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This article is about the Infinities company. You may be looking for the similarly named Munificent-class Heavy Frigate, Nakamura Industries.
Our Engineering, Your Benefits!
—Nakamura Industries slogan

Nakamura Industries, also known as Nakamura Enterprises, NakAdvanced Weapons Manufacturing, NakamurAdvanced Shipbuilders, and Nakamura Starship Workshop, was an industry starship, weapon, and construction manufacturing company founded in 32 BBY by married couple Anakin J. and Marie Nakamura on the planet of Corellia.

The company was well known during the Clone Wars for being one of the defense contractors for the Galactic Republic's war effort, being the manufacturer of various vehicles and walkers such as the AT-TE, LAAT gunship, and Venator-class Star Destroyers.

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