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Nakamura Shipyards was a subsidiary of Nakamura Industries that primarily worked with Nakamura Manufacturing and Construction, Navigation Systems, and Weapons and Engineering when constructing or modifiying the starship of a given client, most notably the Galactic Republic, Alliance to Restore the Republic, and their successor state, New Republic before being permanently assigned to the Nakamura Alignment by their new CEO, declared Lady of Nakamura, Annabelle Nakamura.


Before the Clone Wars

Before the Clone Wars broke out, Nakamura Shipyards worked on several starships for the Republic, and several other clients of Nakamura Industries.

Nakamura Shipyards

Nakamura Shipyards above an unknown planet in 9 ABY.

During the Clone Wars

After the Clone Wars had broken out, Nakamura Industries was asked to expand its construction and modifiying capabilities to support the Republic war effort which had gotten Nakamura Shipyards to expand its work service to employ thousands past hundreds of employees in its branch.

During the Imperial Period

When Order 66 was issued, Nakamura Shipyards were told by the newly crowned Galactic Emperor to reduce its work service and remain "open" to his military's requests.

During the Galactic Civil War

Nakamura Industries became independent from the Empire, Nakamura Shipyards was forced to relocate its massive shipyard station to the Outer Rim world of Ryloth and became the main starship constructor and manufacturer of the Alliance Fleet.

During Imperial Civil War

After the Battle of Endor, Nakamura Shipyards was forced to work with the Nakamura Alignment after their former CEO had died on Ryloth. Assisting in the creation of the Imperial IV-class Star Destroyer with their counterparts.


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