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This article is about the Neimoidian. You may be looking for other uses of the name Nemo.

Don't worry Viceroy. You can trust me.
—Nemo Gunnay to his boss

Nemo Gunnay was a Male Neimoidian who was loyal to Nute Gunray. He was the brother of Rute Gunnay.


The Blockade of NabooEdit

Nemo group

Nemo Gunnay (between Nute Gunray and Darth Maul) walks around the Theed Palace with Gunray, Darth Maul, and Auhkem Haako.

Lieutenant Gunnay, lead the droid armies to the swamps.
—Nute Gunray to Nemo during the Battle of Grassy Plains

During The Blockade of Naboo in 32 BBY, Nemo worked with Nute Gunray and his aide Rune Haako. Nemo had been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant during the battle. He and OOM-9 were leading the Battle of Grassy Plains. However, during the space battle above Naboo the droids were deactivated and Gunnay was taken prisoner with his fellow Neimoidians.

The Trials of Nute GunrayEdit

Nemo in peace

Nemo in the Supreme Courts as his boss' lawyer.

Nemo Gunnay, since Lott Dod failed to represent me, looks like you will be my new lawyer.
—Nute to Nemo before his first trial

Nute Gunray was to sentence many trials due to the blockade. However, Nemo served as the viceroy's lawyer since Lott Dod had failed to do so. He negotiated with Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to let his boss still be Viceroy of the Trade Federation. After the trials were successfully over, Nemo joined the newly formed Confederacy of Independent Systems with the help of Count Dooku. He still worked with Gunray, Haako, and his brother Rute.

Clone WarsEdit

During the Battle of Geonosis Nemo was promoted to the new major of the Confederate Navy. He served fellow Neimoidian Lushros Dofine. His brother Rute was the technical supervisor of the war. During the last years of the war, Nemo and Lushros led all the space battles.

Battle of CoruscantEdit


Nemo serves Grievous aboard the Invisible Hand.

Nemo, order all sectors to search for the two Jedi.
Grievous to Nemo during the Battle of Coruscant

In 19 BBY the Clone Wars were coming to an end. Nemo served as a colonel aboard the Invisible Hand. He later fled with his manager Lushros in the escape pods. Lushros did not make it out alive, but Nemo did. He fled to Dac to hide out there.

Serving the CISEEdit

Nemo at war

Nemo serves as a commander during the years of the CISE.

Nute Gunray and the other Separatist Leaders made it to Dac to reunite with Nemo. Apparently the CIS was falling apart. So they signed a treaty with Viceroy Aneem of Dac. Thus the Confederacy of Independent Systems (Exiled) was born. The CISE went on until 43 ABY when fellow bodyguard and Sith Lord Danny slaughtered the remaining leaders except Aneem and his droid M94-RA-7. Nemo flew their shuttle away from the volcanic where his brother died on that planet many years ago at the hands of sith lord Darth Vader. Nemo flew to Neimodia to warn the newly retired Nute Gunray, but Gunray cared about the CIS's remains and told to do nothing.

New ViceroyEdit

In 45 ABY, Nemo became the new Viceroy of the CISE after Nute Gunray and Aneem passed away. He rebuilt Aneem's droid M94-RA-7 after its destruction in 44 ABY and ruled the CISE.


Nemo was like all Neimoidians. However, he was more clever than his brother who was killed near the war's end.