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Neal Suntry was a male Human from the planet Dantooine. Born to farmers in 30 BBY, Neal was thrust into the Galactic Civil War when Imperial forces arrived at Dantooine in 0 BBY. While on a hunting trip, his friend, Morris Zenete, betrayed the small farming community Gidra for harboring Rebel spies. Imperial stormtroopers razed the city and searched the nearby woods where Neal and others were hunting.

Separated from the rest of the group, Neal encountered a dying farmhand from the settlement. Before dying from his wounds, the farmhand informed him that he had overheard Morris talking to Imperial officers, and that Morris had killed Neal's daughter. Enraged, Neal attempted to return to Gidra to confront Morris but was stopped by the very Rebel spies the Empire was looking for. Though reluctant at first, Neal left Dantooine with them and quickly joined the Rebellion in order to one day find Morris.

While in the employment of the Rebels, Neal served as a spy, hiding amongst farming communities on other planets in order to find Imperial operatives. In 4 ABY, Neal encountered Morris and the two fought. Before Neal could kill him, another Rebel spy stopped the fight and had Morris taken into custody. Willing to give away Imperial information in exchange for protection, Morris was to be transferred to a rebel prison when Neal shot and killed him. Shortly after, Neal would join Han Solo's team bound for the forest moon of Endor, during which he helped Renegade Squadron and Han Solo take down the shield bunker. After the Battle of Endor, Neal returned to Dantooine.

History Edit

Early life Edit

Neal was born on the planet Dantooine. Later, he got married and moved to the farming community of Gidra. He and his wife had a baby girl in 16 BBY, but his wife died giving birth to her. He later befriended Morris Zenete, a fellow farmer in the community. Being the only family that Neal had, he tried to raise her well, despite the fact that the Galactic Civil War was going on all around them.

Betrayed Edit

In 0 BBY, Neal went on a hunting trip in the forest neighboring Gidra. At the same time, Morris allowed Imperial stormtroopers into Gidra in order to find Rebel spies who had taken refuge in the town. While hunting, Neal was spotted by stormtroopers who thought him to be one of the operatives. Armed only with a slugthrower rifle, Neal engaged his attackers for a moment before their combined might was too much for him, forcing him to flee deep into the woods.

While running, Neal encountered an injured farmhand from Gidra. Before succumbing to his wounds, the farmhand informed Neal that Morris had been working with the Imperials as a spy and that Neal's daughter had been killed during the raid. Enraged, Neal began his trek back to Gidra in order to confront Morris. Along the way, however, he was stopped by the same Rebel spies the Empire was trying to find. The rebels confirmed the attack on Gidra and that everyone there had been killed, including his daughter. They also confirmed that Morris had been working for the Galactic Empire. The rebels then promised him he would be able to bring Morris to justice if he helped them in their cause. Neal reluctantly agreed, if only to avenge his daughter's death.

Encountering Morris Edit

Neal defeats Morris

Neal, right before being held back from killing Morris by Alliance members.

For the next four years, Neal worked as a spy for the Alliance, helping them find Imperial spies on other planets. In 4 ABY, Neal happened to encounter Morris on the planet Nar Shaddaa. The two fought in Morris' apartment where Neal was able to subdue Morris. Before he could kill him, Alliance members arrived and stopped him. After promising to reveal Imperial secrets in exchange for his life, Morris was to be transferred to an Alliance prison when Neal shot and killed him. Neal was then taken into custody, where he argued that the Alliance had promised him Morris and he wasn't going to let him get away with what he had done on Dantooine. When the location of the second Death Star had been uncovered, Neal was set free.

Endor Edit

Wanting to prove that he was a better person than Morris, Neal signed onto General Han Solo's strike team that was bound for the forest moon of Endor. While on Endor, Neal and the rest of the team were captured by Ewoks: small, bipedal creatures that lived on the forest moon whom Luke Skywalker was able persuade into joining the Rebels' cause. With the Ewoks on their side, they attacked the shield bunker the next day.

Using the Ewoks as bait, Solo and the rest of the team were able to enter the bunker and begin to set the charges. However, the lack of difficulty had turned out to be a ruse by the Empire, and Neal was given the task of finding Renegade Squadron for reinforcements. Upon meeting them at their landing point, Neal informed the squad of the situation. He then helped the squad liberate an Ewok village and destroy Imperial vehicles, including an AT-AT that he had helped sabotage earlier. Once Renegade Squadron arrived at the shield bunker, Neal and the rest of the Rebels helped defend the position until Solo had successfully set the charges. Once the shield bunker was destroyed, Neal watched as the second Death Star exploded overhead, killing Emperor Palpatine and significantly weakening the Empire with it.

With the Empire defeated, Neal returned to Dantooine, where he continued his profession of farming.

Personality and traits Edit

He doesn't just get to go away to some jail. Not after all he's done to me.
—Neal, after killing Morris.

Neal considered himself to be a hard working farmer on Dantooine. After his daughter's murder, his occupation changed, but his work ethic remained the same. He refused to quit in his quest to find Morris and, in the end, his hard work paid off. After Morris' death, Neal felt like he needed to prove that he was a better person than his former friend. Neal's work ethic allowed him to help the Rebels destroy the shield bunker on Endor. After his stint with the Rebel Alliance, Neal returned to farming.

Relationships Edit

Neal and his daughter had a close relationship. He tried to keep his daughter safe in a galaxy caught in war. His inability to save her from Morris helped propel Neal forward into hunting down his old friend. Likewise, Neal's relationship toward Morris also helped to hinder his revenge since the two had seemed like good friends in their time on Dantooine. After Morris' betrayal, Neal found it hard to connect with anyone else. Neal also noted how he and Morris were similar in actions.

Talents and abilities Edit

Before joining the Rebel Alliance, Neal was not very skilled at ranged weaponry nor hand-to-hand combat. Neal, however, was good at deceiving people into thinking that he was a simple farmhand or worker while operating as a spy with the Rebels. When it came time to fight Morris, Neal's hatred and lust for revenge helped him overcome his inability to fight, where his unpredictability and use of improvised weapons brought down Morris.

Behind the scenes Edit

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Neal Suntry was written on June 15, 2011. Author Josh Bender wrote the article on a whim, taking a break from Imperial Treachery and his other work. Though he had originally planned for Neal to not be in the Death Watch Revival Series, Bender decided to add him in. Neal's likeness is based on Michael Emerson, who played Benjamin Linus in the TV series LOST and Zep Hindle in Saw, which Bender used images from. He had thought he had completed the article before nominating it for Featured article status on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki on June 27, however, after users I'm the Chosen One and Brandon Rhea noted the article was incomplete, he finished it on June 28. The article finally achieved Featured article status on July 25.