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You're a Sith? A Jedi? It doesn't matter to me. If you're against the Empire, it's fine to me.
—Kaxs to Namelesnnius

Namelesennius, or Lord Namelesennius, was a famous male Jedi Master that lived between 37 BBY and 177 ABY. Born without a name, he would later name himself to Namelesennius. He married Fle Ni-Tei during the time of the New Republic Era and became very good friends with Kaxs, who he met during his exile. Namelesennius was born on Coruscant to a poor pair that left him on the street since they had no money. When living on the streets Namelesennius at the age of five an unknown Jedi discovered him and took him to the Jedi Temple for training. While he was a Youngling, he became known for learning extremely fast, which would help him become a Padawan at the age of nine. In 23 BBY, he was granted the rank of Jedi Knight, which made him one of the youngest ever to be granted that rank. One year later, he was offered to join the Jedi Council, but he turned down the offer because he refused to participate in the Clone Wars. Some years after becoming a Jedi Knight, Namelesennius was exiled by the Council. He wanted to get away from Coruscant and to get away from it, so he settled on an empty planet, which he named Namelesennia after himself. He would there live until 5 BBY. During the time at Namelesennia, he met Kaxs, who would become a lifelong friend. He met Kaxs on Namelesennia when Namelesennius and Kaxs would together with the Rebels in order to defeat the En'rg-chan Sith Alliance. After the defeat of the Empire, he trained with Kaxs to become a Jedi Master and would later train Padawans at Luke's Jedi Academy. Namelesennius was a master of Form VI and Form VII that he learned incredibly fast, but he also trained many of the other forms after the Galactic Civil War.


Early life (37 BBY - 23 BBY)Edit


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When you’re growing up without parents on the street, without a name, without someone taking care of you, all you got is your friends … it was hard, but a good preparation for real life.
—Namelesennius to the Jedi Council

Namelesennius was born in 37 BBY. He lived on the streets of Coruscant during his whole childhood and had a weak memory of his parents, who he was abandoned by. There, life was tough he tried to make money by selling junk parts that he found, but it was hard competing with children in the same business. One day, a Jedi Knight was walking on that street where Namelesennius lived. Namelesennius saw his unusual clothing, and when the Jedi approached, he asked him for money. The Jedi gave him some credits and he felt his strong connection to The Force. They started a conversation, and Namelesennius showed the Jedi around trying to get extra credits. The Jedi told him about the Force and Jedi training and asked Namelesennius to come with him to the Jedi Temple.

Mission to Nar ShaddaaEdit

When Namelesennius was nine years old, in 28 BBY, he was sent to Nar Kreeta to investigate a crashed mining transport ship. Eventually, he was assigned to another mission before he arrived on the Hutt planet. He was contacted by Jedi Master Yoda and was ordered to abandon his mission and leave for Nar Shaddaa on a new mission; to save the kidnapped Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.

However, before Namelesennius could arrive at the Smuggler's Moon, his starfighter was caught by the tractor beam of a giant starship. Attacked by battle droids, Namelesennius fought his way to a prison cell. Realizing Palpatine was within, Namelesennius slashed the door open with his lightsaber. However, they could not return the same way as Namelesennius had entered, since both of them could not travel in his starfighter. They had to fight their way to the hangar.

Eventually, they were ambushed by a squad of destroyer droids. With no other choice, they surrendered and was brought to the command bridge. There, they met Viceroy Nute Gunray of the Trade Federation. Shocked by the fact that the Trade Federation was behind the kidnap of Chancellor Palpatine, Namelesennius discretely used the Force to use the control s of the ship, and thus set the course directly down into Nal Hutta. When the Neimoidians onboard discovered it, it was too late; it was impossible to stop the ship from crashing into the planet.

In panic, Nute Gunray left for the escape pods without caring about what happened to either Palpatine or Namelesennius. Palpatine and Namelesennius managed to leave in a shuttle just before the battleship crashed.

A week later, Namelesennius was forced to stand as a witness against Nute Gunray for kidnapping Palpatine. However, with the Trade Federation Senator Lott Dod as defense counsel, managed to leave without being punished - a consequence of Palpatine's and Namelesennius' lack of proofs. Thought, the events had made Jedi Master Plo Koon sure that Namelesennius was worthy to be a Jedi, and thus took him as his Padawan.

Exile (20 BBY - 0 BBY)Edit

In 30,000 BBY, Namelesennius exiled himself to an empty planet, he named it Namelesennia and explored the planet for the best place to meditate in and were he could train himself in the Force. He decided to settle in the unknown jungle regions of the southern part of the planet. For 5,000 years, he trained himself in The Force by meditating and studying. He constructed his first lightsaber using parts of his own ship; the lightsaber's blade was orange. During his exile, he built a temple to meditate in and he recorded his progress in a journal. There he lived peacefully and ate the plants that grew in the jungle. During the years of 25,000 BBY, the Republic started to grow and they saw the opportunity to mine Ryll on Namelesennia, so they built a small city with mining facilities on the north side of the planet around the Namelesennian sea. The city grew larger and with that, criminality grew to. The illegal trading of Twi'lek slaves from Ryloth was a big market and even some of the Republic officers helped the smugglers.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Namelesennius is a character named after and created by N@M3Le$$.
  • There is a Star Wars: Galaxies character called Namelesennius Namelesennius that is named after Namelesennius, which is a character N@M3Le$$ also created.
  • That Nute Gunray escapes from being arrested for kidnapping Supreme Chancellor Palpatine is a reference to Sio Bibble's line in Episode II: Attack of the Clones, where he states that Nute Gunray has remained Viceroy after four trials in the courts.


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