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Nakamura Research Laboratories was a subsidiary of Nakamura Industries that worked to create chemical and bio-products for their clients. They worked primarily with the Republic Military during the Clone Wars as well as briefly with the Advanced Weapons Research, Imperial Department of Military Research, and the Alliance to Restore the Republic and their successor state, the New Republic before being permanently intergrated into the Nakamura Alignment.

Despite being a subsidiary that works in a laboratory, Nakamura Research Laboratories had developed two products that relied on artificial intelligence that was designed by its Chief Scientist Penélope Natasha and Chief of Staff Natalie Otonashi. Although it specialized in biotechnology and chemical products, Research Laboratories also worked on a top secret project, dubbed as "Nakamura Project" and had Nakamura Shipyards, Nakamura Manufacturing and Construction, Nakamura Weapons and Engineering, and Nakamura Navigation Systems to lend a small portion of their workers and sent to a top secret location to work on the project.



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