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Nathaniel Kenobi, or as he was more commonly known as Nathaniel Kenobi Clan Fett, was a former Jedi Knight and General for the Old Republic. He was a survivor of The Jedi Purge. He was also the husband of Abigaile Jade and the father of Abigaile Kenobi.

Taken away from his parents at an early age, just like every other Jedi before him, Nathan was given training under the maverick Jedi Knight Huk'le, a student of another maverick Jedi, Plett. During his childhood, he began early friendships with Anakin Skywalker and Ferus Olin. The Clone Wars soon happened, and during them, Nathan found the path to the way he would view the Force for the remainder of his life.

Seeking to grant him the title of Jedi Knight, the Council arranged for him to conduct the Republic forces involved with the Vandal Wars. After showing off his prowess and skills, he was given the title of Jedi Knight, although it cost him his Master and his beliefs. Finding like-minded individuals like himself, he began to seek other ways to learn how to use the Force. Unfortunately, Order 66 prevented that.

The fall of the Jedi forced Nathan to flee with his two new apprentices—Ada Fey'lya and Udo Karr—and eventually, he was able to save many Jedi from extermination and slavery. His new vagabond life led him to Kamino, where he met the love of his life: Abigaile Jade. Saving the Kaminoans and finding them a new home, Nathan sought to destroy the Sith.

After his wife died during his reckless attempts to kill Vader and Palpatine, Nathan lived the next part of his life in a state of self-exile. Eventually, Nathan died of natural causes, and his legacy was left in the form of his daughter.


Early Life

Nathaniel Kenobi was born on the planet Alderaan to his parents, who were descendants of Jesi Cordek and related to Obi-Wan Kenobi. His parents immigrated to the Outer Rim planet Jrack, when he was one, and it was there where Nathan was found by his future master, Huk'le, and taken to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, where he remained to train for eight more years, before being called on assignment patrolling the shipping lanes of the Hydian Way.

Nathan and Huk'le remained on the Hydian Way for several years, protecting Republic shipping from various pirates and Trade Federation raiders. When Nathan turned thirteen, he and Huk'le were relocated to Coruscant once again and, from then on, he was often paired with three apprentices who would later become his friends: Anakin Skywalker, Ferus Olin, and Jak Virtus. Nathan started to gain his signature carefree attitude during this time, being well-known across the Temple as a practical joker who was not to be crossed.

Nathan, Anakin, and Ferus—along with their masters—were assigned to go to Korriban to seek out several criminals, as well as the mad scientist Jenna Zan Arbor. During the course of their mission, another apprentice's lightsaber was damaged and Ferus repaired it for the student, although he was unable to properly do so. In the heat of battle, the lightsaber short circuited and yet another apprentice, Darra Thel-Tanis, came dying to save Ferus and Nathan. Ferus was guilt-ridden over what had happened and would hear none of Nathan's attempts to say it was not his fault and instead left the Order.

Nathan never fully recovered from losing his friend, but he continued on with his studies, excelling at lightsaber training foremost and Force usage the least. Nathan and Huk'le traveled to other planets before the start of the Clone Wars, among them Taris, Telos IV, Falleen, and Naboo. On each mission, Nathan grew stronger and wiser in the Force, ready to attain the rank of Jedi Knight, but that would have to wait, as the Galaxy had erupted into war.

Vandal Wars

The Vandal Wars were some of the most devastating brawls I've ever seen. It's odd how we could have two different wars at the same time and yet they don't seem to bother the other. In the end, though, that didn't matter, I soon found that there were some flaws in the Jedi Code. If someone as noble as my friend the Anointed One had been looked over for training because of low Force-sensitivity and not because of who he was as a person, then maybe I don't want to be a Jedi anymore. Maybe I just want to go rogue, train any and all who will come to me. I'm so confused now. I don't know what's right or wrong. I need guidance, but can't find it. The questions don't stop, but I will find the answers, this I swear.
—Excerpt from Nathan's holocron taken during the aftermath of his Knighting and the Vandal Wars

The Vandal Wars began after a group of smugglers banded together to gain territory and profit from under the Republic and CIS's prospective noses. Nathan was assigned to defeat them using any means possible and eventually did, twice.

He was assigned a small Republic taskforce under the command of an ARC named Joker, Nathan's Master Huk'le also accompanied him. (He was there because the Council had ordered him to record Nathan's actions, so that he could be given the title of Jedi Knight.) Nathan grew to enjoy Joker's company—something that would help him later in life—and constantly went to him for advice.

During the first part of the War, Nathan was forced to fight side-by-side with the CIS under the Anointed One. Nathan started a friendship with him that would later lead to the freedom of the Anointed One's people.

The Vandals were defeated in battle and thought to have been disbanded afterwards, but the battle was costly, as Huk'le was killed in action. Unfortunately, the ringleader, Hurk Choi, was still alive and resurrected them. Nathan was again given the duty of destroying them. Once again the Anointed One became his ally and Nathan found that he was Force-sensitive. But he knew that the Council would forbid the Anointed One's presence there, so he agreed to train him on the side.


The Anointed One

Once again, Nathan was able to defeat the Vandals and was able to relocate the Anointed One's family to their new home, safe from Separatist reprisal.

Vjun & Beyond

Master Yoda's insistence that I join him on his mission to Vjun proved to be one of the biggest boons to my mental health. So many questions I had were going unanswered, but I learned a thing or two during my time with Scout and Whie. I was right to say that the Jedi Code doesn't have all the answers. Attachment shouldn't be forbidden, discrimination because of low Force-sensitivity was horrible, and that maybe we were all just denying our rights to live like normal people because we were...afraid. I was pressured to contact the Belsavis enclave and ask for a transfer, as the rumors said that Masters Plett and Djinn Altis were not above trying new things out. But I am willing to see the good in the Order and see if I can help change it in some way.
—Excerpt taken from Nathan's holocron following the Mission to Vjun

Nathan was Knighted after the war and asked Master Yoda if he could accompany him to Vjun along with two Masters and their apprentices. He wanted to learn how one should treat their padawans, as he was about to receive his in a manner of days. Yoda agreed and he learned of the right way, even though the Masters were killed by Asajj Ventress and Nathan was severely wounded in the chest.

He also mentored Scout and Whie Malreaux on the dark side and several fallacies he had found in the Jedi and Sith, he also expressed into them that they should find it for themselves, for he saw that the two would marry in secret and would need guidance.


The planet Vjun

Though he would not pick them as padawans, he would give anything to see to their happiness, including promising to be the one who would use his right as a Jedi to help the two receive a legal marriage when the time was right.

When they touchdowned on Vjun, Nathan went away to cover their expedition into the caves. Using the underused Force power destroy droid, he brought the destruction of several Separatist squads.

He helped his uncle and Anakin Skywalker free the padawans and Yoda, and went back to the Temple, content in the knowledge that he would know how to properly apprentice someone.

Nathan would work undercover with such notable Jedi, Mandalorians, and ARCs as Etain Tur-Mukan, Kal Skirata, and Darman. The group would work together in a black ops campaign that effectively ended a major smuggling and criminal organization on Coruscant. During this time, he grew a friendship with Etain, and even learned of her relationship with Darman. He was also granted the nickname of Kandosii Jetiise Di'kut, or Noble Jedi Idiot by the ARCs, which he actually enjoyed, as it was high praise from any Mandalorian to be called an noble Jedi, even if idiot was at the end.

Jedi Under Siege

Anakin...why? The two of us were the best of friends at times, but never did I foresee this. Anakin...vile betrayer of the Jedi? There's got to be a reason for it. Wait, Obi-Wan told was Padme—his wife. *A minute's pause before he talks again* He fell to the dark side because of attachment. I believe that attachment is okay, but he took his love too far, that is why he fell, and that is why I shall come out better for it.
—Excerpt from Nathan's holocron following Operation Knightfall.

But before he could pick an apprentice, he was called away to protect the Outer Rim world of Jrack, coincidently the place where his parents had relocated after a family feud on Alderaan. There he met his parents and saw the horrible conditions they were living in and arranged them passage to Corellia.

After the Battle of Jrack, Nathan went to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to meditate and calm himself, because during the battle he had felt the dark side calling to him, to all the Jedi, mocking them, saying that they would come to an end. He had hoped to reach Master Yoda, but he had left for Kashyyyk already.

The voice sounded cold, distant, and full of hatred towards him and the other Jedi in general. Meditating in the Jedi Temple to discover the source of the voice, he had a premonition of a mysterious figure who was draped in a black cloak. The area surrounding him was pitch black and if it weren't for the strange being's golden eye, Nathan would never have gotten a general idea of what he looked like.

Who are you? Why have you spoken with me, vile creature? What purpose do you stand to gain from my misfortune?
Oh, that our questions could always be answered. I have a response, but the answer is forever sealed from you, little one. You are important for reasons beyond your understanding. I have come to break you, to tell you of the misfortune to come, only for you to find out that no one will believe you. As to my purpose...does it matter what I am to do?
Of course it matters! Why are you here? Answer me!
I grow weary of this debate, little one. I have a message for you before I go. All that you know is at an end. The dark side will reign supreme yet again.

And with that, the mysterious being left Nathan alone to ponder what his meaning was. The cryptic message left Nathan feeling uneasy for the next couple of days. When he tried to tell Master Windu of his vision, the Jedi Master merely took it as a bad dream and told Nathan to recuperate by finally getting a padawan.

Nathan was then shown two younglings, a Human named Udo Rand and a Bothan named Ada Fey'lya. He was supposed to pick one as an apprentice, but he felt the Force leading him to pick both of them.

Doomsday eventually fell, when the dark side's "prediction" came true: Darth Vader, formerly Nathan's friend Anakin Skywalker, had come with the legions of the 501st. Nathan fought Vader, the he was outmatched by the Chosen One. He was semi-relieved from the fight, when an old friend of his came by and helped combat Vader: Jak Virtus. Although it was two against one, they were no problem for the Sith Lord. Realizing the only escape was through retreat, Nathan and Jak fled to two different spots of the Temple. As Nathan could no longer feel his friend's presence in the Force—the dark side was clouding his Force sight—he left the Temple behind with Bail Organa.


Nathan fights Vader to buy time for Ada and Udo

Meeting with Yoda and his uncle, Obi Wan Kenobi, Nathan was told to remain with Bail Organa along with Ada and Udo, but he had other ideas. But before he did anything, he meditated on what he should do next. In his meditations, he came up with a five phase plan to save the Jedi and Republic. (He would eventually add more as new situations arose.)

The first was to make sure Scout and Whie were okay and that they were safe on Qiilura. The second was to warn the Belsavis enclave of the dangers that had just arisen, as Belsavis was mainly cut off from the rest of the Galaxy. The third was to go to Kamino and destroy the clones, so the Empire couldn't grow more to kill the Jedi and rule over the Galaxy. The fourth one was to fine Vader and Palpatine, and kill them. The fifth and last one was to restore order to the Galaxy by re-establishing the Republic and serving as Supreme Chancellor before a suitable replacement could be found.

The Wheel & Byss

After leaving Bail, I knew the first thing I must do was seek Scout and Whie out, and find out if they'd reached the Gurlanins like I'd promised them they would. Unfortunately, they hadn't, but Whie had managed to escape and informed me that Scout and he had been kidnapped by a pair of bounty hunters who were interested in making some credits off of the bounty on Jedi. He also told me that they were using her as bait for me to come, as I apparently had a larger price on my head. Part of me was flattered by the attention I was getting, but the other was warning me back, telling me to think through this instead of unleashing all Chaos in my attempt to free Scout. It turned out well, but the news I received wasn't as pleasant. Belsavis had fallen and the enclave had mysteriously disappeared, while the Jedi AgriCorps had also been taken. Dark Times indeed.
—Excerpt taken from Nathan's holocron about the Jedi bounties and their affects on his life.

The Wheel

Following the trail of the transport he had put Whie and Scout on to shuttle them to Qiilura, he found it had been boarded by two bounty hunters—Koh'la'wenimox and Tene-brith—who had taken two Human adolescents and left the transport behind. Further investigating found that the two bounty hunters were currently on the Wheel.

Discretely as possible, Nathan went to the Wheel, where he found a haggard looking Whie, who had escaped from his captors and fled to the underlevels of the station. He had intended to find some way to contact Nathan, but had feared he had died on Coruscant during the Purge. After coaxing more information out of him, Nathan learned that the two bounty hunters intended to bring him in for more credits, as he had a higher price on his head.

Carefully, he stalked the two bounty hunters and was able to kill the Devaronian, while the ZeHethbra remained where Scout was held captive: with a blaster pointed to her head should Nathan come in. Instead of charging in to save her, Nathan meditated calmly, using his Ghosting power to retrieve Scout from the clutches of the bounty hunter. After trying to negotiate with her, Nathan was forced to kill Tene-brith, as she was threatening to destroy the entire station with a bunch of thermal detonators.


The planet Byss

With Scout and Whie now safe on Qiilura and under the Gurlanin's protection, Nathan set his sights for Belsavis. Unfortunately, he learned through contacts on the Wheel that the enclave had been razed and the Jedi gone missing. Hoping and praying that the special comlink he had given Callista Ming during an earlier adventure was still working, he sent an encoded message to her, telling her of his intentions to help them. With the ambiguity of the situation, Nathan instead went to free the AgriCorps members who had been captured very early in the Purge.

Figuring out that the AgriCorps members were being taken to the Deep Core world of Byss, they posed as Czerka officials after stealing their ship and proceeded to the planet. But the sheer ferocity of the dark side energies coming from the planet forced Nathan back, as he couldn't bear them.

After meditating for a while and convincing a fledgling smuggler named Roa that they needed to use his ship for passage to Byss, they set out to free them. Arriving on Byss, he told Ada and Udo to remain behind, while he looked for the AgriCorps Jedi.


Palpatine and Nathan fight for the first time on Byss.

Eventually, he found the AgriCorps members, but he was forced to withdraw because Emperor Palpatine had arrived to oversee his little project. It appeared that Palpatine was sending the AgriCorps Jedi into two distinct groups: one with Humans and Near-Humans, the other solely made up of aliens. Palpatine's xenophobia extended to the people he wanted to train.

Palpatine sensed Nathan's presence and applauded him for getting in this far without being detected. He boldly told Nathan that as a reward for his bravery, he was to become one his Emperor's Hands. Nathan bluntly told Palpatine that he deserved to go into each of the nine Corellian hells for eternity. Palpatine, angered, ignited his lightsaber, while Nathan did the same. Both fell upon the other with such a force and rage that the very ground beneath them vibrated their intensity.

Palpatine's usage of the majority of the lightsaber forms was far superior to Nathan's usage of a combination of Jar'Kai, Soresu, Vaapad, Ataru, Shien, and Niman, but Nathan had his youthfulness and guile to his advantage. But even that was nothing before the Dark Lord of the Sith. Palpatine pushed him backwards and was about to skewer him, when the planet's defenses came online and targeted him, letting Nathan escape and the alien group of AgriCorps Jedi escape with him.

Apparently, Ada and Udo had disobeyed his orders and explored the planet, where they had befriended an Aefan AgriCorps member named Greil, who was an expert in technology. They had convinced him to save Nathan and had also been able to steal a ship, which they used to flee Byss.

With the AgriCorps Jedi behind him, Nathan set his sights on Kamino, but he a warrant for his arrest and a holo of the ship they had taken was broadcast throughout the Galaxy, making getting there almost impossible. They were pulled from hyperspace by the Interdictor Palpatine's Fury, but they were able to escape when Nathan Force persuaded the captain in charge that he had gotten the wrong vessel, and even managed to received docking codes to the Kaminoan space station.

Kamino and the Clone Rebellion

I've a thought a great deal on this issue, Ada. My job as a Jedi is to protect life, no matter what it may be. What does that mean? What's the purpose? Are there times when that rule to protect causes me to kill in order to protect life? Why are we here? Questions that are not easily answered. When the Empire took over and the Jedi died, it looked as if the very values I'd held dear for twenty-one years of my life, were gone, almost as if they were only dust in the wind. New tactics had to be found, harsh decisions had to be made, but they were only to protect the Jedi, so they could return and help protect life. By doing this Ada, I am protecting not only the Jedi by removing the threat of capture, but I am helping life, as the Jedi will arise after I have moved to the final phase of my plan. That doesn't make it easier, it's never easy to willingly kill someone, but, sometimes, Ada, the ends justify the means. I hate myself for saying that, but it must be done for the good of the Galaxy, for the good of the Jedi, and the good of everything that lives.
—Nathan explaining to Ada why he had decided to commit genocide against the clones.

The planet Kamino

Making his way to Kamino, Nathan began learning the stories of the AgriCorps Jedi, making sure to inform them of his intent to right the wrongs the Jedi had done to them by not training them. He found loyal allies in Pandraxon, Logh-Urr, and Brashus, who wasn't actually a Force-sensitive, he had just been taken because he worked with the AgriCorps as a communications engineer.

Docking at the space station under the assumed name of Titus Thul, Nathan boarded it to learn about the planet's defenses before barging in to destroy it. He also intended to use the station as a means to broadcast a message to the Kaminoans, telling them that he intended to destroy their planet and that they should leave beforehand.

That was prevented, however, by the arrival of a beautiful woman, who shot Nathan with a tranquilizer. He awoke in a hospital bed where he discovered he was being watched by a clone physician who he found out was named Doc. Doc explained that the Kaminoans had decided to rebel against the Empire and were about to flee the planet before the news got out.

Lama Su, Taun We, and the woman who had shot him earlier, Abigaile Jade, came into the hospital to greet him. After assuring him that the Jedi he had with him were safe and walking freely on the planet, he heard them out. Towards the end of the conversation, he saw Abigaile developing tears and was about to ask what was wrong when she left the room crying a flood.


Asajj Ventress, redeemed Sith

He immediately followed her to her quarters, where she had locked the door and laid on her bed, reliving her dark past. On the way there, he was stopped by a face from the past: Asajj Ventress. Surprised at the new development he ignited his lightsabers and was about to lunge at her, when he noticed she had done nothing to defend herself from him. Demanding an explanation, she gave a long recollection of surviving Boz Pity and eventually coming to Kamino, where she felt that she could help. She was the leader of the planet's new praxeum of Jedi learners, but they were following something called the Potentium.

Unsure of what to think, he kept his lightsabers ignited and waited for her response. She replied that she had no interest in fighting him, as she was more worried about the state of her greatest student. He replied that he would go talk to her, not a Jedi murderer. She sighed and let him got to console Abigaile, saying that she was a new person, and that he could either get over that or leave.

Angered, but still curious as to why Abigaile left so abruptly, he asked if he could come in. Grudgingly, she let him in and he asked why she had acted as she had. Sorrowfully, she recounted the story of her past. Her mother was a Jedi Knight who had fallen in love with a bounty hunter, but he was killed in Mandalorian Civil War after she became pregnant and the Jedi Council had exiled her for forsaking the Code. The Jedi who had killed her father was almost the exact lookalike of Nathan and he had reminded her of him, scaring her.

After her husband had died, Ilita had become a broken woman. She managed to live long enough to give birth to Abigaile, but she died in the process. As a result, Abigaile had blamed all Jedi for the deaths of her parents. Nathan, stunned, almost didn't know what to say, but he began to talk about how sometimes life gave you some things that aren't exactly the best in the world to deal with. How you endure and get rid of them defines who you are.

He told of how he had been forced to leave his parents behind on Jrack because of what the Jedi taught of attachment. His reunion with them had been bittersweet and had ruined any hope of his staying a Jedi. But Nathan said that he would persevere, as there were people, nations, and planets who were counting on his success.

He then bluntly asked her how she could hate all Jedi, yet help Asajj in her training. Realizing her hypocrisy, she cried again, but this time, she wasn't alone in her sorrow. Someone finally understood her and her pain.

A month later, Nathan had been fully integrated into the Rebellion and was working on ghosting the developing clones to specialized transport ships. The leaders of the planet had decided that the best option for them was to try and join the Mandalorians.

While he was working with several of the apprentices, he was interrupted by Abigaile, who started asking questions about how their relationship was going. Usually, Nathan would have been taken aback by such an outburst, but he had an ace up his sleeve. While Abigaile was ranting, he spoke to her and told her to close her eyes.

The Jedi Code states that a Jedi is to avoid attachment; it says nothing about celibacy.

Abigaile and Nathan are married on Kamino

Touched by his words and his usual way of delivering them, she hugged him, but he pushed her back for a second to reveal a surprise. He and Doc had found a large Force-sensitive crystal on the planet and he had decided to present it to her. He bent down and proposed to her, to which she gladly accepted.

The wedding was planned for the very day they planned to leave the planet. In a marvelous ceremony, the two married by Lama Su, who had special privileges to act as a minister should the need arise. Unfortunately, though, their wedding day was mired by the appearance of the Empire—the Battle of Kamino had begun.

Quickly changing into more appropriate attire for the battle, they began to fight off the Imperial troops that had landed on the planet. Stormtroopers of the 501st began flooding the halls, killing all who stood in their way and the men who were leading them were none other than Darth Vader and Boba Fett, Abigaile's adopted brother.


Nathan and Abigaile fight off the stormtroopers

Many of the Jedi trainees were killed that day, among them were Asajj Ventress, Greil, and Nam Poorf. Nathan began to duel Vader, while Abigaile fought off Boba. The situation looked hopeless.

Luckily, Clone Commander Alpha was able to send down several LAAT gunships to save them. Abigaile was shot and knocked unconscious by Boba, so Nathan broke off his attack on Vader to save her. The commandos sent to save them arrived and they fled aboard the gunships. Nathan swore to his unconscious wife that nothing like that would ever happen to her again.

Novus Kamino Prime

Novus Kamino Prime. Odd name choice wouldn't you think? I've never understood Kaminoans, but this name really threw me off course. New Kamino Prime? My personal views on Kaminoans aside, it was purely the Force that drew us there. The planet was strong in it, and there were rumors that the neighboring systems contained undocumented species that we could ally with in our fight for survival. We eventually found one of the species when they were attacked by unknown invaders. We later found that these were rogue elements of an extragalactic species called the Yuuzhan Vong. The worst thing about these guys was that I couldn't sense them in the Force, but that wasn't the only thing bothering me for they had—seemingly—passed over several sectors for no apparent reason at all and just stopped here for some reason. I found this strange, because, from what I am told about the size and shape of the Galaxy, the Ottiumigos Centrality was pretty far away from their initial point of entry into our Galaxy. It was almost as if a higher power had made them skip past the hundreds of sectors and just decide that the Centrality was ripe for the taking...
—Excerpt taken from Nathan's holocron on the founding of Novus Kamino Prime and the introduction of the Yuuzhan Vong.

Novus Kamino Prime

Several days after the battle, Nathan was still awaiting his wife's return from her bacta recovery. In that time period, he left the medical bay only to eat and sleep, otherwise, he stayed in the bacta room, patiently helping his wife regain consciousness. Five days into her treatment, he noticed that he was beginning to hear her thoughts, and that she was receiving his.

Perplexed, he went to his family holocron for answers. The Gatekeeper, the Jedi Exile, explained to him the Force bond, which the two had developed over the short period of time they had shared together. The Gatekeeper explained that such things were not unheard of, and that the bond could be revitalized and restored by regularly spending time together and sharing their thoughts and feelings without anything being held back, otherwise, the bond would falter and the both of them would feel a sense of great loss.

Thanking the Gatekeeper, he went to check on his wife, who he found had just woken up. Relieved, he let Abigaile out and explained the Force bond the two shared. He also recollected the events of the past few days.

The fleet had attempted to reach the Mandalore Sector, but had barely received word of a trap when they had to engage a small fleet near Obroa-skai. After defeating the Imperials, they decided that their best option was to scout hideaways in the Outer Rim, where even the locals would have a hard time locating. The search led them near the planet Toola, where they had discovered in the neighboring sector a place of almost impossible hyperspace routes. Luckily, small contingents of the fleet had been able to look inside and discover a habitable planet. They were all planning to go there now and settle.

Also in that time period, Nathan had been able to contact two distinct groups of people. The first was a smuggling ring being led by a former friend, a fellow renegade Jedi named Olee Starstone. They had agreed to ship supplied to the fledgling colony and to guarantee no one else would finding where they had gone. The second was more important to the colony's growth in Nathan's opinion: his message to the Belsavis enclave had not gone unanswered, Jedi Master Plett had received it and had flown his enclave to Kamino, but had been warned off by Nathan, who gave him the coordinates of Novus Kamino Prime. The colony would have the Jedi to provide a police force until proper procedures could be enacted.


One of the many Yuuzhan Vong ships that invaded the Ottiumigos Centrality

Landing on the colony, they designed plans for the planet's first ever city: Utosh Karp. They also began building a Jedi praxeum for Nathan to use for his new students. Settling down for a week, they thought that nothing could go wrong, until they received a distress call from the neighboring Ottiumigons. Taking the majority of the fleet with them, Alpha, Nathan, and Abigaile were able to save the leader of the Ottiumigons, Gzeldff Hufhm, and the majority of the Ottiumigon population. The battle with the beings who had invaded the system proved inconclusive, so they fled back to Novus Kamino Prime. Nathan was unsettled, because of the fact he hadn't been able to sense their foes in the Force! Whatever the invaders were, they were a force to be reckoned with.

Meeting with Alpha and Doc, of whom he had formed a secret triumvirate with to ensure the safety of the colony, they decided that their next best course of action would be to send a reconnaissance team to Ottiumigos Prime and gather as much intelligence on the invaders as possible. To accompany them, Alpha brought some of the best ARCs the planet had to offer: Shocker, a clone repairman; Flyboy, a Jet Trooper; Crash, the demolitions expert; and Sneaky, the best sniper in the Galaxy. Reluctantly, they were forced to bring Lama Su along, who intended to talk to the invaders and start negotiations.

They were ready to leave when Nathan was interrupted by his wife, who told him that he had better come back. If not for her sake, but for their child's. Astounded at the prospect of becoming a father, Nathan almost sent Pandraxon to go in his place, but he knew that he had to go. With tears streaming down his face, he hugged his wife and left the planet for the mission.


Commander Hooley Krekk

As soon as they entered the system, disaster struck, as Lama's stealth unit failed during their descent to the planet and he was presumed killed. After a quick memorial service, Nathan and the clones surveyed the area. They learned from a deformed member of the species that the beings were called the Yuuzhan Vong, and they were only a small faction of them. Apparently, their leader, a Commander by the name of Hooley Krekk, had a disagreement with their leader over invading this Galaxy and had attempted a coup with his loyal warriors. After that failed, they had fled here to escape the wrath of their leader.

Nathan, sensing the presence of Lama inside the main building the invaders had made, forgot about the spying and rushed head-on to find him. Eventually, he found Lama, but he also found Hooley Krekk, of whom decided to show his dominance over the Jeedai by killing him. In a short battle, Hooley was defeated and forced to recall his troops who had invaded Novus Kamino Prime. A treaty was signed and the invaders left, promising never to return.

The End of All Happiness

Why? Why did I ever act so foolishly? Why did I not see the signs? I fell, but, in my philosophy that is impossible. I use both "sides" of the Force to combat that which would destroy the innocent and pure. Why didn't I see it coming? *The recording pauses, but there are distinct sounds of sobbing in the background* I lost her because I was selfish. All I ever wanted was to protect her and my child. IS THAT SO WRONG?!? *More background sobbing* My arrogance blinded me, caused me to cast away any fears of falling to my own darkness and in the process, it cost me the very thing I cherished the most in this entire Galaxy: my wife and child. Sure, I was able to save them from Vader and Palpatine, but my relief and inaction caused the death of my wife. My daughter would also have been lost if not for my wife's spirit telling me to go on—which was the very thing I didn't want to do—and rescue her. I should have realized I was making the very mistakes Ana...Vader made. Why was I so blind?
—Excerpt taken from Nathan's holocron discussing the choices he made that forever changed his life.

Several months after the Yuuzhan Vong had left the sector, Novus Kamino Prime was a place of peace and tranquility in all but one person: Nathan. So far, Nathan had completed three phases out of five of his plan. Palpatine and Vader were still running amok and the Galaxy was still under the iron fist of the Empire, with no sign of any rebellion bringing back the Republic.

Baby Leia

Abigaile Kenobi as a child

Sulking in his quarters, he began to think of what he could do to bring about the changes he needed for his grand plans to be completed. Noticing how he was distancing himself from everyone, Abigaile sought to console Nathan, but he shut off their bond, causing her to go into a early labour. Horrified at what he done, he called Doc immediately and the two of them were able to save both her and the baby, who he named after her: Abigaile Kenobi.

It seemed bond the two shared had fatal consequences if either of the two severed their "connection" from the other. He decided that the triumvirate would have to go through drastic measures soon before there could be true peace in his opinion. But, before he did that, he revealed the vow he had made to Abigaile while she had been unconscious concerning her protection, which she simply laughed at. While she admired his affection and concern, she replied that nothing would ever be the way it had been and that he should just get over it. She also made her husband promise that he would never force the people of the colony to fight in a war against the Empire unless they attacked first.

Not wanting to accept that and seeing his wife's mortality was still an issue, he started to distance himself even further from her, until he could find a way to end all the suffering the two of them would always have with the shadow of the Empire remaining where it was. Collaborating with Doc and Alpha, they were able to trick an Imperial vessel to destroy a reconnaissance ship near the Centrality border. A declaration of war followed and the fleet left for Toola, where they intended to meet the Empire and win.

Before that could happen, though, Nathan received a visit from a Force ghost: Asajj's. Ventress bluntly told Nathan that he was making a fool of himself by doing this and revealed to him two different futures. One where he forgot about fighting the Empire and instead built Novus Kamino Prime to become a great power and eventually, they would help another rebellion to oust the Empire. The other would occur if he fought at Toola, which would result in the lost of one of his family members, which would haunt him for the rest of his life. Nathan, whose arrogance blinded him to common sense, told Asajj to leave him alone and he departed with the fleet.

A guilty conscience proved to be the end of all happiness for Nathan—Doc had decided that what he had done with Nathan and Alpha had been wrong, and he was seeking atonement. He recounted all that had transpired in the meetings of the triumvirate, including Nathan's plans to keep his promise and make sure the Empire shot first. Abigaile, shocked at the development, lost grip of her daughter—Doc managed to catch her—and fell back into a chair in her quarters.


The planet Tatooine

Nathan had lied to her. Her husband was untrustworthy and that was no good for a lasting relationship to be built upon. Dampening her part of the Force bond, she took her child from Doc, left a cryptic message for Nathan and left the planet for Tatooine, where she wanted to meet with Nathan's uncle, Obi-Wan, and discuss what she should do next. She found herself captured by two smugglers and brought to the Emperor's secret planet of Wayland, where he prepared a trap for Nathan.

Nathan, distraught to find that his wife had actually left him, followed her cryptic letter to Tatooine, where he found his uncle, who had learned of all that had transpired thanks to the courageousness of Abigaile's personal droid, Kex. Chastising his nephew for the damage he had wrought, he then made Nathan prove his worth so that Nathan could learn where Abigaile had been taken. Passing the test, Nathan learned that they had been sent to Wayland and went to rescue them.

Negotiating with the natives, he was able to reach the Emperor's storehouse and was about to look for his family when Palpatine announced that he had been led into a trap. To further his point, he pointed out to Nathan the three ysalamiri which were blocking his ability to use the Force. Nathan merely laughed and said a smuggler friend of his had made something that could resist the ysalamir and gave it to Nathan, who had heard of the transportation of the ysalamir thanks to another smuggler.


Nathan fights Palpatine for the second time

Enraged at how his plans had failed, Palpatine ignited his lightsaber and fought Nathan for the second time. This time, however, Nathan was more prepared and had the better motivation. He was able to trick Palpatine into thinking he was elsewhere and proceeded to look for his family.

Misfortune seemed to follow him like a Sullustan Mirehound, for Vader showed up with his wife's body in hand. Tossing her aside, he ignited his lightsaber and charged Nathan. Nathan was able to repel the first assault, but still began to buckle under Vader's immense power.

Out of nowhere, Vader snatched Nathan's lightsabers and threw them aside. Utilizing Force speed, he knocked Nathan down and began to interrogate him for information concerning the location of the renegade clones, the hideout of the Belsavis and AgriCorps Jedi, and whereabouts of Obi-Wan, of whom he knew had met Nathan.

Nathan spit on Vader's armor and summoned his lightsaber to skewer Vader through his left elbow. Vader leaped back in pain and Nathan recovered his lightsabers. He used Force lightning to further incapacitate Vader and went for his wife. Holding her in his arms, he began to weep, but wept even more after a blastershot ended it all for him. Wilhuff Tarkin and Gilad Pellaeon had shot and killed Abigaile Jade Kenobi. Life was meaningless now.

But, unnoticed to him at the time, his wife disappeared as if she had never existed in the first place. Realizing she had become one with the Force he wept even more, but was hushed by an ethereal voice, which proved to be his wife. Telling Nathan that she had forgiven him for what he had done the past few months, she made him realize that their daughter was still alive, and that he could save her life.


Vader interrogates Nathan about the Rebellion, the AgriCorps Jedi, and the location of Obi-Wan

Freeing his daughter from captivity, he retreated to Novus Kamino Prime, where the people marked the day as one of mourning. An honorary funeral was arranged and Nathan was distraught. He had seen visions of future despair in the lives of the populace, but knew that he would not be a factor in any of it.

Grudgingly, he took his daughter and told the people of Novus Kamino Prime that there would come a day when they would have a serious schism, and that only a descendant of his would be able to save them from it. He left the Jedi praxeum under the care of Plett, Logh-Urr, and Pandraxon, and so left his life as a member of any affiliation.

The last years of his life, he devoted to developing his daughter to become a powerful user of the Force. He also spent the majority of it in the Unknown Regions, even helping the reclusive Chiss in a battle against the Yuuzhan Vong, a group that was headed by Hooley Krekk himself. The two dueled for a day and a half, with Nathan coming out the victor. The Yuuzhan Vong were repelled and the Chiss Ascendancy saved.

After solving a dispute among two races in the Unknown Regions, he found that he was about to die of natural causes. Making sure his daughter would be well taken care of, he instructed his holocron to teach her everything he had learned when she was ready. In 7 BBY, he succumbed to an unknown disease, leaving a vast legacy behind him.


Years later, during the Yuuzhan Vong war, Nathan's grandson, Nathaniel Kenobi Solo found his grandfather's holocron that told of the trouble that the colony was in and stated that he was the only one who could stop it. Nathaniel Kenobi, Abigaile Jade, and Nathan's mother—Abigaile Kenobi's—force-ghosts told him of the trials that were inevitable to come towards him, but he says that he can take it. With his ancestor's blessing, the youngest Nathan left for the colony and the knowledge that he must stop the Great Schism before it was too late.

The impact of Nathan's self-exile forced the Master's at the Novus Kamino Prime praxeum to rethink their positions. Over the years, several of them grew complacent and the government of the planet slowly became a dictatorship. Luckily, it was stopped before it could get too strong. However, without an effective leader like Nathan, the Jedi's power waned.

Nathan's young apprentices Ada and Udo Karr would never forget their Master and dedicated their lives to his memory. Udo took it more to heart and later found himself killed by his own padawan the year before the Great Schism. Ada, on the other hand, lived to see his grandson and vowed to honor her Master's memories by helping him.

Personality and traits

Nathan was at first a shy, good-natured individual, but after his apprenticeship with Huk'le and the Vandal Wars, he grew to become more jocular and head-strong. He was also known for his practical jokes during his stays at the Jedi Temple. (At one point he made a student who was practicing Force push in front of Master Mundi sneeze and throw the Master into the Temple's fountain.)

After Order 66, Nathan grew angry and would fuel his rage by killing any stormtrooper he came across, when he saw his actions reflecting upon his young apprentices, he stopped, ashamed of what he had done. But he still retained that anger, and it would only be after the death of his wife that he finally learned how to control it. Unfortunately, he also grew a little depressed at this, but was still able to raise his daughter in a happy state of mind.

His anger usually came out as words that very few sentients uttered. This uncontrollable cussing would almost become a "family heirloom", with each generation passing on the "gift" of swearing. Only one person was able to shut him up when he fell into one of these moods and Abigaile was prone to do the same thing herself.

Nathan's inexperience with languages usually soured diplomatic exploits with his Master. One time he caused an incident on Bartokk III, where he offered a simple handshake and gave a misinterpreted phrase of the native language. However, Nathan was able to speak fluent Kaminoan, Mando'a and could converse in Shyriiwook.

Powers and abilities

He was one of the few Jedi in existence who can actually "transport" himself and other items from one place to another. What he refers to as ghosting. Besides that, and after he began tutelage under the former Sith Asajj Ventress, he learned that one can use the Potentium and not fall to the dark side. He was a powerful advocate of its use.

Nathan was also adept at holding dual bladed lightsabers. One was green and the other cyan. He was excellent at Jar'Kai combat and even defeated the aggressive Emperor Palpatine in combat. His skills at the lightsaber were placed within his holocron and they were required learning at the Academy on Ossus.

His inability to repair ships and the like became a pet peeve and he constantly threw rages whenever he was faced with something that dealt with mechanics. Luckily, Abigaile was a fine mechanic and instrumental in helping him maintain his ship, Nathan's Fury. With her help, he gradually began to learn the basics of the art and got better over time.

Nathan was also a gifted pilot and was constantly involved with aerial and space assaults during both the Vandal and Clone Wars. His experience as a pilot helped him to evade Imperial patrols and eventually brought him to become leader of Slag Squadron. His piloting skills were passed down to his daughter and grandson, who excelled at it. There were some who said that he was the better of the group, though.

Behind the Scenes

Nathaniel Kenobi was originally going to be a male Mandalorian clone of Jango Fett, who was found to be force-sensitive by the Jedi Master, Callista Ming. After journeying to Coruscant to discern the purpose of Order 66, they would have decided to destroy the cloning facilities on Kamino. The ending would have had the clone turning to the dark side after learning Callista was not in love with him, but with the canonical Geith. He would then contact Darth Vader and tell him that she and other Jedi were stationed on the planet Belsavis. Feeling guilty, he would alert them. Dauntless, he would still destroy the facilities after a duel with Darth Vader and would have died, making sure no one could make another one of them again.

The character of Sticks is based on this design and is not viewed as "canon".


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