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This article is about the legends company. You may be looking for the similarly named Munificent-class Heavy Frigate, Nakamura Industries.
Rebellion era

Nakamura Industries[1] was a shipbuilding organization that was formed sometime during the Clone Wars era or earlier.[1]


Jacques Tachibana, CEO of Tachibana Heavy Engineering, was one of the founding fathers of the organization before being called to the Eclipse Empire in 4.3 ABY and became corporate CEO of Tachibana Heavy Engineering.[1]

Later in 4.8 ABY, Jacques had Anna assassinated and claimed everything that Nakamura Industries had owned, including credits and technology designs.[1] However, the company's only subsidiary, Nakamura Research Laboratories, had most of their products, the PENNY and NEO series droids, to be recovered, reprogrammed and used by Rose Squadron.[1]


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