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This article is about the fanon company. You may be looking for the similiarly named Munificent-class Heavy Frigate, Nakamura Industries.
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Our Engineering, Your Benefits.
—Nakamura Industries slogan

Nakamura Industries, also known as NakaEngineering, Nakamurian Construction, Nakamura Enterprises, NakAdvanced Weapons Manufacturing, NakamurAdvanced Shipbuilders, and Nakamura Starship Workshop, was an industry starship, weapon, construction manufacturing, and mining corporation founded in 32 BBY by married couple John Berry and Marie Nakamura on the planet of Corellia.


Pre-Clone Wars

Before the Clone Wars, Nakamura Industries had partnered with the Trade Federation who also agreed to share a few of their original designs of future starships for their commercial trade fleet and so Nakamura Industries had, illegally, highly modified these starships for their own uses which would become their own commercial trade fleet. These starships, or more like warships, were sent to the Nakamura-controlled space above Corellia in order to maintain their fleet and did not move it at all.

Service to the Republic during the Clone Wars

The company served the Galactic Republic with several starship and system designs with no armament whatsoever due to the Republic's law of being a pacifist state and believing that war isn't the solution to solving problems, however that changed when the Separatist Crisis quickly went down the road to the Clone Wars. Afterwards Nakamura Industries was tasked with assisting Kuat Drive Yards and other Republic starship and weapon manufacturing companies with creating new warships for defense against the Confederacy of Independent Systems and modifiying existing starships as well.

During the Clone Wars, Nakamura Industries received many threats from the Confederacy and factions that followed the C.I.S. in exchange of their organization to work for the C.I.S. rather than the Republic, but John refused and stated that his company was where it needs to be and that it would never betray the Republic, not even for a trillion credits.

The company continued its service throughout the Clone Wars and provided a number of starships and weapons to both the Republic Navy and Grand Army of the Republic for use against the Separatist Alliance.

Service during the Galactic Civil War

Galactic Empire

Later after the Republic had declared the Jedi Order traitors and reorganized into an Empire, Nakamura Industries knew that something was off but did not stop its service towards the Empire.

However, John believed that the Jedi were wrongly convicted with an attempt assassination on Chancellor Palpatine and slowly started to defect from the Empire's list of manufacturing providers. What made Nakamura Industries defect completely from the Empire was that they received an order from the Imperial Department of Military Research for Nakamura Research Laboratories that was deemed highly classified and top secret to develop a chemical weapon for use against local systems to keep them from rebelling which eventually led to the failures of Project Blackwing, the finished chemical weapon sent to the Empire's Advanced Weapons Research for testing, and knowing that N.R.L. created it, John cut off all contact with the Empire. Disappearing into the Outer Rim Territories following the news of failure.

Alliance to Restore the Republic

Relocating to the Outer Rim, however, was tough as many pirates were able to ambush Nakamura convoy's and stealing hundreds of weapons worth thousands of credits to Nakamura Industries, but eventually John found himself to be the starship and weapons manufacturer to the Alliance to Restore the Republic in their campaign against the Empire and was convinced that the new Galactic Emperor engineered the Clone War in order to get to where he was now and agreed to join the Alliance.

Nakamura Weapons and Engineering alongside with Nakamura Shipyards, Nakamura Manufacturing and Construction, and Nakamura Navigation Systems were all essential in the Alliance's campaign as Nakamura Industries was known to have provided the best starships before and during the Clone Wars since Kuat Drive Yards and Corellian Engineering Corporation, respectively.

Two of the most notable modifications that Nakamura Industries made to existing Alliance starships was to the CR90 Corvette and MC80 Liberty type Star Cruiser dubbed as Mark II and NC80, respectively.

In the last year of the Galactic Civil War, the Empire started to take notice of the modifications to the CR90 and MC80 that they were of Nakamura origin and had theorized that Nakamura Industries might've been hiding somewhere in the Outer Rim after stories surfaced during the early stages of the Empire that they went bankrupt and dissolved completely. Later John and Marie died peacefully on Ryloth, the Alliance leaders weren't sure on who would lead the company, but found out that in their last will they stated that they left their daughter, Bella Nakamura as the Heiress of the organization and so they searched for her name and found out that Anna was a Captain of the Imperial Navy.

Service during the Imperial Civil War

Nakamura Alignment

During the Imperial Civil War, Nakamura Industries was successfully inherited by Annabelle and used her parents company to modifiy the weapon systems of her variant of Star Destroyers, the Imperial IV-class, and broke the partnership of the company with the New Republic and continued on with her own goals and campaign with the Nakamura Alignment.

Unfortunately, the company didn't survive long with her as of 12 ABY, Anna was killed by Admiral Daala along with several other imperial warlords and so Nakamura Industries and Nakamura Alignment were dissolved because without a central leader like Anna, they stood no chance against the other major imperial factions and had scattered themselves in different parts of the galaxy while old weapon warehouses, facilities and installations, holding millions of thousands of credits, were raided and taken.

One thing Anna never found out was that, since her parents were aware of the true story behind the Galactic Empire, her parents had hid all those millions of credits for Anna to use on herself, and the company.


Nakamura Industries is filled with many branches of hard working individuals, such as CEO John Nakamura and his CFO, and wife, Marie Nakamura. Here you will find that Nakamura Industries will do its very best to meeting your needs and wants of satisfaction. Of course, Nakamura Industries not only builds, but also provides military security such as Nakamura Security and Defence, where we contract your selected service and send them your way as long as your company does not violate our terms of service.
—Nakamura Industries Introduction/tour droid


The administration of Nakamura Industries was led by the Nakamura Council of Six, including John and Marie, but was dissolved when the company was taken over by Annabelle.

The Nakamura Council of Six was the executive branch of the company that debated, discussed and planned about future projects, alliances and their affairs with the late Galactic Republic, Galactic Empire, Alliance to Restore the Republic, and New Republic during their respectively wars and involved conflicts to make sure that they did not go bankrupt, or taking wrong turns which they looked for closely after what happened with Project Blackwing during the Imperial Period and had worked closely with late Republic High Command during the Clone Wars, and briefly with the reorganized Imperial High Command before turning away from the Galactic Empire.


Nakamura Security and Defence is always prepared and ready to provide your company with the services of hundreds of contracted PMCs for security purposes and to provide you with the best of service that other companies in the known galaxy fail to do so whereas Nakamura Industries aims to satisfy your needs and wants.
—Nakamura Industries tour droid

Although Nakamura Industries never held an actually military force, Nakamura Security and Defence was considered their military but not a massive military like the Imperial Military, or the Republic Military before them. With hundreds of contractors acting as their organized security force, they would later be replaced by volunteers from Ryloth as well as various cells of rebels and mercenaries from around the galaxy, mostly from the Outer Rim Terrritories. These contractors would also be on stand-by at all times since that Nakamura Industries was also a private military contractor, providing those who request the service.

During the Clone Wars, a few squads of the 115th Battalion served as their security force for the time being up until Order 66 was issued and those squads were dispatched to return to their respective positions within the newly appointed Imperial Military, at first Palpatine thought that Nakamura Industries called off the clones because they were organizing armed forces to move against the Empire but was told that Nakamura Industries simply didn't like, or want, the clones nearby at all, still they respected the clones strongly for their loyalty.

During the Galactic Civil War, after Nakamura Industries broke away from the Empire and found themselves in service to the Rebellion, rebels soldiers volunteered to act as the security force of Nakamura Industries and worked well with existing Nakamura security agents and other assets, including mercenaries and rebel cells.

Nakamura Security and Defence

Nakamura Security and Defence also provided PMCs to other companies without security support as long as that company did not violate the terms of service that Marie had created and written for the company, despite being the CFO.

PMC Terms of Service

For your company to become eligible for Nakamura Security and Defence services, your company must, or at least, be based on three, or more, planets within one system of neutral status whereas controlled systems of already, or class one, companies and/or military organizations do not allow any sort of service, belonging to Nakamura Industries and/or its affiliates, to have presence within their controlled regions to prevent any conflicts unless an agreement is active between your company and said company or military organzation, and be of high class of either the Inner, or Core, Rim worlds of neutral, or where acceptable by military, systems from governments of said worlds.


Upon receiving your PMCs for active service, restrictions apply to each and every PMC contracted by Nakamura Industries for your company's use. Your company must not use contracted PMCs for personal gain, such as threatening another company, or person, by force, intimidation purposes, destructive methods, and direct assault. Any use of PMCs in these situations, manners, and methods will result in a permanent ban of future services from Nakamura Industries as well as your company, and your involved affiliates, being reported to the Galactic Senate under class one, two, and three laws.


With your company having contracted Nakamurian PMCs in active service, your company, and your company's involved affiliates, must follow these conditions. 1; your company must not relocate for a year after receiving PMCs, 2; your company, and/or your company's involved affiliates, must not combine active service PMCs with other active, or inactive, military forces of any sort situation, manner, and method, 3; your company, and/or your company's involved affiliates, must follow and keep up to date with Nakamura Industries' Terms of Services' restrictions section in order to receive continued service of Nakamura Security and Defence, 4; your company, and your company's involved affiliates, will not interfer with active operations of other Nakamura Industries branches whereas by doing so will result in a complete permanent ban of services from Nakamura Industries.

Science and technology

Nakamura Shipyards, Nakamura Manufacturing and Construction, Nakamura Navigation Systems, and Nakamura Weapons and Engineering are specialized in providing your company, and/or your company's affiliates, and your verified military organization with starships, aircraft, vehicles and weapons built by the finest manufacturing and construction factories to date, and as an added bonus, to first-time requesting companies only, your company will receive the very first model of any newly designed starship, constructed by Nakamura Shipyards and Nakamura Manufacturing and Construction, if you so desire.
—Nakamura Industries tour droid

Nakamura Industries' many branches that specialized in science and technology had modified the shields, weapon and navigation systems, hull plating and performance of the many starships within the Galactic Republic at their time of being manufactured and built.

Nakamura Shipyards had construction yards with three construction zones for manufacturing and constructing starships, or modifiying starships to warships.

Nakamura Weapons and Engineering

Nakamura Weapons and Engineering had manufactured some weapons used by the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars, like the NakAdvanced blaster rifle, and contributed to the Republic war effort with various weapon, vehicle and starship projects as well as investing in technology to be able to produce grenades that could take out droid units, without the need of blasters, with silence.

Eventually the projects were shut down as the Republic saw that if they were to produce numerous weapons of mass destruction, they would end up turning into an evil clone organization of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. John agreed to the statement and continued his work as well as Nakamura Industries then started to improve the current weapons and starships they already had manufactured.

During Anna's leadership, Nakamura Weapons and Engineering worked on various projects for providing the Nakamura Alignment with weapons and other technology in their war against the imperial factions, but such projects were deemed classified or top serect by Anna herself.

Nakamura Manufacturing and Construction

Nakamura Manufacturing and Construction worked on some of the existing Republic warships, like the Venator, and had modified them to best compete with the starships used by the Confederate Navy. Although N.M.C. didn't create much starships, they assisted Nakamura Shipyards with installing weapon systems on the starships, as well as having Nakamura Navigation Systems to install flight navigations, that existed within the Republic's disposal.

During the Galactic Civil War, N.M.C. modified the weapon systems of the MC80 Liberty type Star Cruiser, alongside Nakamura Shipyards and Nakamura Navigation Systems, and resulted in the creation of the NC80 Liberty type Star Cruiser and the CR90 Corvette Mark II along with other projects during their time of working for the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

After Anna had inherited the company, Nakamura Manufacturing and Construction, Nakamura Navigation Systems and Nakamurs Shipyards modified an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer which eventually led to it being renamed to, and being classified as, the Imperial IV-class Star Destroyer due to its modifications.

Nakamura Research Laboratories

Nakamura Research Laboratories was the branch that focused on both bio-technology and androids which the two most successful ones were the PENNY and NEO series. The PENNY series was created for medical purposes and was manufactured and built by Nakamura Manufacturing and Construction. In addition to the success of these two droid classes, they were mostly used by the Republic and only some units were used by the Empire because being replaced by more "advanced" medical droids.

Two of the unique droids from each class was Penny and Neo who each had their own personalities, different from the rest of their sister droids. They were paired with each other and proved to be a great droid duo like the famed R2-D2 and C-3PO.


Behind the scenes

Loosely based on Nakamura Industries.

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