galaxy in all eras. During their long history many of Kelden wrote in Keldesh language some hieroglyphs and allegoric images of the action of Light side users and heroes in the walls of the Jedi Temple on Keldur.

Keldin controlled many Empires and Republic governments and initiated many galactic wars. With great influence of philosophy Keldin inspired many other cults and organizations that weren't part of the Keldin order. They made many Force-sensitives very powerful by teaching them for the Keldin. Some cults were Elendists, Ordogen Force and Erthuleim. Keldin used three stages for making Force-sensitives followed them. The first was persuade, the second was enlightenment and the third was empower by goodness and virtue. This Order would become later an order of heroes and it would be organized in many different parts of the Galactic History. The title of Light Lord would make great reorganization to the cult of Keldin. They always wanted to disturb their great rivals Dark side adepts and the Sith empire.


Sworn defenders

Keldin always had a thought that showing a person kindness and goodness wasn't always the true way to learn the path for the light side. It was their belief that every Keldin newcomer must become a very passionate warrior and defender of the Light order and getting very rid to whose that were opposed in the freedom of light and the theory of trinity. Learn using force light and force enlightenment was techniques that later would made every person to control everything with his serenity and using the Force. They were opposed to the theory that with the war the strong wind and the weak was defeated. In their order no one was strong and weak and no one was better and worse. Stronger and better was the user who could controlled minds with its passion and love to the light. They always searched for apprentices in the galaxy because they wanted this galaxy to become a society of holy people. This will be succeed if firstly brought balance to the Force which meant that Sith and generally dark side users did the possibilities for the holiness of the galaxy very rare. The main path of a keldin student was to protect the light side users from the dark side. There are three ways for a keldin student become powerful. The first was to becoming a sword of Light and this would be succeed if a student wanted to dealt with difficult and hard enemies and investigating items in unknown worlds, the second was to becoming a healer and this would be succeed if you used greatly Force healing and Force light and the third was to becoming a perfect of Light and it was the most difficult training for any student this could be succeed if you becoming best to using your abilities.

These techniques and philosophies were embraced at the Jedi Temple on Keldur and Jedi Temple on Palanhiin which many students had the chance to show their light splendidly and gain prestige from the Light Lord of the Academy. This prestige made great rivalries among the students and from this reason was began the Keldin Civil wars. This also made a lot of Jedi rebellions and duels among Keldin and Jedi. Andrew Keldaron killed a lot of Keldin and Jedi but he was confronted by Nick Skywalker.

Code of Freedom

This code was the mantra that reinforced the core beliefs of the Keldin order. It was written from an unknown Ellendists after worshiping her. Following the embrace of serenity which was a great embrace of nature the code meant that the light granted from serenity which leads to victory and finally the victory granted freedom and which had result to holiness. With the freedom Keldin gained amazing strength, wisdom and knowledge. A Keldin apprentice believed that when they gained the holiness from freedom the could did everything that they could think.

Rule of Trinity

The rule of trinity was mainly the guiding code of many Keldin orders. It was named from three users of light. The first was the master who embraced lightness from his serenity and showed the power of Light side to the others. The second was the apprentice who learned how to gain more light power and the third was the shadow who had the role to took the energy of the other two. It was firstly used from Stelph the first master of the rule of trinity with his twi'lek apprentice and a Kelden Light shadow. This rule meant that a Keldin master couldn't used the superior light without any participants. A Master in a trinity ceremony could show how much light could he took, an apprentice in a trinity ceremony could learn how to gain more and more light power and energy and a shadow in a trinity ceremony could be very passive to took the remains of the light energy from the master and some power of serenity from the apprentice who wanted to gained light from his serenity. It was more known to read it as holy text from doing it which was very difficult and it could only be used from Keldin masters. It was a very difficult test to many students and apprentices which showed their goodness and lightness in all reigns of Keldin.

Rule of Infinite

The rule of infinite was firstly used from Elendiala, the Chosen Keldin. The infinite ruler being the Keldin order itself under which where the light adepts, masters and acolytes who followed her path and wanted to gain force lightness like him\her. Next from them where the servants, minions and light warriors who liked traveling to the galaxy and searched for sources of light energy. Becoming an infinite ruler you firstly could free yourself from every temptation and weakness and also following their code. The rule and title of the infinite was a kind of monarchic title of a leader.

Nephalla and the Superrior Ruler

After the rise of pfellunds, Kelden Moraes prophesied the coming of a perfect and divine being a GodKeldin who would be sent from Nephalla, their creator goddess. According to the prophecy of the Superrior ruler she would pass successfully from twenty hard trials and made more powerful than ever Kelden. They also thought that the superior ruler would free Kelden from the soul slaver Debeleia. Elendiala was the superior ruler who defeated twelve monsters in twelve trials and passed successfully from other eight tests. She made Keldin more powerful than ever when she was the first Infinite Ruler and she fulfilled the prophecy when she went to the underworld and taught to Kelden. The people who followed her were the virtuous and rightful ones. She dueled with the Horny Lady and she defeated her and liberated the souls from her. The souls went on Neverland and she resurrected and came from the galaxy. Her self denial helped the sentient species to fulfill the Golden Promise, the salvation.



Keldin believed that their world was created by Nephalla. Nephalla was thought to be a goddess with endless love to her creations and she had the power to remit the sins of them. Nephalla is the holiest name in Keldesh. They believed that the universe was created from her hands. Some prophets wrote about Nephalla. Some priests thought that Nephalla will come to the galaxy and save the species from their enemy goddesses.

Four patron goddesses

Keldin believed that some goddesses protected them from Debeleia and the forces of death and sin. Rethilla was the leader of them and the chief of heaven forces. She lives in the highest level of Neverland above the stars in a golden forest. After her are the Taxiarchs, Seferra and Eranva the messenger goddesses that execute Nephalla's orders. Genvarra was the fourth patron goddess who was one of the holiest beings but also she symbolizes Nephalla's welfare and immortality.These deities were known as {{Patron deities}}

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