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They took my planet. They took my Alliance. So I’m going to take my bullets and put them in their face.
—Nathanaeu Bastele

Nathanaeu Bastele was a Human male resistance fighter and politician who served as the final Chief of State of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, prior to its collapse during the Third Galactic Civil War. He was born on Corellia in 970 ABY, where he got his start in government service and came to believe in the virtues of a benevolent central government.

In 1,011 ABY, after the Third Galactic Civil War began, Bastele was elected Chief of State after establishing himself as a strong proponent of military action against the New Sith Imperium. During his time in office, the Alliance suffered numerous losses. He was briefly kidnapped by the Mandalorians, who used him as a hostage in order to safely pass through Alliance territory and reclaim their planets, which had previously been occupied by the Sith. After frequent policy disagreements, Bastele ultimately labeled the New Jedi Order as traitors when, after it became clear that the Battle of Coruscant was a certainty, the Jedi decided to flee Coruscant and leave the Alliance to fight against the Sith on their own.

Bastele was nearly killed during the Battle of Coruscant, which saw him become brutally wounded as the Alliance collapsed. He later recovered and fought during the years-long Battle of Corellia, where he became the leader of the anti-Sith resistance fighters. The resistance was unsuccessful, and the Sith conquered Corellia.


Early life and politics

Nathanaeu Bastele was born on Corellia in 970 ABY. He grew up in a poor family living in the slums of the planet, and his parents raised him to believe in the virtue of a benevolent galactic government that could help the people without compromising their independence—a strong independence that Corellians were historically known for. With this virtue instilled in him, Bastele chose to become a public servant so he could improve the lives of others.[1]

Once into adulthood, Bastele ran for and was elected to the Coronet City Council. As a member of the council, he took on the slumlords who had control over much of the city and took a stand against powerful criminals across the planet. This was part of his belief that politicians should have the courage to put others before themselves, though he also knew that, if he was successful, he would be re-elected to office. He remained on the City Council for seven years.[1]

Bastele ran for a seat in the Corellian Parliament after serving those seven years. This allowed him to represent Coronet City on a global level, as well as to deal with issues that were of importance to all of Corellia. He put forward policies meant to end poverty, and those measures reduced the poverty rate on the planet. Despite his push for more efforts, Parliament refused to enact additional measures, citing budgetary concerns. The poverty rate did not go back up, but it stopped dropping.[1]

Member of Congress

Having hit roadblocks in his anti-poverty campaign, Bastele announced his intention to run for Representative of Corellia in the Galactic Congress. He faced stiff opposition from the loudest voices in support of Corellian independence and limited involvement in the Galactic Alliance government, as they opposed his belief of having more involvement. Despite their push-back, Bastele campaigned on his beliefs and promised to bring federal aid to the Corellian poor. This brought enough support to his campaign to enable him to claim a narrow victory.[1]

His time in office saw him becoming a prominent representative, as he was a vocal supporter of federal intervention in the fight against poverty throughout the galaxy. He also encouraged the growth and success of businesses and sought investments in science and technology. Corellians were wary of his beliefs on governance, but they trusted Bastele himself. His policies helped the poor of Corellia still further, and he was re-elected a number of times as a result.[1]

During the cold war between the Galactic Alliance and the Sith-led Galactic Empire, Bastele was a critic of the government’s policies of containment. He did not believe that the Sith had any intention of seeking a peaceful resolution to the diplomatic tensions, given their historical tendency to wage war on the Jedi and the democratic governments of the galaxy.[1]

Chief of State

Today I stand before you, having taken the oath of Chief of State of this alliance, humbled by the faith that has been entrusted in me, humbled by the faith of our people in a time of war, and humbled by the generosity of spirit that I have received from all of you.―Bastele during his inaugural address in 1,011 ABY[src]

In 1,011 ABY, shortly before the outbreak of the Third Galactic Civil War, Chief of State Valafar Lamartine resigned from office, citing health concerns. Although Sage Master and Jedi High Council member Jhon Cordatus was appointed as interim-Chief of State, an election for a new Chief of State was called. Bastele was nominated for the office, a nomination which he accepted.[1]

When the election was held, after the formal declaration of war against the Galactic Empire-turned-New Sith Imperium, Bastele was elected on the final ballot with 61% of the Congressional vote. He delivered his inaugural address shortly thereafter, criticizing the pacifist voices in the government for what he called their naivety in the face of destruction at the hands of the Sith. He advocated for further action against the Sith and called on the Alliance and its government to stand with him during the war effort.[1]

One of the first issues dealt with by the Bastele administration was the bombing of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Although it was widely recognized that Bastele’s new government did not create the conditions that allowed the attack to happen, the Chief of State faced questions on what steps his government would take to protect critical Alliance and Jedi facilities. In response, security was increased at Alliance and Jedi locations across the galaxy.[1]

The months that followed saw the outbreak of the Second Mandalorian Civil War between various competing Mandalorian forces. Bastele announced his intention to have the government remain neutral during the Mandalorian conflict, citing historical Alliance precedent in not becoming involved in the civil affairs of non-Alliance worlds.[4]

As the war progressed, Bastele remained moderately popular throughout the Alliance and the government, with the majority of people approving of his job performance. Progress for the Alliance military during the war effort was one of the key factors in his popularity.[1]

Personality and traits

From an early age, Bastele was a believer in benevolent and effective governance, which put him at odds with many of his fellow Corellians who historically believed that greater independence, not participation, from the central government was in Corellia’s best interests. Nonetheless, he fought for his convictions throughout all of his elections, and he convinced enough voters that he was right in order to win the offices that he ran for.[1]

He was not satisfied with only holding local office on Corellia. Each time he met successes or failures in his attempts to improve people's lives, Bastele sought a higher office to bring his beliefs to a higher level. This ultimately led to him accepting the nomination to run for Chief of State, where he felt he could do the most good as a politician. As Chief of State, he was an advocate for a military might against the Sith, believing that containment and appeasement would lead to Sith domination over the Alliance.[1]

Talents and abilities

Bastele was a politician who understood how to be elected to office and how to continue being re-elected. His efforts on combating poverty stemmed from a real desire to improve the lives of other beings, but he also had the political skill to know that such efforts, if successful, would lead to his re-election.[1]

Behind the scenes

Nathanaeu Bastele is a character in Star Wars Legacies, the fifth and current role-playing timeline of TheStarWarsRP.Com. He was first mentioned as a non-player character in a HoloNet News broadcast.[4] He later became a character played by Brandon Rhea, the website's Head Administrator.[1]


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