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Our Engineering, Your Benefits
—Company slogan

Nakamura Industries was a shipbuilding corporation, weapons manufacturer, and private military contracting company that manufactured starships and weapons for the Galactic Republic. During the time of the Republic's twilight years, it was part of the defense initiative that was formed by the Kaminoans. It later became part of the Empire's efforts to building up its military power until the Battle of Endor where its leadership was restored, and allied with the New Republic.


Clone Wars

During the Clone Wars, the company's subsidiary Nakamura Shipyards designed the Dark Angel-class heavy attack cruiser after the Venator-class Star Destroyer, however the company's board of directors never approved of the design. The designers had stored away the designs for the future, just in case. The head of Nakamura Security approached its directors with designs of an automated security droid which was approved and manufactured for use by the security division exclusively.


After Order 66 and the reorganization of the Republic into the Galactic Empire, Nakamura Industries was imperialized by the New Order. During its time as an Imperial corporation, the Dark Angel-class heavy attack cruiser design was found and production on the starship began across a few of the company's owned shipyards. This led to the creation of a much stronger variant of the ASSD. Another product the company manufactured were the PENNY androids, an advanced protocol droid which were designed to look identical to humans and were considered A.I., and were mostly used by the Empire.

The company was approved to manufacture the All Terrain Security Transport which was used by Nakamura Security exclusively. The Security variant was fairly light in comparison to the one used by the Imperial Army. They also collaborated with the Advanced Weapons Research agency of the Empire, producing advanced AT-ST prototypes which would later be discovered and destroyed by the Alliance along with their blueprints.

Sometime before the Battle of Yavin, the company had built a prototype of their new Star Destroyer at the Anaxes shipyards, which was attacked and destroyed by the Rebel Alliance using information given by Nakamura Research Laboratories, a subsidiary that secretly allied itself with the Rebellion.

Nakamura Research Laboratories officially announced its departure from Nakamura Industries in 2 ABY and broke away as a separate organization, siding with the Rebel Alliance, working to improve most of their starships and starfighters. This caused tension between the two organizations, with the Imperial-controlled Nakamura Industries viewing the breakaway faction as an act of treason against both the company and Empire while Research Laboratories viewed the company as a puppet, following the orders of a much larger master.

Leadership restored

In the aftermath of the Battle of Endor, the company's former leadership was restored with a new group of directors who denounced its allegiance to the Empire and allied with the New Republic, manufacturing some of its starships to replace older outdated ships. With this reorganization, Nakamura Research Laboratories reunited with the company as a subsidiary after two years of tension.

Nakamura Industries continued to operate after siding with the New Republic, even after the NR's dissolution during the Hosnian Cataclysm in 34 ABY.



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