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This article is about Nemo Qel-Droma, a Jedi by SavageOpress1138. You may be looking for other uses of the name Nemo.

I serve the good and, hopefully through that, the people of the Republic.
—Nemo Qel-Droma[src]

Nemo Qel-Droma was a Human male Jedi Master of the Jedi Order that was born in 4,026 BBY. He was the cousin of famous Jedi Ulic, Cay, and Duron Qel-Droma. Nemo, who was knighted in 4,006 BBY, was taken by the Jedi to be trained on Ossus by Vandar Tokare. As a Jedi Knight he then participated in the conclave on Deneba, as well as the following war. During the war his cousin Ulic fell to the dark side and killed his brother Cay, but was eventually redeemed by Nomi Sunrider.

In the following years, both Duron and Ulic were killed, the former during the hunt for terentateks and the latter by a spacer seeking glory. Nemo had fallen into despair at the deaths of his family, and so his old master asked him to teach at an enclave on Dantooine to help take his mind off his grief. He taught there for several years before taking an apprentice, the Kel Dor Caer Onè, whom he taught for eleven years, emphasizing concepts such as peace and careful judgement, before he was knighted.

After the slaughter of the Cathar, the council reluctantly agreed to allow the Revanchists, a group of Jedi led by Revan and Malak, to enter into the Mandalorian conflicts. Nemo, along with many of the older Jedi masters, felt that the group's action was too rash and hasty, but many Jedi, including Nemo’s old apprentice Caer, followed the group into battle. When the war was ended at the Battle of Malachor V Nemo, Vandar, and many of the other Jedi sensed a disturbance in the Force, which had been caused by the activation of the Mass Shadow Generator.

Revan and his followers disappeared for a year, before they came back to the known galaxy as Sith, initiating the Jedi Civil War. With "Darths" Revan and Malak leading their assault forward, many Jedi headed for the war lines, but Nemo would have nothing to do with war and remained teaching on Dantooine. However, with the help of Padawan Bastila Shan's Battle meditation, the Jedi managed to capture Revan, and upon their returned to Dantooine Nemo, Vandar, and the other Jedi met with them. The council decided to reprogram Revan's broken mind, in hopes that he would lead the Jedi to the source of their enemy's massive fleet.

Nemo began to sense that he would not live to see the end of the war. After voicing his concerns to Vandar, he tried to accept the fact and continue teaching. After offering words of wisdom to Revan—who was unaware of his identify and was being retrained by the Jedi—and congratulating him on his redemption of the fallen Cathar apprentice Juhani, Nemo was contacted by Vrook Lamar, who sent him to investigate the burial mounds near the Jedi enclave. Upon arrival, he was greeted by a droid that spoke a language Nemo didn't understand. Moving on, he opened a door and was attacked by two more droids. He managed to destroy one, but he fell to the fire. As he succumbed to his wounds, he witnessed a vision of the future in which Revan killed Malak; believing this to be an omen of victory, he quietly died.

Nemo's body was recovered after Shan and Revan found it when investigating the burial mounds. His vision of Revan defeating Malak soon came to pass.


Early lifeEdit

And so I shall take you, Nemo Qel-Droma, to be my Jedi Padawan, so that I may train you in the ways of the light, and help keep you from falling to the seduction of the dark side.
—Vandar Tokare

Vandar Tokare, Nemo's master.

Nemo Qel-Droma was born in 4,026 BBY on Alderaan into a family of Force-sensitives. He was a cousin of Ulic, Cay and Duron Qel-Droma. Along with his cousins, he was discovered to be Force-sensitive and taken into the Jedi Order to be trained in their ways. Although his cousins were trained at a training facility on Arkania, Nemo undertook his training at the Jedi facility on Ossus. In 4,016 BBY, at age ten, Nemo was taken to be the Padawan of Master Vandar Tokare. After extensive training, he was knighted in 4,006 BBY, age twenty, and began to follow the ways of a Jedi Consular, by refraining from violence and advocating for peace.

Krath Holy CrusadeEdit

The next eight years saw the end of the Beast Wars and the Naddist Uprising. However, by 3,997 BBY, the return of the Sith and the rise of the Krath led to the Krath Holy Crusade, a conflict that presented a threat to the Jedi. In an effort to try to decide upon a course of action, the Jedi called a Conclave on Deneba. Nemo, along with nearly ten thousand other Jedi, attended this conclave, where he listened to Jedi such as Odan-Urr and his cousin Ulic. His cousin proposed that a Jedi, such as Ulic himself, be sent to infiltrate the Krath, and take them down from the inside. Nemo, along with many others, argued that the plan would ultimately fail, as infiltrating the organization without being caught would be almost impossible, and the dark side could not be defeated by one man.

During a recess, the conclave was attacked by Krath war droids, as well as the Jedi's own servant droids. In the resulting battle, Nemo witnessed the death of Master Arca Jeth as he fought the droids. The Jedi proved to be victorious, although it was not without other casualties. Nemo watched as his cousin made the final decision to go through with his plan. Though Nemo and others continued to try and change his mind, Ulic soon left to set his plan in motion.

Fall of Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-DromaEdit

Nemo returned to Ossus, where, after several months, a group of Jedi who had been sent to find Ulic returned. Led by Nomi Sunrider, they claimed that Ulic had fallen to the dark side. Nemo was devastated at the news of his cousin, though he sensed that what they said was true. Nemo continued to stay on Ossus, while Nomi and others tried to withdraw Ulic again, once more failing at the task. Not long after, Nemo was present when Exar Kun, a former Jedi who had become a Sith, came to Ossus looking to recruit Jedi to his cause. Many Jedi left with him, although many more including Nemo saw the corruption within Kun and refused.

In 3,996 BBY, Ulic, along with his new Mandalorian allies, attacked the heart of the Republic, launching an assault on Coruscant. Nemo—having traveled there with Nomi, Cay, Master Baas, and several other Jedi—helped defend the planet from the Krath and Mandalorian invaders. The invaders soon retreated, however, and the Jedi managed to capture Ulic. The former Jedi was put on trial, and though Nemo wished to help his cousin, after seeing Ulic rebuke his own brother's help, he knew he could not help Ulic. The trial was interrupted by Exar Kun and a group of his Massassi warriors freeing Ulic. Kun placed all of the occupants under his power, save the chancellor, who he killed, and also killed Master Baas, before leaving with Ulic.

End of the warEdit


Ulic and Cay, Nemo's cousins, duel.

Nemo returned to Ossus, preparing with other Jedi for a potential Sith invasion. During the battle of Kemplex IX, a chain reaction of supernovae was set off by the Sith and it was on a direct course for Ossus. Nemo, Cay, and the other Jedi began to evacuate what artifacts they could, knowing the Kun would soon come to steal the planet's wealth of knowledge. Ulic and Kun attacked Ossus. While Nemo fought Massassi, he saw his two cousins fighting each other, brother against brother. Nemo managed to kill his attacker, but to his horror he was too late. Ulic struck Cay down, killing him. Nemo stood by as Nomi cut off the Force from Ulic. A small consolation to Nemo, Ulic finally realized all that he had done, and vowed to helped the Jedi defeat the Sith, and kill Exar Kun.

Ulic led Nemo, Nomi, and the other Jedi, as well as the Republic military to Kun's base, on the jungle world of Yavin 4. Led by the marines, the Republic forces began an assault on the world. Meanwhile, Nemo and thousands of other Jedi created an enormous wall of light which accidentally reacted with the dark side energy and created an uncontrollable fire which swept across the planet, wiping out almost all trace of the Sith.

The Great Hunt and later yearsEdit

With the destruction of the Sith, the Jedi and Republic were able to destroy the rest of the Krath and drive the Mandalorians off. Soon, however, the Jedi realized the terentateks were still at large, killing Jedi. They organized the Great Hunt, to hunt down and destroy the Sith creations. Among those sent to kill them was Duron Qel-Droma, Nemo's other cousin. Duron shared a Force-bond with Shaela Nuur and Guun Han Saresh, and Nemo advised his cousin to make good use of the bond, as without it they would most likely fail. After loosing contact with the three for over a year, they were presumed to be dead, killed in action. Nemo was filled with grief over the death of another of his family.

Ten years after the defeat of Exar Kun, in 3,986 BBY, the Jedi held a conclave on Exis Station, called by Nomi, their new Grand master. Not long after the conclave, the Jedi learned from Nomi and her daughter Vima that Ulic had been killed by a smuggler seeking glory. Nemo, now the only living member of his family, was taken by sadness. His old master, Vandar Tokare, realizing that Nemo was depressed asked him to come and help teach at the enclave on Dantooine. Nemo decided to accept Vandar's offer and settled on Dantooine, helping the Jedi teach.

Training an apprenticeEdit

I think, Master Vandar, I am ready. The Kel Dor boy, Caer, I will train him. He his strong, but I sense also a slight darkness. I will work to tame the dark, and make a wise Jedi out of him.
—Nemo, telling Vandar who he will train.

After several years of assisting at the enclave, Nemo found a Kel Dor boy, named Caer Onè. He decided to train the boy, explaining to Vandar how he hoped to tame the slight darkness within him, and teach him to be wise. In 3,982 BBY, Nemo officially took Caer as his apprentice.

Although Nemo taught his apprentice the skills of wielding a lightsaber, he focused more on the powers of the Force, and learning from the history of the Jedi. In hopes to keep him from following a similar path, Nemo explained how Exar Kun had fallen, telling his apprentice about the dangers of seeking too much knowledge. During their training Nemo put extensive emphasis on understanding the Jedi Code.

Eventually, eleven years later in 3,971 BBY, Caer was knighted and his apprenticeship with Nemo ended.

Mandalorian WarsEdit

Indeed, Master Qel-Droma, something dark has happened. The deaths of many, yes, but not, I think, by Mandalorian hands. We will only learn the full extend of the damage with time.
—Vandar Tokare

Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders

By 3,964 BBY, a group Jedi Knights were arguing for Jedi intervention in the conflicts with the Mandalorian warriors. Most Jedi, including the Jedi council as well as Nemo, believed they should be more careful, so as to not send themselves headfirst into another conflict. However, led by a Jedi called Revan and his friend Malak, the group began to grow and the idea of aiding the Republic against the crusaders spread. Among those who followed Revan, advocating for involvement, was Nemo's old apprentice Caer.

Nemo warned his former apprentice about the dangers of what he was doing, but to no avail. Although he still firmly believed that the Jedi should not get involved, he agreed that it was Caer's choice and the pair parted on relatively good terms.

Eventually, the Jedi Council was forced to sanction the intervention into the conflict after learning of the Mandalorian's slaughter of the Cathar. Having learned of these new events, many Jedi followed Revan, though Nemo did not, wanting nothing to do with bloodshed after the deaths of his family members in war. Revan and Malak, with the joint forces of many Jedi and the Republic military, pushed the Mandalorian invaders back.

The final battle of the war took place above Malachor V. Over sixty-thousand light years away, on Dantooine, Vandar, Nemo and many of the other Jedi felt a disturbance in the Force as the Mass Shadow Generator was activated, destroying most of the Mandalorian army and much of the Republic forces. Nemo sensed that his apprentice was alive, but there was something different about him that he could not understand. He sought out the guidance of Vandar, who agreed that something had happened, and said that only through time would they learn the true extent of the damage.

Jedi Civil WarEdit

War, death, destruction. The dark side brings these things. I have suffered more than I would ever want any being to suffer. All my family has been taken from me by the dark side. Even so, I will not go to war. I will find nothing there to help me. Only here, in peace with the Force, will I be found.

With the destruction of the Mandalorians, Revan and his followers disappeared into the Unknown Regions. After almost a year of no contact, Revan and his followers to assumed to be dead. Nemo, however, felt that they were still alive, as he believed he could still sense his apprentice, although warped by space and, much to his curiosity and dismay, the dark side.

In 3,959 BBY, one year after the end of the Mandalorian Wars, the Jedi returned to the galaxy. However, they were returning to conquer it, led by Darths Revan and Malak. Finally, Nemo understood what he had felt. Caer, along with the other Jedi and Republic soldiers who followed Revan, had fallen to the dark side and become Sith. Many of the still loyal Jedi went to the front lines, working to eliminate the dark side once again. Nemo, wanting nothing to do with more violence, stayed on Dantooine, continuing to help train new Jedi.

Even with the aid of young Padawan Bastila Shan's battle meditation, the Jedi and Republic believed they could not continue to hold of the Sith. In an attempt to stop the Sith, the Republic set a trap for Revan in 3,957 BBY. A strike team of Republic soldiers and Jedi, including Shan, managed to board Revan's ship during the battle. However, Malak turned on his former friend and master, and ordered his ships to attack Revan's, hoping to kill Revan and the Jedi. The Sith was knocked unconscious and was saved by Shan. He was brought to Dantooine, where Nemo, Vandar and several other Jedi met them. The council decided to reprogram Revan's mind, hoping that the Force bond created between the two when Shan saved Revan's life would help lead them to the source of the Sith's massive fleet.

Meeting RevanEdit

The importance you put in a name is misleading, young one. You of all people should remember that.
—Nemo, to Revan[src]

Nemo still remained on Dantooine, however he began to teach less, and to spend more time meditating. Although he was only seventy standard years old, he began to feel that he would not live to see the end of the war against Malak. He voiced his concerns to Vandar and the council, who agree that nothing was certain, but that perhaps the Jedi was indeed going to die. Nemo accepted this, and began to prepare for teaching again.

At that time, however, Shan returned to Dantooine, fleeing from the destruction of Taris. With her was Revan, who still did not remember who he was, but was still showing signs of Force-sensitivity. The council decided he was to be trained again, and after a relatively short time of only a few weeks, they tasked Revan with to cleansing a meditation grove of its new dark taint. As he left the enclave for the grove, Revan stopped to talk to Nemo, who offered what words of wisdom he could. Revan then went of to redeem a fallen Juhani, who had been the source of the grove's dark taint. As he returned to the council, Revan spoke again with Nemo, who this time congratulated him on redeeming the Cathar apprentice.


Lamar: “Seek out the ruins, and find what is inside. If you come across enemies, do not engage them if possible. Report back with what you have found, and then a further course of action will be decided.
Qel-Droma: “As you wish, Master Lamar. I shall report back to the council soon.
Vrook Lama, to Nemo


Nemo's corpse

Nemo was soon contacted by Master Vrook Lamar, who informed him that he was to preform a minor investigation of the burial ruins near the enclave. He immediately made his way to the ruins, and then entered. Upon his entrance he was greeted by a droid, speaking in a language Nemo did not understand. Undeterred, he opened a door to a side chamber and was attacked by two more droids. He managed to draw his lightsaber and use the Force to destroy one of the droids, but the other was able to hit Nemo with a blaster bolt. The Jedi master fell to the stone floor under heavy fire. As he struggled to live, he received a vision of none other than Revan, redeemed and retrained as a Jedi, killing his former apprentice Malak.

Understanding that balance would be restored, and that the light would again triumph, Nemo allowed himself to die.


Overseer: “But there was another who failed to unlock the secrets and paid the ultimate price.
Shan: “The droid must be talking about poor Nemo. The council sent him here to investigate, and it cost him his life.
―The Overseer and Bastila Shan[src]

Nemo's body was found by Revan and Shan, when they investigated the ruins. The council would recover his body, and burry it. The vision he received came to pass, with Revan defeating Malak on the Star Forge, and defeating the Sith once more.

Personality and traitsEdit


Nemo, at the academy on Dantooine, where he taught about his beliefs of peace over conflict.

I think, perhaps, you place an undue importance on rank and hierarchy. Understandable, but regrettable also. We each serve in our place, high or low.
—Nemo, to Revan[src]

When Nemo was a young Jedi, he was considered to have great potential, but he was also not considered as strong as his cousins. He was found by many to be kind, humble and helpful, offering whatever assistance he could in a situation. After the deaths of his cousins, Nemo was considered to be an reclusive Jedi, keeping mostly to himself.

He was one of the Jedi master most trusted by the Dantooine council, and as such he was the one they trusted with a special mission to investigate the ruins. He gave many Padawans advice that he hoped would be helpful, and he even offered what he felt to be words of wisdom to a mind-wiped Revan.

Nemo disliked war and violence, especially after it claimed the lives of all of his cousins. For that reason, he refused to enter into the Mandalorian conflicts, or the following Jedi Civil War.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Nemo, like his extended family, was considered by the Jedi to be powerful in the Force. However, of his family he was perceived as the least talented. While his cousins went on to become Jedi Guardians proficient with a lightsaber, he chose to focus on the Force–based aspects by becoming a Consular.

Nemo used a variety of Force powers, including Force push, pull, Telekinesis, and enhancing powers like Force speed and Force heal.

Behind the scenesEdit

Nemo Qel-Droma was created by Star Wars Fanon Wiki user SavageOpress1138. Nemo was based on the canonical Nemo from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. After playing the game, Savage felt that the character deserved a better back story and began to think of ways to give the Jedi some hidden significance, and eventually decided to make him related to the Qel-Droma family.

Nemo Qel-Droma was nominated for Best Pre-Movie Era Character, Best Male Character, and Best Overall Character in the Seventh Wiki Awards, and ended up as the runner up for Best Overall Character.