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We were based on Earth after our leader, Annabelle, was able to lead us to destroy the forces that controlled. We were there for five years before Ladyship Nakamura was killed by Admiral Daala. Angel 2.0, the one to take her spot, abandoned us and left without saying a thing. I left looking for him after that to destroy him.
—Surviving Nakamurian Alignment officer to a bounty hunter on Tatooine in 13 ABY
Nakamura Alignment was formed by Imperial Warlord Annabelle "Bella" Nakamura after the Battle of Endor and ruled a few fleets and armies of former Empire forces in the Outer Rim.

Its fleet mainly consisted of Imperial II-class Star Destroyers and Bells' flagship, ISS Valkyrie, served as the heart of the Allignment's fleet and power. Later the Imperial IV-class Star Destroyer would be the main symbol of her power within her controlled regions of the galaxy.

The headquarters of this small organization was based on Earth after the defeat of the New United Republic of Earth in 7 ABY, resulting in the death of Jenkins Naka and as well as most of the important people on the planet as well.

Schnee Alignment Fleet

Bells Supremacy, Executor-class Star Dreadnought, above Earth in 9 ABY

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