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They follow their own path, don't they? You can't quite condemn them, because they aren't one big organization. You can't go raid their headquarters or anything. You'd have to arrest each individual as well as catch them in the act. That's what people don't like, it's why they fear them. They can tell themselves "Jedi are good, they live here, and they all do that. Sith are bad, they live there, and the all do this." Whether it's true or not, it comforts them. But with a Nax.. Well, you can't label them so easily. People fear what they don't understand. I don't hate them or hold any negative feelings for them. Some Nax have done bad things, and others haven't. It's not so easy with them, but they certainly aren't evil.
Nu Lendai, when asked his opinion of Nax on a holonet broadcast.

Nax were Force adepts who did not hold any primary alliance with the Jedi, Sith, or any major organization. They were widely regarded as "Agents of Chaos" and the Senate claimed they were a menace. In some cases, they were feared more than the Sith. They were known for wearing neutral-colored robes and carrying white lightsabers. They were believed to have originated from Gray Jedi.

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